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  1. Top flight and Video John. One word sums it up - Smooth
  2. Great job, I will look forward to this Airport as well Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  3. Two lovely shots, Dolf Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  4. Oui, great shots mate Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  5. Hang on Bug, Jack hasn't taken to flying backwards yet! Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  6. Doubt it ever snows on the coast but there is heavy winter snow in the mountains only an hours drive inland. If you haven't done so already I suggest investigating the great job the OZx guys have done in AU (especially TAS). Ken Hall's first airport is a great challenge called Claud Rd (YZCR) and is near Mt Roland, both these are a 10-15min flight south from Devonport (YDPO). Another strip not to be missed is YBHB Bathurst Harbour Airport at Melalueca. This is in the most remote south west region of the state and if you ever get there IRL treat yourself with a day trip in an Islander out of Cambridge Airport at Hobart. Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  7. It's the would be Island rock that is seen under the tail section of your Huey in shot 4. Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  8. Great set Jack, in the North West coast of Tassie, we spent a year there a few years ago and it's my favourite part of the isle state. Did you have a close look at "the Nut" in Stanley. Also I think by now we should crown you as the King of inverted flight. Cheers Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  9. Looking very good Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  10. Nice set Paul but not sure if Jack was flying at one stage Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  11. [email protected] I keep a copy of the Saitek cfg file. In fact I find I have to right click on the Saitek tray icon and select the profile I want as it always starts with the default profile. Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  12. I'm betting Jack S would do an inverted approach (sorry Jack). Lol Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  13. Great news Alex, the best just gets better. I especially like the option to export to gpx files. Now I will be able to view flight plans in my favourite iOS mapping app - Pocket Earth. Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  14. That does look good. Anton via Tapatalk Pro
  15. And straight away I thought "GenPop" was a new term for older people I.e. Generation Pop (or grandad) lol Anton via Tapatalk Pro