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  1. Thank you! After GA, warbirds are my next favourite type in FSX.
  2. Lovely shots of a special aircraft! Sadly none flying today.
  3. Well done Adam. Love the one with the dog!
  4. Many thanks Steve. Glad that you enjoyed them.
  5. Thanks John. Yes, apparently they didn't do much advertising before the event. Still, I expect that there will be more airshows to come
  6. A couple of Messerschmitt were there for the weekend but didn't fly on the day . (in truth my shots of them were not that good so I didn't upload them)
  7. Thank you Jack . I purchased Spokane only recently. Very pleased with the scenery and not too far to fly to my other PNW orbx airports in Washington!
  8. That is very true my friend. Never mind, we can still enjoy FS!
  9. Thank you PDX. Glad that you like them!
  10. Thank you Bluebear. I wish that I owned just one of them in the real world!
  11. Thanks. I have already booked my accommodation for next year!
  12. Impressive!
  13. Great shots of your flight!
  14. Yes, I must try a glider next time!
  15. Thanks Iain! Probably not my best shots, but some nice Warbirds!