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  1. announcement

    Great news. Looking forward to see the results of the new objectflow in my own sim soon. Will the movable jetways be retrofitted to your old sceneries?
  2. Very nice. And speaking of Uruguay, I would love to see some shots of the Montevideo area.
  3. Another option is getting a prepaid visa in a store, those should work just fine online.
  4. No, Tongass is between Southern Alaska and Pacific Fjords.
  5. It's a very nice scenery and it covers a awesome area to fly in. So I can highly recommend you getting it sometime.
  6. Looks like a combination of a slight decline from the hangar and a guy pushing on the right wing.
  7. I would buy that airport. Crazy approach. Power lines are scary!
  8. I for one enjoyed the water bomber discussion Matt.
  9. Yes, a Dash8-100/200 of some real quality is maybe my number 1 most wanted airplane. The -300 is outside of the fire category available at ENSG so it's not allowed without special preparations. But this is a minor point, as long as I can turn it off, you can have your -300. The scenery is very nice nonetheless and I appreciate all the Norwegian airports we are getting.
  10. But when they already have a Dash8-100 in Widerøe colors available from the Narvik scenery.
  11. Great! Looks a bit silly with a Dash8-300 there.
  12. Is the Widerøe static aircraft removable?
  13. announcement

    Looks like ENSG Sogndal.
  14. Alright. I'll keep using the excellent freeware alternatives then.
  15. No, I am asking if they are planning to fix a obvious flaw in the scenery. Either before or after release.