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  1. Wow, really nice shots!
  2. Awesome shots
  3. Really nice shots! It's amazing how much immersion those cloud shadows add.
  4. The colours in this shot are really nice. Did you edit them or are you using an ENB?
  5. Those last two shots were really nice, good job
  6. Looking forward to the P3D v2 installers! Thanks for the update!

    Thank you Graham for all your hard work on porting these products over to P3D v2. Enjoy your hard-earned free time!
  8. Just bought it and went for a quick flight in the Milviz 407. Absolutely fantastic work Misha! FPS never went below 30, and the visuals are nothing short of STUNNING!
  9. Awesome, I can't wait
  10. Can you give us any hints as to when it will be P3D v2 ready Misha? I'm really looking forward to getting it!
  11. WOW! You sir, have just convinced me to buy this airport!
  12. That 4th shot is absolutely fantastic!
  13. Wow! And freeware too! What sort of fps can we expect to get around San Fransisco?
  14. Looking great, can't wait for release! I'm assuming it will be P3D v2 compatible out of the box like NIR was?