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  1. Great shots! I like raindrop...
  2. Very nice shot!
  3. Thank Stillwater and VH.KDK for your encouragement. I will post here during my World's Tour.
  4. Thanks Emms, Taps and Sawyer... your comment encouraging me a lo!
  5. After trying out so many planes and studying a journey around the globe, moved here to Montreal Shaesta Waiz, founder of Dreams Soar, Inc., who with a Beechcraft Bonanza A36 is making a solo trip around the world. So I decided to take a virtual tour of the world by following her route using the Carenado Bonanza A36 which I made a repaint (sorry if is not non-professional but is my first) These days I'm trying on the magnificent NSTU Pago Pago of ORBX. Scheduled virtual departure on June 1st. . Shaesta Waiz she started from KDAB Daytona USA, I will leave from CYUL Montreal Canada.
  6. Can hawe some trick for pilotate a boat on fsx or 3pd? Thanks
  7. Ok i Finded it is Alabeo 310 II... thank anyway
  8. Lot model look similar, which plane is this please EMMS, I like the elegance shape... sorry for my English Gianni Fly37
  9. Always so special, Farman, you have the "BORA" in your wings!
  10. Be strong Jack. I pray for this situation! Gianni fly37
  11. Super shots!
  12. This plane bring me in Canada, in the 1969! Nice shot!
  13. Hot and nice shot!
  14. Nice shot, nice LOW!