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  1. Well, on the LM P3D site there is both a minimum spec and a recommended spec for V4. Clearly one needs to be at least somewhere in between? IMHO, the cost of the software is not huge compared to a hardware update. So, depending upon one's expectations ( and sliders) it can always be worth giving it a go - if that is what one wants to try.
  2. Well Francois, I have a real dilemma............... I have already purchased far too much scenery in the sale! Do I get any more!
  3. I do understand your point and do not disagree with you . The latest, best and fastest GPU will always give the best options for the sim. But, having been with FS for over 30 years, I remain amazed at the progress! It provides great pleasure to many of us. My only point in this thread has been to suggest that it all depends on how much one wants to spend. One can have a great experience with a 'lesser' setup. A lot depends on how much one wants to spend on one's hobby at any point in time. Cheers Paul
  4. Thank you my friend! Much appreciated.
  5. I agree Michael. LM on their site suggest 8 GB VRAM as 'recommended' for V4. But, as I said earlier, sometimes it all depends on where one puts the sliders Time will tell. Re the monitor, I too am pleased with UWS. It does seem to provide a more immersive experience. Mine is 34". In an ideal world I would like to have a 36 or 37" .
  6. Well, I think that a lot depends on expectations and sliders! Prior to this year I had a GTX570 on a 1920 by 1200 monitor. As long as I kept my sliders around midway, then I could still enjoy FSX and orbx scenery 100%. Around the start of this year, I purchased a new pc and monitor (3440 by 1440). After a lot of research, I went for a GTX1070. I thought that it was the 'sweet spot' in terms of price/performance. I am very happy with it. My sliders are very high and frame rate etc is fine. Perhaps in a couple of years I will look at an upgrade. The only mistake that I made was getting a 250 GB SSD for FSX. I was soon filling it up! About a month ago I replace it with a 1 TB SSD ( Samsung 850 EVO). I now have plenty of space! The point of my post is that graphics cards quickly move on - much more rapidly than CPU performance. So, it depends a lot on how much you want to invest - probably every year to stay with the 'best'.
  7. I think that the major issue with getting the latest and greatest graphics card is cost. Over the years I have purchased many cards - only to see that a year or so later there was a better one available. Suddenly my last purchase had at least halved in value. Nowadays, I tend to buy one a step down from the best - because the best is never the best for very long!
  8. Thank you Karoly . I will take a look.
  9. I still get great pleasure from the Aerosoft Beaver. No doubt I will end up purchasing the new one, but the old one still ticks a lot of the boxes for me.
  10. Great series of shots Andy! Your last one illustrates why I almost never fly the 'big' jets. I hate OOM! Still V4 will change all of that. I am not sure if I am going to be an early adopter or will wait a few months to see where things (add ons etc) are.
  11. LOL! Very good John
  12. Very good Adam. I like the spray effect!
  13. Excellent series Jack! Some great views
  14. Excellent series of shots Francois!
  15. Colour matching! Well done Jack!