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  2. Amazing set!!!!
  3. Agree Jack...great time of day. These are a little dark, but nice on my 55 inch 4K for dusk shots Sitka looks nice as is...but with a orbx AP upgrade
  4. ORBX products are not available on DVD's. It's all download only..........Doug
  5. Welcome to the forum(s). I've found this worldwide map showing all the ORBX payware and freeware airports to be a big help. I believe everything up to April of this year is included . Doug
  6. Hello, already answered. Please try to log on now.
  7. These are indeed nice shots, but I can't help but notice how dark they are, even though the skies are not overcast by any means. Is this a consistent feature of P3D, that its scenery has these characteristically dark overtones? That area of Kern County I know well, and on any given day, except when it rains, it is never that dark, not to mention Lake Isabella's waters are a nice blue, not that awful ink black.
  8. Hi Derek, My apologies, think I need to go back to school with a trip to Specsavers on the way. Glad FSX is loading OK for you. I have decided to keep my FSX alongside my upgrade to P3Dv4, see how it works out in time. Smudger.
  9. Hello, I have problem I do not receive the validation email I must receive a validation email to validate the account. I never received this email. I looked in my trash folder is nothing need help!
  10. It's always difficult to capture this time of day and not have it appear too dark but these came out perfectly. And I like the ladies, cool idea for a trip.
  11. Excellent shots Adam, I really like that rain. They would have been better if one was inverted.
  12. Thanks Adam, it was very nice, Alaska is a terrific place, wish I could just up and leave and live there.
  13. Extremely nice Ruud! Just love this place of Orbx world, SAK is the best.
  14. Very beautiful Mark, most look like real photos. And it looks like you modified you PTA?
  15. But what about jap devs ?
  16. i'm sorry but i don't remember, i don't have p3d v4 installed on my pc but the aircraft comes as a default plane in p3d v4
  17. Sgoinneil a ghlacadh ! Tapadh leibh airson a bhith a 'roinn
  18. A random location (I forgot the name) and Beijing.. Thanks for looking
  19. Today
  20. Orbx have done both payware and freeware for Aus, and Oziex are still producing new free stuff almost weekly.. and I think you will also find more freeware at Teecee.
  21. I also should have asked, what plane is that? Thanks.
  22. True, but the next version of VR should be much more acceptable with respect to the resolution. Version 1 is early adopter tech. If you are an early adopter type, can afford it and do not mind the the hassles of the growing pains of such tech,......go for it, If not.....wait, version 2 will IMO be more what the consumer release should have been.
  23. I lived in Japan for several years and indeed there are many flight simmers there. In fact I think on a per capita basis there are more there than other places. I often met people who commented that they loved FSX (or whatever version flight sim back in the early 2000s) and seemed to be more that here in the US. Akahabara (game/tech shopping area in Tokyo) always had the boxed releases of add-ons when they were available. Japanese have the money and there is far less software pirating there than elsewhere which makes it a profitable market...
  24. For those who require translation `Long may your chimney smoke` Kind regards Ian
  25. lol. I should have looked last night but didn't think of it. Checked the Australia sales page and it says Hundreds of freeware airports available which tells me there are no updated airports included with the region but I can go to Ozx and Ant and the seven from Orbx for them.
  26. Thanks guys!
  27. Hi guys, Did a DHC-2 Beaver flight around PAKT Alaska the place where this aircraft belongs. Cheers, Ruud
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