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  1. Thank you very much Nick
  2. I can install with antivirus off? But after, antivirus create again problem... ?
  3. Fulvio, you are "unico"! great pic!
  4. My anrtivirus, Avast, stopped the installation and eliminate the file... finded dangerous think... is my antiviirus to sensible? what to do?
  5. Very nice and clear shot Jack!
  6. How what marvelous shot over Venice!
  7. I like this region will be my next fly... thanks VH-KDK
  8. Nice shots.. where are this region please?
  9. Like the precision of detail.. wow nice!
  10. Nice Shot!
  11. I am sorry Jack, knowing the particularity of Venice was sure was water....and not concrete,,, and probably es.. a railway tracks.