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  1. Heck Martyn! A great shot of a freeware plane. I do enjoy seeing your freeware posts. Lots of nice planes out there and something different is always appreciated!
  2. Hi Brian, I assume that you mean the one in shots 9 and 10. That is a De Havilland Sea Vixen. Unfortunately, the producer 'Skysim' has retired, so I doubt that you can buy one nowadays. There might be a freeware version of the plane out there?
  3. Sure, some of the shots have been 'played with' whilst others are 100% natural. I really don't think that it matters. Surely the idea is allow people to express their creativity whilst, at the same time, showing off orbx scenery. After all, variety is the spice of life! That's the fun of the competition! For what it's worth, I did play with mine in PSP as I wanted to have a 30's sepia style effect. I probably overdid it, but I was happy at the time!
  4. Thank you Jack . Yes, I think that orbx have done a very good job with this airport. Thank you Adam Thanks John . Glad that you like them. Thanks jankees . I am sure that balloon has floated over from the PNW!
  5. Cheers Adam Thank you John
  6. Great journey Martyn! . That plane is a classic.
  7. LOL!
  8. Thanks PDX . Well it usually rains here.............Have no doubt, there will be a Part 3. Thank you Cheers Martyn! . BTW, did you notice the deer in shot 6? Thanks very much Karsten
  9. It's shame that it is not a video PDX. The baggage is moving up the ramp! Thanks Thank you Martyn and thank you very much for all of your help. Thank you sir! LOL! Thank you my friend .
  10. Thank you again Iain!
  11. Thank you very much Jack! . I appreciate all of your help. I am glad that I 'took the plunge' now! Lots more to do! Many thanks! Just trying to show a bit of the detail. Thanks again Iain! . Your comments are always appreciated.
  12. So, onto my second purchase - EGCW Welshpool. I like it very much! Anyway, here are a few shots of some of the detail.............................
  13. Well, after much indecision on my part, I have finally purchased Wales (and Welshpool). Thank you to Martyn and Jack in particular , but also to Karsten and Dolf for their posts. I am currently trying to get it to fit in with my other third party scenery. This might take some time! Anyway - only showing the good bits - here are a few shots at EGFF Cardiff. Nothing special, but it should be the start of a story! Expect many more over time.........................................................