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  1. Paul, you are absolutely right as far as I am concerned. That IS exactly what I have been doing ever since discovering Orbx FULL Fat regions years ago with AU Blue. Since my first Full FAT region, I have done very little to no flying outside of Orbx Full FAT regions. Only recently have I started to explore some OpenLC areas, and they are nice, but they are not Full FAT. And for someone who flies GA, low and slow, WWII aircraft, and the occasional helo, there is none better than the Orbx Full FAT region with as many Orbx airports sceneries added in as one can muster. Simply put, there is none better. Nothing even comes close in my opinion in the FSX and P3D world. And, the bar keeps getting pushed higher. As much as I would love some more contiguous EU FAT regions, especially the Balkans area, the fact remains that I love ALL the Orbx Full FAT regions over any other scenery, Orbx or otherwise, and WHATEVER region they release next that is Full FAT, I will embrace and set out to exploring it in all it's Orbx Full FAT goodness. And Fat, my friends, is all I have to say about Fat
  2. Marvelous character built into this scenery Sylvain, very nice job. I really like all the little touches like the rusty roof panels, the cement and tarmac cracks and patch jobs, the really feels like you can smell the grass, the fresh mountain Swiss air (yes, I have been there and know what it smells like), hear the buzzing of some summertime insect flying around, a few birds chirping...and then, in the distance, the drone of a light, single engine aircraft coming in for approach and landing. I can even imagine the light plane landing, taxiing to a parking spot there by the tower and hangar, and then when the engine is shut down, the return to the valley quiet...that lone bug buzzing, the birds chirping again....ah, time for a cold beer in the shade.... Like I said, nice character Sylvain
  3. Well, I was about 12 or 13 years old when I discovered and fell in love with subLogic Flight Simulator back in the early 1980's, so I would say some young folks would like it as I did.
  4. Stunning and beautiful...'nuff said.
  5. My Oh My, that looks like such a special little scenery floatplane base. I am loving the colors and the feel of the area. Very lovely work Larry.
  6. Lol...heck, I've had fiber (fibre) for the last 5 years, and I STILL love watching the Speed Test thingy. It never gets old, in my opinion. Enjoy that Speed Test jjaycee, enjoy it
  7. ScottB, that was an incredible video...thanks for posting!
  8. CajunRon, Not sure if this suggestion will work for you or not, but I used to have the same problem. That is until I started using a 4k 42" smart TV as my flight simming screen. Now, when sim flying, the view out my virtual windows is both very clear AND also much enlarged. I no longer have such a hard time spotting those little airfield, grass strips and bush strips.
  9. Love the weather forcasting stone and sign! Awesome!
  10. This will be exciting for you JJ, like Christmas in April...hehe. When you can load webpages lickety split and download large data files in minutes, rather than hours, it is definitely a time to be happy. Excited for you!
  11. Wow! HUGE Congratulations Jarrad!
  12. Gorgeous looking scenery and screenshots Sylvain! Looking forward to flying over and around this area.
  13. Like so many others have already stated, thank you Freeware Airport pack team, you guys rock!
  14. Whew! I'll take it. That is a nice system build indeed, and looks stunning too.