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  1. This is pure art! Again, congrats Jarrad!
  2. Many thanks for sharing this great video, Maurizio!!
  3. My guess is that you're seeing just how any modern machine behaves bringing the most recently used stuff from disk to memory and level caches, thus the next time you call it it is "closer".
  4. Wow Iain. The first one is a winner to me! Congrats!!
  5. Excellent trip and photos. regarding the OOM this soon will be past stuff with all projects 64 to come.
  6. Nice shots! I particularly liked the first one more!!
  7. Well deserved. Great shot!
  8. Very nice indeed!
  9. Wow!! They look so real and beautiful!! Congrats!
  10. We very much appreciate user's feedback, but we feel achieving something good when they are just to express gratitude. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Jorge.
  11. I love flying the 182 around! Nice photos.
  12. Very very nice set of photos!
  13. Incredible shots!!!
  14. I saw the first photos and was about to comment that they looked very real! Then I saw the photo of you John! LoL The only reason I can mistake real photos for sim ones is the quality of ORBX products for sure!!
  15. Very nice and old school bird!