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  1. A few shots of the excellent Beaver on approach to CZAM Salmon Arm BC in FTX
  2. Hmmmm that's odd. I wonder why my download was 103 GB? i only downloaded the free SW USA and Utah packs
  3. Have to say this is the best first impression or 'wow' moment I have ever experienced in a FSX/ESP derived simulator scenery. Its just incredible. I tip my hat to you Jarrad!
  4. I got it as a fathers day gift. Honest opinion? Even with the high res area downloads it still didn't do much for me. Photo-real at low level is just not my thing I guess. The cities look good and the buildings are cool, but the underlying photo is not very good. Also, there are trees growing in buildings, roads and other places they shouldn't be. Outside of the immediate city / town boundaries there is little to no autogen and there is no water just a photo of water. I think it has excellent potential and seeing it is 'early access' I cant give it too much of a hard time. Will be interested to see how it goes from here.
  5. After installing orbx regions, global and open lc, the performance and visuals are noticeably better than v3 the higher resolution terrain lod makes a huge difference. Like a new sim and I haven't seen any blurred tiles yet. Having said that I'm only using the default a36 as well. Must say say I am going to get Aerofly2 soon. It looks excellent even if it's not quite ready as a prime time sim.
  6. V4 fixes this for the most part
  7. Wow!
  9. You don't pay full price twice. If you buy LOWI for FSX/P3d you get 40% off the AF2 version
  10. Edit
  11. Nothing from p3d / FSX will work in Aerofly. They are completely different platforms
  12. Looks good. Any update to the Barra beach airport and runways?
  13. I use this one too. maybe orbx will do it one day?
  14. Could not disagree more. The Latin VFR effort whilst good around the actual airport is awful when it comes to the surrounding areas with the dreadful low res PR textures. Its always great to see Orbx doing an airport in the region areas because you can guarantee the quality of it fitting in with the surrounding terrain.