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  2. Exellent shots these Adam!
  3. Wow! Only just seen these - they are amazing, Berndt. And I realise now I've just bought the wrong boat! I bought a couple of Deltasim motor yachts but via Simwings, rather than the Deltasim site, and they weren't showing this one. I didn't think to go to the source - may have to now though, this looks great (and anyway, I'm not sure I can get the New Jersey into that docking space <grin>)
  4. Me too, and these great shots either!
  5. What a stunning fleet and great looking shots. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  6. All stunning shots, amazing fleet Iain!
  7. Lovely shots and a great looking Fp. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  8. From a trip LFLK - LFMV - LIMP, Stunning EBO paint
  9. Thank you chaps. cheers Iain
  10. This is part two of the rest of my fleet that I have at the moment. Part 1 can be found here
  11. Do you know the ICAO code Adam? I'd like to look at it.
  12. Thanks Mark! Yeah, I love Meigs, it always brings back so many memories and now what Orbx did to it, it's just amazing.
  13. My question is that first, knowing the FPS and geometry overhead Orbx now has available with Aerofly, and having seen mention of animation and Peopleflow, will we eventually be seeing any of the other "flows?" Natureflow and Animalflow, etc?
  14. Today
  15. i know my friend so i bought it.
  16. That's the Aero Commando 500 Shirke, from Carenado. cheers Iain
  17. You're welcome friends, glad I can share it with you!
  18. Nice! what is the dual engine dorsal wing aircraft in picture 8?
  19. I started from there with the same yacht (different paint) yesterday too, Julio
  20. Very nice collection, Iain
  21. Thank you Guys. Andy yes that ist the Nordhavn from Deltasim. Payware Beauty.
  22. Larry Thank you for your reply , I appreciate it . It really is a superb package that you have created . Regards Karol
  23. Whats not to like! Stunning shots. Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk
  24. Thank you all and there's more to come in part two. cheers Iain
  25. Great looking set Mr.Mugel
  26. Many thanks Dolf!
  27. Thanks! Allways worth a ride in the fastet three engine airliner (Didn´t happen to me yet, though). Looking forward to keeping her in the skies once the parts wear out, but I guess that´ll take some time. Would have loved a "Used aircraft" button on this one, like the Cessna has for example.
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