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  2. Just use the side of the airplane! Ant's Eaglet P3Dv4 Orbx NZMF and NZSI AS16+ASCA PTA modified Thopat
  3. Thanks I will try that later. Thanks again Regards AB47
  4. I would think that at some point you installed FSX to the C drive and then moved it to the F drive. Most likely the registry entry for FSX is still pointing to the C drive. You can use the FSX Registry Utility from this page. to correct this.
  5. Installing to a non existent FSX on C. FSX is only on F Regards AB47
  6. Perhaps when its ready. You have dedicated corner for this. My fingers are crossed for SOON - as I see less and less problems each day and more positive raports so maybe soon?
  7. Hello, Do you mean that FTX Central is using the C drive to download and install, or do you mean that FTX Central is installing to a non existent FSX on your C drive?
  8. Today
  9. I am asking can I put FTX on my F drive not my C drive if so How? Regards AB47
  10. Wow, these updates look amazing Richard. Thank you Cheers, Calum
  11. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is a different problem and can be solved by moving your windows temp folders to another drive. How to do this is here:
  12. Great shots. cheers Iain
  13. Fine shots Jack. cheers Iain
  14. Thank you very much. cheers Iain
  15. Hello, welcome to the forums. You can install the products in any order you wish. You can install them to your one PC as many times as you wish to, so unless you have another reason to back them up, such as a very slow internet connection, there is no need to make back ups. None of them will work correctly until the Orbx libraries have been installed. You have nothing more to pay.
  16. I Purchased Orbx earlier this week and having problems with FTX. I have FSX on drive F and other related software on that drive. My C drive is almost full, but FTX will only download on to C is it possible to download FTX to my F drive so that it can see FSX. Thanks AB47
  17. Yes, credit card should be back to normal by then Bruce
  18. Hey Guys, As a newbie for Orbx Systems, I just recently purchased the following products during the August 2017 Sale. FTX Global Base Pack FTX Global Vector FTX Global Open LC North America NA Northern California NA Southern California I just installed only "FTX Global Base Pack". I like to know the order of installation of the above products, and the backup of the products, in case I loose or format my PC. What about Orbx libraries? When I should install or how is it related to the above products? If I install the other products later one-by-one, do I have to pay the differences from the August sale amount? Any help will be much appreciated.
  19. Some time ago.
  20. I have read Nick's post on how to update scenery to P3dv4,However it does not say when. His post was in June its almost Sept. why am I still waiting to use all my airports in P3Dv4 can someone give me an answer.I might be missing something but all the airports are still only P3Dv3 and this is not good.The question WHEN ????
  21. Hi Stillwater My contribution RTMM works across all the platforms I have it working in FSX,P3Dv3.4 and P3Dv4 xxd09
  22. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is a question that has been asked many times and the answer is yes. However, there must be an ORBX folder in the simulator root folder. This can be achieved by moving the ORBX folder to another drive and then linking it back to the simulator root folder using a symbolic link.
  23. Thanks for delaying The result looks certainly great. Kind regards, Michael
  24. There are still some items that will not work in Pre
  25. Let's hope that is true Definitely looking forward to that!
  26. Definitely an ace! Lovely colours and the light on the 'plane is wonderful.
  27. Just bought Orbx Global and Vector for P3D4. For reasons of disk space availability I would like to install them (and other Orbx products) on drive D:\ but I have P3D4 on drive C.\. Is that possible? Thanks Ega
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