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  1. I'm getting confused a bit about the forum rules. It only seems a short while ago that posts were being closed by moderators if they mentioned payware scenery software other than Orbx. Now moderators appear to be joking about another payware that appears to be in direct competition with Orbx? Of course as usual I am probably mistaken and just maybe the scenery being spruked for Monument Valley is in fact an Orbx scenery product for the AF2 flight simulation platform in which case I can fully understand this post being permitted. I am now just hoping that Orbx scenery for 64bit P3D will be just as good.
  2. Now that 64bit P3D is coming out I am seriously considering upgrading from my existing FSX especially as I can upgrade my Orbx products free. I do not care what the process's free!!!! So many kudos to Orbx. Imagine if you owned a 2010 Ford and Ford announced that you could upgrade to a 2017 model for free!!!!!!!!
  3. I played Bass in a pub rock band for 32 years. My amp was not too bad (600 Watt RMS) but I stood next to a guitarist with a 300 Watt RMS Marshall Guitar amp which most nights nearly made my ears bleed!! Funny thing is I do not have any ringing, my hearing is not too bad for a 64 year old, I do have trouble though understanding the spoken audio on TV sometimes (volume ok but a bit muffled) yet I can hear a tap dripping at a 100 paces...go figure
  4. Looks like the first one got caught in a paint gun battle; should be called "D-Splatt"
  5. I fly the old 310Q most of the time and love it. Whose payware is it Emmsie?
  6. Orbx kmz for Scotland shows some airfields in green (aircraft profile in green colour) however these do not show as available FSX airports i.e. Airfield at Insch, Scotland is in Orbx scenery according to kmz however one cannot select it in FSX. Is this because all "green" airfields may be private without a ICAO? Cheers Dan
  7. Merci Beaucoup!
  8. Thanks Richard, If I was an author and died then the rights would remain with my Estate who could sue if there was a breach of copyright, however if a non-human legal entity such as a business name or a corporate entity ceases to exist then who could sue for breach of copyright? Interesting legal question....hmmm.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that Nick. What with all the discussion about all the new sims coming out and some posts being closed I was getting quite confused about who was supporting who. Your clarification is for me great news as I really do like the rain drops and atmospheric textures. Cheers Dan
  10. Also on Australian beaches, keep a lookout for "white pointers"
  11. I think that if Orbx are not going to produce an Isle of Man product, then discussing other Isle of Man products should not be a problem as there is no adverse competition involved; especially as you probably cannot get support from Earth Simulations now that it has closed. Question for any copyright lawyers in the community, If a producer of a scenery product has closed down, can it's product then be freely distributed?
  12. Not sure that FSW will be supported by Orbx? In which case not sure that it is worth discussing on this Orbx website? Having said that don't you love the rain, I certainly miss it in FSX. Maybe it will be supported by Orbx?
  13. Thanks for the reply Richard but I am not savvy enough with kmz's to See the kmz from the install directory. How do I do this please? Thank you. Dan
  14. Ok answered my own question, the castles are included in the latest Scotland update. I mistakenly thought they were from Richard's own website. Is there a list of Scottish castles that are included in Orbx scenery?