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  1. Hi Matteo What a nice San Diego scenery, first day purchase from me! Just one question. Not beeing a big fan of landclass type scenery myself I would like to know if you have tried your photoscenery together with a photoscenery like Megascenery Socal or UltimateVFR Socal. I know your San Diego scenery is made with FTX Global or SCA in mind. Jarrad got the same question regarding the upcoming Innsbruck and from what I understand his Innsbruck will blend quite well with Austria Photo HD with some minor tweaks. Hopefully yours too will blend with a 3d party photoscenery with some tweaks Mike
  2. I also have Austria PRO HD West as for me there is nothing that beats flying over good photoreal with autogen. Therefor I am extremely happy to hear your scenery will be compatible. Can you comment perhaps if in addition to the APX/vector clash there will be any color differences between yours and the photocolor of Austria Pro HD. Will they blend colorwise OK together? Mike
  3. Thanks for your reply Luke. I guess I will wait a little longer jumping in to the VR world. AeroflyFS is still a very nice looking sim with or without VR gear so not a real problem mike
  4. Ken, I think you are spot on with your VR prediction. I too got a nice new shiny 21:9 34 inch Dell monitor and with a lot of Saitek FIP gauges, yoke, radio panels, trim wheel etc etc its not a bad cockpit setup but a VR headset especially with leap motion as that technology becomes even better I have no doubt will almost completely make the Saitek gear and Dell 34 inch something of the past As you wrote one already have every panel in front of you and reaching for buttons and switches in VR I guess will be the ultimate experience. In addition and as a great bonus, I am sure the lovely wife of mine will be very happy not having the dust collecting clunky cockpit hardware taking up valuable space in our fairly small apparment. Even though in my defense I do have a Wheel stand pro easy to move and store away cockpit system. Anyway, what I would like to know not owning VR equipment from either of the two competing brands HTC and the Oculus Rift (or from any other developer for that matter). Which one is the better? and as always in the tech industry it moves moves so fast, already rumors of a HTC Vive v 2. Time to buy or hold out a lttle longer? Mike
  5. Thanks JV for the update! I really hope the deal goes through. Have not purchased an Orbx product in a long time. Hawaii will be my first in all this time. If what you say would be included it would be awesome! Hope everything works out mike
  6. So no AI at all then if sloped runway? Personally I very much dislike sloped runways for that very reason. It looks good to the eye but what fun is an airport without moving air traffic other than you. Hate to complain but I guess this scenery is not for me then. Mike
  7. I love Orbx as much as the next guy and I own a lot of Orbx stuff and plan to expand my Orbx library also in the future but you actually tell me you only get Orbx stuff. WHY on earth for? so much good stuff out there in addition to the Orbx line dude. Mike
  8. Overall nice pictures but you should really try FranceVFR Riviera photoscenery instead. Those default FSX textures in your photos cant really compete in my opinion. Mike
  9. I hope this is not out of line to ask but John, have you ever considered develop for the AeroFly FS 2 platform. From what I understand an SDK is out and in my humble opinion It seem like a very good simulator. I am in fact planning to purchase and see what all the buzz is all about mike
  10. While we wait for Orbx Hawaii there is a very good photoscenery freeware project for all the islands and high quality freeware airports on the main download websites. Very much looking forward to what magic Orbx will bring later on though. mike
  11. Since it would cover a much smaller area than other full fat regions more photoreal areas would be much welcome! I second the comment above, it would be nice with a confirmation from the Orbx team if it is happening. On the other hand I know the Orbx policy regarding announcing new scenery and the article talked about it anyway so I guess it will happend. Day 1 purchase from me
  12. Well I would be too John if it wasn't for how it handles AI. To be hones none of the big guys VoxATC, PF3 or P2ATC handle AI very good and that in my opinion is the whole idea. What is the need for ATC if you are alone flying or you are controlled by the fancy ATC system, but every AI is controlled by default and the different worlds can collide. I know they try and solve it in different ways but not good enough for me. VATSIM or Pilotedge at present seem to be the real good alternatives. I hope for a good VoxATC 7 soon.
  13. Thats a great idea. Also I have just checked youtube for some videos. One problem could be the opening hours from 8AM to 11 PM US western time for me in Europe. I noticed they have a free 2 week trial though so I will go ahead and check that out first.
  14. I have always enjoyed flying over Southern California from back when using the Megascenery X SOCAL many years ago. Orbx Socal seem to fit in nicely and it is on top of my list to purchase as well as L35 Big Bear and ORBX Santa Barbara when released. On to my question. Does anyone use Pilotedge to compliment this beautiful scenery with live ATC. is it any good? many controllers or does one controller basically follow you all the way on all freq, whats your experience? Mike
  15. EnQ, I second your reasoning and hope they can work something out together. Since I have purchased Austria HD East and love it so much and intend to purchase Austria HD West I hate to have to choose between photoreal for all of Austria in great detail with autogen or Orbx Innsbruck that cover a much smaller area but probably breathtaking in every way, but still only Innsbruck area. Just like Nice this would really be a win, win win situation for every party including the customer.