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  1. Truly awesome Richard, tremendous efforts in a short time.
  2. Yes, now how could I have overlooked AC/DC...they are one of my most listened to bands. Maybe because, although they are now considered classic rock, I personally categorize them in more of old school heavy metal with the likes of Motley Crue and Iron Maiden. Now, those are some rockin' bands too.
  3. I am a major fan of American classic rock bands (Skynrd, Boston, Journey), British rock bands (The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who) and of course I love me some Canadian classic rock too (Rush, BTO). There is so much great classic rock out there from across the pond, from North America, from many places. Can't say I know of any Aussie classic rock bands off the top of my head, but surely there are some.
  4. I for one do not want to lose Narvik Framnes airport from my simulator, as it is one of my favorite Orbx airfields. It would really make me unhappy if Orbx decided to remove such a fine airport from it's scenery. Thankfully, I don't think I have to worry about that ever happening
  5. That curved screen setup looks incredibly immersive Ken. Very nice setup. Thanks for sharing the pics and ideas.
  6. Great idea, I agree. An Orbx magazine could also be a GREAT means to further display the monthly winning screenshot from the screenshot contest. It could be a great way to further advertise the wonderful Orbx scenery from a customer's use. This would add further testament to how well FTX products look for the average simmer, and not just the gorgeous screenshots that the developers always manage to astound us with. Just a thought
  7. Now, that's the best way to say it!
  8. Hap, hap, happy birthday Doc Scott
  9. That's all pretty awesome Frank, love your dedication.
  10. Very nice report Frank, sounded very professional
  11. Another nice video Benny, very relaxing Interesting colors going on in that orchard. What kind of orchard is that by the way?
  12. Looking great Marcus!
  13. Very nice scenery Benny, and quite a contrast to your winter time videos And that sure is a unique looking!
  14. Thanks for the kind comments Jazzie. To be fair though, my avatar picture is about eight years old now. I still look pretty spry, as I've been told, but I do wear glasses now. Still, I have always tried to take care of myself as best I can, so maybe that has helped. Anyhow, thanks again and more importantly, good to see you are enjoying your entry into the Orbx's a grand place
  15. Paul, like you I much prefer the full FAT regions. That said, I have come to realize that a close second is the Global Base, Vector and OpenLC combo. Once I realized just how good that trio is together, my FTX world really opened up in a big way. And, I am a GA flyer like yourself, so embracing that scenery trio also enabled me to fully enjoy those airport packages that exist outside the full FAT regions, of which there are some of my favorites. So, YES, Vector is worth it, in my opinion.