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  1. Look I'm smiling : .LOWI is coming to my pc.! ! ! ! !
  2. Topic - FTX Innsbruck a few more - in a post from Iain: " the trains are movers".
  3. Thanks John, very good news yes ! !
  4. Two real life photos taken in 2011 when we were on downwind runway 08. Iain, when I see your screenshots and then look at my photos I can only say: I am speechless ! Amazing scenery; great job Jarad.
  6. " the pilot said: time flies....... and he threw the alarm clock out the window...."
  7. Yes, I am already on final runway 08 ! ! ! !
  8. Hi expber01 You can see the version of the products in: (C: or D: or ... ) /FSX/ORBX/User Documents : you see the map "Versions" . There is the list of your ORBX products. Click for instance on: FTX_GLOBAL_VECTOR_PACK.txt and you see the version number. Cheers Bert
  9. Yes Andy1252; I support this. and in dutch: ga door John met jullie prachtige producten. Cheers Bert
  10. ORBX team, You did a great job ! ! ! My congratulations. I had no problem with my transition. Thanks team Bert
  11. My condolences to his family and friends
  12. and in dutch: fijn dat je er weer bent Wolter ! Groeten, Bert
  13. Very nice shots Coolgovind, especially no. 1 Cheers Bert