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  1. May I suggest that you search and select "S" and then scroll down to Solomon Islands. There is some very good freeware scenery there. When looking for freeware scenery I always go to this website first. Cheers dan
  2. What, no guardsmen on duty at the Palace! But seriously, great work as usual Richard. I love all your add ons mate. Cheers Dan
  3. Have flown this quite a few times albeit in "Orbx assisted" FSX with Pilots mesh. Have always used a freeware product by David Maldonado to animate the Angel Falls which imho is most necessary. Wonder if this works in P3Dv4 with the new Orbx landclass?
  4. The little details in the second screenie are I presume the tunnel entrances (??) What are the little details in the first screenie please?
  5. Appreciate all the great screenies in this sub-forum and the Previews sub-forum. What would really help me is if there were more before and after shots particularly in the Previews sub-forum which could be considered as the "marketing" forum. I understand the shots are highly dependant upon what base programs are installed. However i.e. the new South America landclass.....perhaps if we had a default FTX or P3Dv4 plus a 3rd party mesh such as Pilots as the "before" and then showed the new South America Landclass (I am assuming that as this new landclass is region specific one would not need Orbx Global Base??) the benefits of the new landclass would be more obvious and then that might increase sales from a marketing point of view?
  6. Yes, love your work Richard!!
  7. Just make sure that there is not a fly caught up with you in the molecular scrambler otherwise you may end up with a set of wings that you do not want
  8. Moderators please close this post as I have entered into a private PM with another staff member. Cheers
  9. "we understand that more P3D V3 product (therefore all Orbx product) will be available in V4 sooner than AF2. If this is not correct then please Orbx staff correct me...not a challenge...I really need to know if I am correct or not" I know that I appeared to only asked for confirmation if this is not correct, but can I be a nuisance and ask Orbx staff to confirm this understanding (or not). Cheers Dan
  10. Just wondering if there is a file containing all the .csv's etc or a file that will show all Orbx airports/airfields in PlanG? For example, in Orbx Scotland .kmz there is SC04 (blue aircraft icon) and Insch (Green icon) Easterton (Green icon) Longside (Green icon) and quite a few others that do not show. (Yes my PlanG database is up to date). I imagine that this may also be the case with my other Orbx UK scenery? And second query please, why are some aircraft icons Blue and other Green? Thankyou in anticipation. Cheers Dan
  11. Really interested in FirefX screenie. Water effects has IMHO been the long forgotten poor cousin in scenery development. Will 64bit programming facilitate more realistic water conditions under varying weather?
  12. I fly on line three times per week and my fellow pilots are all going to change within the next 6 - 12 months to what ever gets the best support from Orbx. This would appear to be P3D V4, not because it may be or not be a better sim than AF2, we just do not know, but because we understand that more P3D V3 product (therefore all Orbx product) will be available in V4 sooner than AF2. If this is not correct then please Orbx staff correct me...not a challenge...I really need to know if I am correct or not
  13. Those skies are amazing. I have FSX and AS16. In your opinion, how do the skies in FSX and P3D 32bit compare to the new 64bit?
  14. I was going to comment that this does not appear to be a Community Screenshot topic but then I thought everyone wants to be a forum policeman these days so stuff it, I am not a policeman or a moderator so why should I comment so I decided not to. It was a very interesting read mate. I keep flicking between the 1st, 3rd and 5th screenshot but by the time I cross the 2nd, 4th and last screenshot I forget what I saw
  15. Hi Welcome to Orbx. You have specifically mentioned aircraft...all Orbx products (except for their couple of aircraft) are scenery products only and have no effect good or bad on non-static aircraft. Most static aircraft that are part of a scenery are usually fairly low quality. As you say you are new to FSX SE, then as a matter of interest what other sim program are you comparing FSX SE aircraft to?? and do you have the same problems with non-default aircraft?? Freeware aircraft are usually (but not always) of a lower quality than payware. If you believe that your default non-static (flyable) aircraft are suffering some quality issues then perhaps a screenie would enable the forum to provide more assistance. Cheers Dan