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KRDD Redding Triple installer released

25 Mar 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements

Hi all,
KRDD Redding is now updated and available as a triple installer. If previously purchased you can log into your FSS account to get the new download. http://www.flightsim...roducts_id=2799

The triple installer includes a service pack and features:

FSX Only
- Entirely new runway, apron and landmarks lighting system

FSX & P3Dv2
- Updated APX
- Updated terminal and control tower window textures, better quality textures and reflection maps added.
- Person washing Grumman Tracker is now slaved to the same CP option as the aircraft
- Floating shopping centre next to Benton Field no longer an issue
- Re-worked GP's so there is no longer aircraft night light splash issues in DX10
- New user guides

P3Dv2 Only:
- Runway edge lights are now utilising APX lights for better functionality and to overcome z-bias issues with KRDD ground poly
- Reworked ground poly's to better display object shadows
- Added shadow recognition for all objects, and removed AO shadows for vehicles and aircraft
- Reworked material settings for grass to be P3D2 compliant
- All cars, statics and people lowered to ground level
- Removed crash detection issues
- Replaced windsocks at both airports and helipad with P3D2-compliant versions


If installing over an existing install, no need to do anything, the installer will remove the previous version.

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FTX Global Freeware North America & Europe packs updated

24 Mar 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements
Hi all,

Both the NA & EU Global Freeware airport packs have been updated with new airports as well as some fixes.

You can grab them from the Freeware page https://www.fullterr...reeware/global#

Please note that these are "all in one" installers, so they contain all previous packs plus the new and fixed content.

For Europe:

By Sylvain Delepierre

LDSP - Kastela - Croatia
LIAP - L'Aquila - Italy
LIMP - Parma - Italy
LIMW - Aosta - Italy
LIPB - Bolzano - Italy
LIRZ - Perugia - Italy

EBLG - Liège - Belgium - Corrected ILS frequency

For North America:

By Mark Sewell
0G7, Finger Lakes Regl, Seneca Falls, NY
49B, Sturgis Muni, Sturgis, SD
KANJ, Sault Ste Marie Mun/Sanderson, Sault Ste Marie, MI
KSRR, Sierra Blanca Regl, Ruidoso, NM

By John Barner
90F, Broken Bow, Broken Bow, OK
KJSV, Sallisaw Mun, Sallisaw, OK
KPLK, M. Graham Clark-Taney Co, Branson, MO
KVBT, Bentonville Municipal-Louise M Thaden, Bentonville, AR

By Rod Beck
KHIG, Higginsville Industrial Mun, Higgensville, MO

By Larry Isenor
CCN2, Grand Manan Island, NB
CED3, Oyen, AB
CED5, Taber, AB
CEF3, Bow Island, AB
CEL4, Hanna, AB
CEN2, Bassano, AB
CEN6, Vauxhall AB
CEP6, Warner, AB
CEV3, Vegreville, AB
CEW3, St Paul, AB
CEW5, Milk River, AB
CFD4, Foremost, AB
CFL2, McNeill Conoco, Empress, AB
CJE3, Weyburn, SK
CJF4, Buffalo Jaques Farms, AB
CYBP, Brooks, AB
CYGH, Fort Good Hope, NT
CYXE, Saskatoon
CZFN, Tulita (Fort Norman), NT
MMLT, Loreto, Mexico

By Neil Hill
33N, Delaware Airpark, Dover/Cheswold, DE
CYXR, Earlton (Timiskaming Reg'l), Earlton, ON
KALM, Alamogordo White Sands, Alamagordo, NM
KFMN, Four Corners Regl, Farmington, NM
KMLE, Millard, Omaha, NE
KRDK, Red Oak Muni, Red Oak, IO
KUVA, Garner Field, Uvalde, TX
KVNC, Venice Muni, Venice
O24, Lee Vining, Lee Vining, CA (disable AEC)
O57, Bryant field, Bridgeport, CA

CYVQ, Norman Wells, Norman Wells, NT - updated to add town plus lake fixes
KBMQ, Burnet Mun-Craddock, Burnet, TX - added parking
KEDC, Austin Executive, Austin - added parking
KHND, Henderson Executive Airport, Las vegas, NV - fix taxisign issue.
KIGM, Kingman Airport, Kingman, AZ - fix taxisign issue.

Revised for GPS update
CAL4 - Fort McKay Albian, AB
CEQ3 - Camrose, AB
CYBF - Bonnyville, AB
CYEN - Estevan, SK
CYNR - Fort McKay Horizon, AB
CYWJ - Deline, NT

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FTX: NA KSQL San Carlos Released

14 Mar 2015

Posted by Adrian Lehmann (FSS) in Release Announcements

City of Good Living!

The next destination for FTX Northern California is KSQL San Carlos. This busy GA airport is situated in the San Francisco Bay area. The airport sits in Silicon Valley and is located close to many well known tech companies, the most notable being Oracle. Given its proximity to the headquarters of Oracle,there has been speculation that the airport code of SQL is a humorous reference. In fact the airport was SQL many years before Software Development Laboratories became Oracle. The airport is also home to the Hiller Aviation Museum. The museum specializes in the history of Northern California aircraft as well as helicopter history. The museum was founded by Stanley Hiller Jr., who designed the world's first successful coaxial helicopter and produced a working model at the age of 17. The museum uses aviation as a gateway for people to embrace adventure and innovation and to explore how the physical world works and how the dream of flight is made into reality. KSQL is home to over 30 aviation related businesses and being ideally situated in the Bay area, is the perfect starting place (or destination for that matter) of your day trips.

  • Large 30cm/60cm coverage meticulously annotated
  • Fully custom modelled airport and accurately depicted
  • FSX/P3Dv2 compliant groundpoly
  • Detailed models of surrounding POIs, including the Oracle headquarters
  • Uses most Orbx Flow technologies
  • AO rendering and baking
  • Designed for FTX Northern California
  • By Ed Correia




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FTX BOB now available as a triple installer

13 Mar 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements

Hi all,


Just a quick update, FTX BOB is now a triple installer, so you can now enjoy him in P3Dv2.


Updated installers can be found on the Freeware page https://fullterrain.com/freeware#



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FTX Central v2 Public Beta

07 Mar 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements
FTX Central 2 marks the next major milestone for FTX Central. It is a complete rewrite of the previous version and has changes in many significant areas.
Some of the major changes include:
  • Centralised architecture (one copy of FTX Central for all your simulators).
  • Modern user interface. Easily see the products you have installed in logical groups.
  • Products will now notify you when they require an update.
  • Optimisations that will make FTX Central run faster.
  • True asynchronicity for the whole program. The UI will continue to be responsive even when performing intensive operations like switching regions.
  • Self-updating functionality. This means we’ll be able to deploy updates to FTX Central even faster (think of the P3Dv2.5 patch for the old FTX Central – you’ll be flying even sooner).
  • Better error logging (the application ideally shouldn't crash at all).
  • Many more small changes...
That’s all we have for the first stage of the open beta. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve for future versions.
What are we testing?
For this first beta we're testing how FTX Central runs with different combinations of products and operating systems.
We're also testing the update notifications. If there is an update notification that isn't showing (or an erroneous one that should not be showing), please let us know.

For this open beta you will require:

  • Windows Vista SP2 or newer (Windows XP is not supported by FTX Central 2).
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1 or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.
  • At least one Orbx product installed.
If you find a bug:
Please report any bugs in our special dedicated forum http://www.orbxsyste...c-beta-testing/
We ask that your reports are as specific as possible, eg. system OS, installed products, screenshots of error message etc. You may be asked to send through the log file that is created by FTX Central.
We kindly ask that you do not use this dedicated forum for suggestions. Please also do not piggy back other bug reports with yours.
Using with the current FTX Central:
FTX Central v2 runs independently from the current version of FTX Central. Any Regions or settings applied in one version is not mirrored in the other.
Most of our Region installers as well as Region patch installers will call the old version of FTX Central and open it up. If this occurs and you are testing the new FTX-C, simply close this pop-up and ignore. Open FTX-C v2 to re-sync and Apply the region you wish to continue using.
Quick User Guide:
Attached File  FTXCentralBeta.pdf   411.21KB   1876 downloads

Thank you and happy testing!

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FTX: EU EDVY Porta Westfalica Released

03 Mar 2015

Posted by Adrian Lehmann (FSS) in Release Announcements

Gate to Westphalia

After releasing 4 stunning freeware packages with ORBX (EDBH, EDCG, EDVR & EO49) Thomas Zipfel ventures into his first payware release: EDVY Porta Westfalica. The airfield is located in the town of Porta Westfalica in the Minden-Lübbecke district. Meaning "gate to Westphalia" in Latin, Porta Westfalica is situated on the banks of the Weser River, near the Porta Westfalica gorge, where the river runs through the passage between the mountain chains of the Wiehen Hills in the west and the Weser Uplands in the east. The gorge appears like a gate to the region of Westphalia and is overlooked by the Jakobsberg and Wittekindsberg hills - all this captured in the beautiful photoreal. We look forward to what Thomas presents next!





  • Ground imagery at 60cm per pixel
  • Superbly detailed models of all buildings
  • POIs include the Emperor William Monument & the Fernmeldeturm Jakobsberg radio tower
  • Animated R-22 helicopter
  • Fully animated moving train!
  • TextureFlow optimised and excellent FPS
  • Expertly seasonally color matched
  • Gmax poly runway, aprons and lights
  • Designed for FTX Global
  • By Thomas Zipfel


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EGTF Fairoaks Triple Installer released

03 Mar 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements
Hi all,
The triple installer for EGTF has been released.
If the download version has previously been purchased, you will find the installer with your purchased downloads in your FlightSim Store account. 
Apart from converting to a unified ObjectFlow, most of the updates are P3Dv2 specific:

-Removed baked in shadows on airfield

-Replaced windsocks with ObjectFlow controlled socks

-Recompiled libraries, placements, ADE file, and others for compatibility

-New ground polygon for Prepar3D



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Vector 1.20 Full Installer (Fixed)

28 Feb 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements

Hi all,


This is to advise you that the full installer available from FlightSim Store has now been updated to resolve reported issues.


Please note that there is no new content, merely a change to installer behaviour.


The main reported issue that has now been fixed is the issue of runtime errors that the Vector Config tool was producing after install. This was only effecting new users (i.e. no presence of a prior Vector install). The installer will now ignore calling the Vector Config tool if it does not detect Vector already being installed. 


Secondly, there was default inactive files that were not being installed, that has been rectified.


Thirdly, the installer will now detect free space on the target drive. This is now a feature being put in all new installers as previously no indications were given previously if there was insufficient space.



The above issues only effect customers who never had Vector installed. So if you went through the Vector 1.00 through to 1.20 via the update process, you are OK. Even if you had a previous version of Vector installed and went with the full 1.20 installer from FSS you are OK. I repeat, only new customers were affected.

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FTX KTVL Lake Tahoe SP1

23 Feb 2015

Posted by Ed Correia in Release Announcements

Hi all,


A service pack for Lake Tahoe has been released.




Changes made are:

  • Updated 30cm PR colouring
  • Re-alighted PAPI lights
  • Added ILS
  • Control Panel option added for to improve performance

You can get the update from the product page https://fullterrain....ct/ktvl#updatesor the support page https://fullterrain.com/support#naairport

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FTX: NA S93 Cle Elum Municipal Airport Released

20 Feb 2015

Posted by Adrian Lehmann (FSS) in Release Announcements

Heart of the Cascades.

Cle Elum Muni is a quaint little GA field located near the Cle Elum river a stone throw away from the famous Mount Rainier in Washington, and is the perfect base for flights to the Cascades, as well as an ideal stopover for cross country flights from the Pacific Northwest to the Central Rockies. The airfield is packed with details, and includes CreatureFlow, snow on the roofs during winter, and all new grass and trees which complete the atmosphere of this charming valley paradise! This package also includes a fully modelled rendition of DeVere Airfield, a private field only a short flight away from Cle Elum. A joint project between Orbx developers Misha Cajic, Scott Armstrong and Magnus Almgren, the airports are created to the highest accuracy, right down to the last sign. Add it to your NA collection now!

  • Large photoreal area at 30cm/1m resolution
  • Fully custom modeled airport and objects
  • Advanced rendering and AO techniques
  • Brand new vegetation and grass for amazing depth!
  • Includes FREE bonus 2W1 DeVere Field
  • Includes SnowFlow and freezing rivers and lakes during hard winter
  • Perfect base for flights to the Cascades and Mt Rainier
  • Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
  • FSX gmax ground poly runway, aprons and lights
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX NA CENTRAL ROCKIES in both P3Dv2.x and FSX/P3Dv1.4




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