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  1. KAVP - Wilkes Barre / Scranton and KOGS - Ogdesnburg would be a good ones please and thanks.
  2. Just
  3. Looks similar to Aerofly FS2 but with 3rd party aircraft support already built in.
  4. If you pay with credit card you get a 30 day interest free layaway automatically as part of your card benefits.
  5. It was available when vector for v4 became available.
  6. Thanks, I will consider. Sometimes I wish we could do a demo as I have been burned before with performance of some airports vs others etc.
  7. I realize that. I'm just looking for an apples to apples comparison from someone who owns the airport. But anyway...... Realair Legacy / Turbine Duke Majestic q400 AS CRJ Dont use any PMDG aircraft.
  8. v3 and v4 of P3D ( as mentioned in original post) Machine specs are in my signature
  9. Hi all, Having made many trips to San Diego for business, I'm very interested in adding this airport to my SCA installation but I am concerned about performance. As this area can be demanding, I was wondering what people who already have it think? I like to maintain 30 FPS for approaches and I easily achieve that in my current settings on v3 and v4 installations even in the San Diego area of SCA. Opinions appreciated. Thanks, Glenn
  10. Flytampa is a quality airport producer. They have already done yssy so why would orbx do it? also, orbx don't do "mega" sized airports anymore.
  11. I'm shocked the F1 GTN v4 conversion happened before object flow to be honest........didn't see that one coming.
  12. Caribbean is mostly included in openlc NA However, a full region would be a great idea. Awesome area for flying, especially in the winter months when it's cold and snowy in the north east. ☺️
  13. A few shots of the excellent Beaver on approach to CZAM Salmon Arm BC in FTX
  14. Hmmmm that's odd. I wonder why my download was 103 GB? i only downloaded the free SW USA and Utah packs