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  1. I plan to live forever
  2. I have nothing to say for I am utterly speechless....
  3. I too am happy to see you have rooted out the problem Jeff. If this problem can happen once, it could happen in some other scenery somewhere, sometime. So, it's nice to have a reference now. Great work!
  4. Well, if it's possible, my curiosity is even more piqued than it already was.
  5. Wow, this is a curious one indeed. Very interested in finding out what the culprit turns out to be. Of course, I have no help to offer at the moment
  6. I am headed to The Springs, yes, but not Carson...very close though Really looking forward to it. Every time I visit Colorado I don't want to leave, so I am excited
  7. Bill, I enjoy navigating with NDB's and VOR's for a lot of my sim flying as well, as I fly lots of A2A Warbirds that don't have a GPS. Plus, it doesn't always feel right to put a GPS in an old vintage bird. Anyhow, I have been flying exclusively in P3D for well over a year now, and although I cannot give you the exact number of NDB's and VOR's in P3D, I CAN say that it doesn't seem like there are any less. Maybe there are, but not that I have noticed when flying. I always plan my flights with VOR and/or NDB waypoints, and I have rarely if ever been at a loss of finding one of those types of NAVAID's to use in P3D. Even the GA A2A Cessna and Piper aircraft I fly, I fly them without the GPS option enabled most of the time. Once in awhile I will conduct a training flight to practice my GPS navigation so I can stay somewhat current, but mostly I just use the GPS to backup my NDB and VOR navigation, if I use it all. I guess this all comes from my military background. When I first joined the Infantry, GPS technology was not readily available yet. We did ALL our navigation using map, compass and protractor and I got very good at that. Then, once GPS navigation became widespread and we started using it, there was resistance from the 'old school' guys to not trust the know the whole 'what will you do when the GPS does not work' argument? For me, I embraced the new GPS technology but at the same time realized the importance of keeping sustained on the old navigation techniques. The true navigation power comes when you combine both techniques together. Then you can become very attuned to your whereabouts. Add on top of the that the incredibly powerful tool that Google Earth has become, and there should be no excuse for getting lost if you combine all the resources. Great topic by the way
  8. I have to concur with spud on this one. You have to decide what will be more work....installing each scenery or airport package one at a time, or all the time spent troubleshooting trying to find out which of those caused a problem.
  9. Man, what a bummer. This has been my favorite Norway airport thus far. At least it will live on in my flight sim thanks to Orbx developers
  10. This is unbelievably wonderful news JV! You made my day with this information, and it is yet further testament how Orbx is such a great company and respects their loyal customers. Rock on!
  11. What an outstanding video! I will in fact be moving to Colorado this coming July, and I have been salivating for months awaiting my move day to arrive. I have long had a love affair with the Rockies and have wanted to retire there for years. So, I will finish out my military career there in Colorado and stay put. This video just speaks to me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing Maurizio, thank you
  12. I too am excited about an Orbx Africa. Loads and loads of exploration ahead
  13. Just finished a flight in Orbx PNW, from KHQM Bowerman to 74S Anacortes. My aircraft for this flight was the Carenado Shrike 500s, and I had some rather wet and overcast weather. Flying at 8500' I was wondering if the clouds would break for an easier landing at 74S, and luckily they did. By the time I landed I had very clear visibility for at least 15 miles. I also saw quite a few freighters trolling about in the waterways just south of Anacortes courtesy of Henrik Neilsen's AI Shipping freeware AI. Always love seeing those ships
  14. T-Bone, I enjoyed your flight story as well! Pretty dramatic for sure. Glad I could assist with the inspiration too. I know I have gotten some good flight ideas from others in this thread. I look forward to the next flight sim adventure you or anyone else would like to share...good times!
  15. There IS an Orbx airfield in Scotland...EGPB is WAY up north in Scotland. It is a nice airport too, I might add