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  1. This will be the perfect sister airport for L70, one of my favorite small GA Orbx airfields. Very excited about this one. Great pics as always Iain!
  2. Now that is a picture that I would enjoy
  3. Yes Derek, a military move indeed which should be my last one. I have 27 years in now, so it's about time to put my boots on the shelf and move on to the next chapter in life. In the meantime, have a nice, good roll getting the rest installed.
  4. Terry, what snide remarks? I see mostly people, myself included, congratulating the Kiwis on thier victory.
  5. Good to hear Derek, and sage advice from Nick. Wish I could have been more help, but I have had movers in my place last two days packing up all my stuff. Kind of chaotic for me at the moment. Hope your are sorted from here on.
  6. It's all good Jim, congrats to the Kiwis.
  7. Yay Derek! Enjoy chap!
  8. Silly Jack, that's why this thread is in the 'Previews and Screenshots' thread At any rate, this looks to be an exciting little gem of a GA airfield! Will definately be getting this one . P.S. Jack, you know I still love ya
  9. Well Derek, good to hear that you have a new computer in the works so to speak. Sorry our collective efforts could not fix the problem(s) your old system was having. Soon, you should be up and flying again
  10. This is usually my cat does not like the yoke interfering with his curled up chill time on my lap either...always gives me a look...
  11. Well Derek, 750w should be enough, depending on what all else you have installed in your system. It could be worth a check to see how much the GTX 1060 requires, as you never know you might have been close to the limit with the old card, and with the Nvidia card you are now over the threshold. Also, there is the chance that you could have lost one of the power rails inside your PSU, which then means your PSU is not putting out 750w. I have had that happen to me at least twice, with different PSU's, that I can remember in the last ten years. Also, if you are NOT getting a POST beep, then that IS a problem. That beep is important, as it means that your system (CPU, MB, RAM and GPU) have all passed the Power On Self Testing that all computers do. There is a chance that the beep is turned off in your BIOS, but it will NOT be turned off by default.
  12. Derek, this comment makes me wonder if this issue you are having could be a power supply related problem. I have agreed with pretty much everyone's else's suggestions, so that is why I have not chimed in before. But, after reading through all the posts here and seeing what you have already tried, that comment about the video cards reminded me that some time ago, I have experienced a similar problem. Troubleshooting these kinds of problems is a time consuming process of elimination, as you are experiencing. If your computer powers up fine with the old AMD video card, but the Nvidia card get's stuck at the BIOS, then that could be an indicator that your system, specifically your PSU, is not providing enough power to the Nvidia graphics card, and therefore it's not passing the computer's POST (Power On Self Test). By the way, that's another question, does your computer produce the single POST beep with the Nvidia card installed? Just some more things to check out.
  13. Great report Frank, and sounds like you are definitely getting a lot of enjoyment from all the work you have put into your simulator. Good on 'ya mate!
  14. How come no one has mentioned actually putting hands on controls? Part of MY sim flying involves actually turning radio knobs to set frequencies and AP settings, adjusting mixture and prop control with actually levers, putting my hand on the actual flaps and gear me, this is a crucial part of the simulation aspect of flying. I don't fly in VR for very personal reasons, so I don't know for sure if you can use those types of controls in VR or not. I would suspect you can at least use standard flight controls like rudder pedals and yokes, but I am not sure about all the others I listed above.
  15. Hawaii is indeed part of OpenLC NA, you are correct.