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  1. The same you had in v3.4 or are update to v4? .. ask because I have few LHC me too
  2. Thanks... sound for me is ok thank dor comment can be found also at Rikooo Yes very fun.. thanks
  3. @Stewart i really appreciate your style
  4. Thanks Bernd
  5. As usual very nice pic and good description.. for the story, in the my real life I am a writer, and I suggest you to put this all story together and write a book, you have a very nice talent to tell stories... you create a participation, believe me... compliment!
  6. Thanks Ruud yes i agree... thank for suggestion Taph!
  7. Very impressive shots.... sorry Jack what means: NA/ LC - AS water on. ?
  8. I am over the Alps from LOWI to LIMJ.. was testing the possibility for this plane in a challenging route... Thank for comment Jack...
  9. Is true... thanks for comment!
  10. Nice detail shot.. PTA with Adam set help a lot
  11. Thanks I hope me too for the moment no solution... thank for help and cooperation