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  2. "And then one day you find ten years have got behind you." What a great song from one of the best all time albums. The day it was released I got there so early they hadn't even got it on the shelf. Wore the vinyl out, thank heavens for CDs and digital. They had fog over there too, I can remember driving home one night, following the kerb in Bournemouth at walking pace, watching out for parked cars too. I hate the humidity unless I am on holidays and within reach of the air con. Heaps of sunshine here in Mooroopna, gloomy days are great when we do get them. One of my life's highlights was seeing the Forth Bridge. Still cannot believe what an achievement it was to build such a massive structure all those years ago. To think it is still going today. I have been to Rochester NY but never WA. Not far from KHQM, I might have a look one day.
  3. Fantastic shots, Martyn, of my favorite Orbx airport (KORS)! I loved KORS in default FSX, and a chance sighting of a photo of the Orbx version about a year ago is what got me back into this great hobby after a long hiatus. Congrats on 3.4! Steve
  4. Gorgeous shots and plane! Steve
  5. Gorgeous shots Mike, I love the colors! Are those 3D railcars in the yard? Steve
  6. Splendid maritime shot!
  7. I'm sold. Boy did I ever pick a winner going with ORBX.
  8. Great team work guys. Have been following this post with interested not that I really understood anything but certainly learnt another couple of software/computer terminology. Very pleased for you Derek.
  9. Please redo Orbx Migration from the FTX Central and clean your shaders directory (let it rebuild). I had this problem too and re-running Orbx Migration fixed it
  10. Spent my first fourteen years in the Edinburgh area before shipping out for the U.S. Got my three year leaving cert and found I needed only "American History" to graduate from my new High School. My new classmates took delight in teaching me how to drive and other stuff too. Been back several times and the things I remember all look the same - only the Forth rail bridge was there then and, as far as I know, I still have dual U.S. and U.K. citizenship.
  11. WOW, unbelievable, a masterpiece of art.
  12. Flying from Palm Springs to San Bernardino just before sunset Takeoff from Palm Springs [KPSP Northwest of Banning I-10 and I-215, San Bernardino BNSF Intermodal Yard, San Bernardino
  13. Attention to detail is phenomenal. I refer to the very realistic paint scrapes on the yellow & black guard rails in the bottom left hand side of the 5th image. TTM
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  15. Well done Jarrad. Just took my breath away. You are an absolute master of your trade. Cheers, Kevin
  16. Hello, I am looking for an opinion for a video card, Nvidia GTX1070 Super Clocked with 8GB RAM vs GTX1080. Reason is price consideration $429.00 spinker
  17. It's always a joy when you've determined that one of Larry Robinson's creations is up and running and busy servicing my sim world's fine passengers. I was checking to make sure Larry's suggested install went OK and sure enough, diesel smoke to the south of Victoria! Gorgeous work, Larry - thank you for the suggestion re: adding your MV Coho AI ferry and its terminal to my Victoria scenery! Steve
  18. I plan to live forever
  19. Bernd, John, Farman, Jack, Jury, thank you kindly fellas.
  20. I have nothing to say for I am utterly speechless....
  21. I lived in the UK for three years Martyn, I got used to the fog, it was so thick I actually got hit by a car! But I loved the gloomy weather, reminds me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. "Staying home to watch the rain..." I'd give up this wretched heat of Georgia with 99% humidity and 100F heat all summer long. It drive me bonkers as I can't leave the house and it goes on and on and on. It's February an we're in the 80's F already! I hate it. This year I called it the year without a winter. Been here for 26 years and would gladly go back to Iadho where I lived for five years or better, Scotland. Such is life.
  22. Yup, but as I keep banging on about, it'll be a sim paradsie with no VAS worries but a dearth of planes. So it's a double deged sword.
  23. I went there 3 years running on coach tours in the 70s. Just loved the place and the people. The only drawback was the weather which was a bit gloomy but that is Britain for you!
  24. must be getting close...just noticed some new pics 4 Innsbruck released cheers Jack
  25. ThanksTom! It surely is a knockout. I have to tell you, I am hooked on Orbx stuff! I could have that avatar, the "civilian dude" as Roger calls him just walk around and marvel at the detail. Can you imagine how Innsbruck and KSAN will look? And yes, my hangar is huge but now no more planes. I was going to buy the CS727 this week but won't because if P3D 64 is imminent then it'll be a colossal waste. Couple that with what Mr. JV said about free P3D upgrades I now focus my spending on scenery from them rather than planes which will not work in a 64 bit environment. Best regards Tom! Jack
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