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  1. Yes, Thanks, Michael, indeed, i was refering to the HD Buildings, one of the ongoing Orbx projects. Dom
  2. Remarkable ! The night shots are wonderful ! Still, any chance that this scenery will include at some point in the future the 3D buildings tech. ? Dom Mason
  3. My only regret will be about the road AI traffic. But, Wow, must have scenery ! Dom Mason
  4. Looks like it will be KSAN first before LOWI Dom
  5. That's a very ambitious project. Eager to see how friendly it is for my old quadcore computer. Incredible scenery coverage ! Dom
  6. Oh - My - God !!! This is incredible. Really ?!!! This is Mozart,this is de Vinci. This is the essence of FS programming. It's about how to feel a place and transcript it in FS world. Oh - My - God !!! Dom Well it can't be De Vinci. But this is just about giving a huge amount of work in every squarred inch of the scenery. So, yes, its De Vinci. In 2054, people will remind you of De Jarrad or The Marshall. (no i haven't drink yet). Ooooohhhhh Hmm maybe Johannes Vermeer.
  7. John, team members, I wanted to thank you for your latest tools, FTX Central V3 and Orbx Direct. after a few weeks using them, i must say they are very useful and easy to handle. Well, they have been lanched for a while now, but its never to late to congratulate when something is succesfull ! Dom
  8. Exactly what i was looking for ! Dom
  9. What about the new Building 3D feature ? Is it already implemented in this scenery ? Can we expect it in any later upgrade ? It sounds quite logical to include this new tech with San Diego city (shots #8 & #9) Dom Mason
  10. Impressive ! Back to my initial question, let me precise it : is it possible for a pilot to watch the northern light from a high altitude ? and if not, why ? At what altitude are this effet is generated ? Thanks Dom
  11. okay but no inside modeling in this scenery ? Dom Mason
  12. Assuming that a captain can also watch this phenomenon from its cockpit at 35 000 feet ? Dom
  13. Wouaw ! Wonderful if this utility can be used on a polar flight !? Dom Mason
  14. That's great news. And that's typically show why i like Orbx ! Dom
  15. Taxiways ? Apron ? Yep, well, i'd like to see the main terminal and its fantastic architecture Dom