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  1. WWWWWw...!! And I fly there frequently....never had the good fortune to view it from that fact I'm heading back there now having just installed the GTX 1080. Excellent capture Jordan
  2. Truly epic
  3. Happy B Marcus. And thank you...looking forward to it. Side note...a lot of duplicate shots above, but love it nonetheless....
  4. 4 but my interest is slowly climbing to 6 as it should, considering I have most of orbx scenery. I'm still very much a heavy and commercial lover primarily for the purpose of spanning the Virtual Globe. Learning about places orbx hasn't reached ( intimately that is - "dedicated areas"), I prefer not to jumpseat to destinations, rather, I'd fine me a connection and I'm gone. Good topic.
  5. Time made.....:)
  6. Bad #2s ......I'd agree some one is in for it....Amazing shots Lain. And now I need to change my boxers because of shots 1 & 2.
  7. Love seeing it fully and waiting
  8. Unimaginable shot there..... what on earth.... is that ENTEX sky?
  9. Oh...Im there ....eagerly anticipating this. Excellent work Matteo.
  10. This is sick........Unbelievable Jarrad... no.....that's too eaasy of an adjective...this is exemplary works.... irreproachable at the least.... Ok Sir Lain..seriously..... just say those magic three works
  11. SAy whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt? And Now I'll never leave this area.....
  12. Outstanding!!!