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  1. Hi Nick I am not an FS developer, this is the reason I visit Orbx and purchase software from Orbx, I purchase a skill I dont have myself. If needed from Orbx I can naturally provide Orbx with marketing and finance controlling service in exchange for Orbx airports and regions. Probably never going to happend so while I wait for this transaction to happend and "the land to be developed" please know my skill is not in FS development. My suggestion however was only a friendly suggestion to improve an already fine product that I enjoy very much. Some of us, or at least me ultimately want a simulator to simulate reality as close as possible.
  2. Hi Now when Narvik Framnes airport is closed for good, would it be possible to update FTX Norway accordingly to represent the real world change or at least an option to exclude it in the settings? I dont know what is planned for the land where the airport was located but would be cool if FTX is updated with the change.
  3. I like your idea of the Orbx US Virgin Islands, in fact even more so than PR actually. I would buy a Virgin Islands package in a heartbeat especially if it was both the US and British
  4. They have made Orbx England and Wales so I dont agree that they only do regions with mountains, and Puerto Rico is not all flat either for that matter. PR and Jamaica have more than 4-5 airports sure but the major ones could be detailed and the smaller one much like they do most region airports, a ”light update” I agree with the idea for Azores, brautiful islands and long overdue for a flight simulator update but the others suggestions are done by other developers. Hawaii I asked about a year ago or so in this very forum and from what I remember John replied and he wanted to do the Hawaii islands but it was impossible to get photoreal data or something like that (dont quote me on this one) Anyway, island (Catalina) and islands (Samoa) have been done before so its not unrealistic and about PUerto Rico beeing to big of an area I dont agree, smaller than all those Hawaii islands together. Azores islands as someone suggested is not a bad idea either I very much agree.
  5. No, no fictional or closed airports, at least not for me. Want to simulate reality as far as possible.
  6. I know there are many requests for this or that airport or region,,..so here is one more Why not do a Orbx Island for region scenery, say Jamaica or Puerto Rico. The advantage is that an island for region area is rather small so it could be all photoreal. There are not to many airports either on each island so Orbx could have complete control and do them all in high quality. I think Jamaica has 4 and Puerto Rico something similar. Perhaps even advertise them in the Ftx Global range of products. Think Orbx Catalina island but a bigger island with a few more airports. Another advantage is that an island is less heavy on fps beeing surrounded by watercso the airports could be very detailed. just my thought and thinking loud, perhaps no one else agrees mike
  7. John, I would go with Innsbruck for the sake of realism LOWI is an actual present airport. Meigs as we all know is an ever more distant memory. Both are probably great but I prefer to fly to airports that do exist in real life today. Hopefully once Chicago is out we can disable the actualt Meigs airport somehow and only enjoy the photoscenery surrounding it as it looks today. Mike
  8. So for all the folks here prefering landclas to photoscenery, a question to you all. Would you have liked Jarred to skip photoscenery as a base for his fantastic Innsbruck airport surrounding and instead use landclass base for the city, I guess not So it all comes down really to how good the photoscenery is. I agree the photos from Corsica and Sardinaia you show here looks terrible but there are much better alternatives and as someone here stated already there are great alternatives for France, Austria and freeware Italy with beautiful high quality photoreal, autogen and the works. I would never go the landclass route when there is good photoscenery available, Mike
  9. Oh, you should really try it Sylvain. Quality photoscenery with autogen is the future in my humble opinion and especially for a whole country. Landclass based textures is so "2016" Although a little on the expensive side this one unfortunately but man does it make a big difference!
  10. For us that want to use photoscenery throughout the country, does it blend well with the Switzerland Professional package?
  11. You do know there is a beautiful 1m photreal photoscenery covering all of the Canary Islands and some really good airports both free and payware so you dont have to fly with landclass scenery. That said, I wish Orbx would visit the Canary Islands and put their magic touch to it, especially the airports. Mike
  12. ...Or select a product from a developer that makes their photoscenery compatible with other develpopers work in terms of photocolor. I am thinking 29-palms and Turbulent Designs here In any case, I agree that this is a topic for another discussion. Personaly I would never go back to landclass based scenery though. Been in this hobby for over 25 years and landclass based scenery is not the way forward in my opinion (just look at Aerofly). I rather select an area to fly where I know there is plenty good photoscenery available preferably with autoge and seasons. Switzerland Pro for example. Mike
  13. Most of the time I find the biggest problem is not so much the landclass or autogen but rather the different color tones of the photoreal used by different developers making it blend rather terrible when you fly over the border between the two. Takes away greatly from the immersion. Mike
  14. I agree but you have to realise that FranceVFR covers a lot larger area with their PACA regions so naturally in a smaller area you can add more details. I just hope now that they can be used together for a complete awesome photoreal Provence experience. Mike
  15. I think this San Diego project looks great! You go on and on about the static aircraft in every post. In all honesty with 25 years in this hobby I ask you why not use some real AI traffic instead of looking at a static non moving body of an aircraft. I have the complete opposite opinion from you. For me the first thing I do with any payware airport is remove all static aircraft and replace with dynamic AI traffic that actually moves. You see, everyone wants different things, the developer cant please everyone. And regarding 77S, S43 that you state nobody needs, well I need them!! Mike