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  1. Nice shots and nice history lesson!
  2. Very impressive!
  3. I like your shots, and love Brel, thank you! Great!
  4. Great. Nice prospective!
  5. All nice shots.. difficult choose the best!
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Nice shot and plane! Where you find please?
  8. Impressive shots. Marvelous plane!
  9. Nice Pic! Specially n.3 !
  10. Very Nice!!!
  11. Yes it is!
  12. Today is a bad day, don't know if is 24R or 24L... no lot traffic at the moment... oh oh a just see you are from Montreal too... hahaha have a good day Benny
  13. All is so real! wow!
  14. Nice Shot. When you come to see me in Montreal?
  15. Super thank VH-KDK