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  1. The reason you get fps drops from inside the VC is due to all the extra textures and gauges being loaded. This is especially apparent in Carenado's G1000 aircraft due to the high resolution of their cockpits (4096x4096 if I'm not mistaken).
  2. The Milviz 407 is pretty nice, and is P3D v2 compatible too (needs a separate licence though). They're also developing a MD530F but that is still a fairly long way away. You could also try the Dodosim 206 which has a pretty realistic FDE. It's not officially compatible with P3D v2, but it works fine if you move it over manually (you have to copy the default jetranger from fsx's exterior sounds though as the Dodo uses them). I also suggest you head over to the Hovercontrol forums as they have lots of cool addons etc over there. Hope this helps
  3. Wow, really nice shots!
  4. Awesome shots
  5. Really nice shots! It's amazing how much immersion those cloud shadows add.
  6. Wow that's incredible! I NEED to get one of these haha! Some of the locations in this video were amazing, thanks for sharing
  7. Nice idea I've always tried to make sure my sig is tidy and takes up as little space as possible but this makes life so much easier!
  8. The colours in this shot are really nice. Did you edit them or are you using an ENB?
  9. Those last two shots were really nice, good job
  10. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing
  11. Well if they swear by it then it must be ok! Make sure to ask Josh when he's putting out a new video!
  12. I also bought a gopro awhile back to film my flight training. Still haven't got round to it though! Let me know how the suction cup goes as I'm thinking about getting one of them. I just want to be sure that it won't damage the aircraft windows (I know heaps of people have done it on YouTube, but it's better to be safe than sorry!)
  13. Awesome, I can't wait
  14. Can you give us any hints as to when it will be P3D v2 ready Misha? I'm really looking forward to getting it!