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  1. I am surprised that the only suitable Twotters available were in the northern hemisphere and had to fly all the way from Calgary. Surely it is about time that suitable emergency aircraft are made available from Hobart or Christchurch with expense provided by all nations having bases in the Antarctic.
  2. Hi Nick, I always thought that the library was one file and therefor 000's of MB's had to be downloaded at each update, not just whatever part of the one file that had been changed? After reading your advices above I will now update library thru Central as I no longer have to download the entire library. Thanks for clarifying. Cheers Dan
  3. Imagine if the water was flowing........
  4. IMHO, if you have a library file that is more recent than your current scenery you really do not need to update. Conversely, if you buy a new scenery or update a currently owned scenery then it is advantageous to then install the latest library. I have not bought anything for a while and therefore I have ignored the current library update.
  5. Great video..........and the star of the show is?????????
  6. Great shots and I love the poetry!!
  7. Just wondering why the thumbnail for Launceston at the Orbx Store features what appears to be a Swiss Mirage? Maybe an RAAF aircraft would be more appropriate
  8. Just to clarify Gloster Vs Gloucester. Founded as The Gloucestershire Aircraft Company Limited during the First World War, with the aircraft construction activities of H H Martyn & Co Ltd of Cheltenham it produced fighters during the war. It was renamed as foreigners found 'Gloucestershire' difficult to pronounce. It later became part of the Hawker Siddeley group and the Gloster name disappeared in 1963. (Wikipedia)
  9. Just checked out my install of NZMF and my scenery is same as Adam's screenie so I am happy. Just one query I have for the developers, is it possible at all to get an update where the waterfall actually flows? There is a quite old freeware scenery for Angel Falls, Venezuala where the waterfall flows and some old OZx scenery in the hinterland where clouds of mist occur over waterfalls so the technology is there and is not that new.
  10. No 4 now as it includes the Blenheim AND NZMF and thanks for the info Adam. Cheers PS: Maybe you could email your screenies to me and then I would enter them
  11. No 3 for me. I presume that is Orbx NZMF? I will have to go back and visit now because I do not recall my view of that waterfall being as natural as yours. Also I would like to know what water product/settings you have used therein please? PS: Why can't you enter the Orbx screen contest?
  12. Shizzer!!!!! I certainly hope that is your car in a drive way and not gone off the road mate. Brakes don't work on snow and ice as we all know trying to land aircraft. Hope nobody was seriously injured in the pile up. Good weather for you to sit back by a nice cozy fire, glass or two of whatever is your poison and just enjoy your birthday mate.
  13. That's great news mate. Looks like you jumping straight back into the big iron
  14. Even though I already have it, thought I would confirm that yes indeed the link provided by CaptainZ above works...thanks Nick
  15. Who doesn't love dinosaurs!!!! I'm considered a bit of a dinosaur myself