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  2. Very nice picture. And when I go flying with Heidi, I conveniently forget to tell my lovely wife.
  3. If you are happy to spend $100, why not just buying P3d then? Much cheaper and even much better than FSX and FSX Steam!
  4. Another great shot. cheers Iain
  5. Great shot this. cheers Iain
  6. Grand set of shots. cheers Iain
  7. I'm not sure how many people would be willing to pay $100 for a maxed-out FSX when much better options are just around the corner. The phrase "flogging a dead horse" springs to mind.
  8. That's a grand shot. cheers Iain
  9. Looking great! Thanks for sharing, Dave! PS: Lousy approach though!
  10. Cracking shot. cheers Iain
  11. I don't think there are any problems with LOWI. The reason for the unusual early announcement of the project as regards Jarrad is well known and understandable.
  12. Today
  13. Looks like it will be KSAN first before LOWI Dom
  14. If I look in the preview Forum it looks like KSAN will be released earlier then LOWI ;-) Wondering if they have any problems with LOWI at the end as the release takes really a long long time after they provide us with a bunch of pictures
  15. Hi Kim, I won't try and talk you in to P3D, but if the colours are holding you back there are a lot of adjustments to solve that within P3D and with 3rd party shader programs such as PTA. Probably not worth even getting the current P3D, but if VAS is an issue for you then the 64 bit version of P3D seems to be just around the corner. I have P3D V3, and it is very good on VAS, but I have had one or two OOMs. P3D does really seem to perform, and IMHO, look better than FSX. Cheers,
  16. Thank.This is OpenLC USA California.
  17. Sitting here in the middle of the Midwest USA in cold [low 40's F] overcast rainy day. Best antidote is some Bahamas Therapy. Flying north side of Bahamas in my Kodiak. Temp in the low 80's, small thunderstorms just starting to pop.
  18. Very nice image... is this in North America?
  19. Great looking set... keep the adventure and images coming!
  20. Thank you Jack. Very kind! Yes, I purchased the Chipmunk yesterday and took a few shots. Yep, the detail in the scenery is amazing! That is why we keep purchasing from orbx!
  21. Hi, Yes I do know how the VAS works,but I did read on a forum some time ago that in the current edition of P3D they had found a way to get the VAS to replenish its self without having to shut the sim down. This was the 'fix' I was referring to. As to changing over to P3D, I personally find the colours too dark & unrealistic.I'l be staying with FSX. Kim.
  22. Benny if the hypothetical D/L is a complete Library and you install the new D/L yes it will overwrite the old flies. If the D/L is just an update and contains only new textures & objects then it just adds those files to the Library you already have installed. The major point is that without an up to date ORBX Library file your scenery will not display ORBX Scenery correctly.
  23. Not a best shot? Paul this is terrific! Look at all the cool things below. The plane, hangars, even the fuel truck. Looks great to me. Oh, and a yellow Chipmunk. Extremely nice!
  24. Been messing around trying to get my new controls (CH stick/throttle/pedals) to work how I want. Still got a long way to go but at least got the basics working now. Still not totally convinced about the pedals set up - can't get the ergonomics right. Had to buy a new chair and still not really happy. But anyhoo - went for a trial around one of my favourite areas. I've got some of my buttons set up so I can switch views, zoom and pan etc without going to the keyboard, and I've got the trigger on the stick set for captures, and it's all working well so far. A quick hop out from Burbank then. Was going to head for Palm Springs (and might yet) but this is a slow old beast so I figure lots of stops on the way means I can practice with the pedals. This is the Lionheart Tri-Pacer, missed a sale on the Alabeo version but caught a Lionheart sale day somewhere else so . . This is a very impressive bit of scenery, huge amounts of detail and really captures the vibe of the place (at least to a visiting Brit, anyway) Passing Ontario International. Apparently. Strange, I thought that was a lot further north. And this is just before I OOM'ed When I came back next day, the weather had changed (Oh, and I forgot to say I've also upgraded from ASN to AS16. Haven't made my mind up yet how much of an improvement it may or may not be, but it looks good. Still using REX for textures, but thinking about trying ENVTEX and possibly ASCA) Was going to head for San Bernadino Int but saw this on the map and thought I'd go see. Rialto Muni (L67). One of the fun things about this aircraft is that the windows can be used in three levels of cleanliness - clean, normal and dirty. And you get a bottle of virtual screen wipe to use! I think from memory these were set at "clean" drifted a bit as I came down, obviously So, might head on to KPSP, might get distracted on the way, might even be able to see KSAN by the time I get over in that direction as Iain's just posted his final shots (again). It's all good!
  25. Here is one I took yesterday just after I purchased this Chipmunk............. Not my best shot, but the aircraft and scenery are great!
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