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  1. Love it Benny! Great job with the music choice too! Super!
  2. That must be exciting news for you Kilstorm...I love it when a new system or parts have shipped.
  3. Cool video Benny...I love the Twin Otter.
  4. Concur...I am here for flight simming, not politics.
  5. I admit I need to explore this area in OLC NA 1.20 much more. I have not done so, and hearing good things about it makes me want to spend some sim flying time down there. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. What he said
  7. Awesome work Matteo, awesome!
  8. Man, Iain, those are SO sweet looking! KSAN is really coming along nicely! Gobstoppingly looking.
  9. I agree...I am always interested in the investigation results from aircraft accidents, miss-haps etc. So many times the results are not what you expect. I find the processes used to assess and examine the issues very interesting as well, and the results almost always make air travel safer.
  10. Well, at least you are hunkered down in your cozy home with your flight sim and Internet access Add a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate with some 'spirits') and you are having fun
  11. Happy Birthday Benny, and, as you should know by now, I am jealous of your foul weather. Enjoy!
  12. Should be a killer system when all said and done. I think you have all the bases adequately covered Kilstorm.
  13. That IS a wonderful story Dan, I must agree. How special those babysitting times must be now.
  14. Renault, best wishes and I hope that whatever it is that you have to deal with can be dealt with in a healthy and efficient manner. We'll be here when you can come back. Cheers! Sniper31
  15. That definitely made me laugh and smile quite heartily.