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  1. announcement

    This is definitely encouraging news have me intrigued This made my day too!
  2. Well, I think this will be a wonderful addition to my Orbx library and will be looking forward to it's release. I have full confidence that the final product will really look even better than it already does. And I agree, this is a very nice surprise that was great to pop up on our radar.
  3. Well, I served with Aussie troops in a recent Middle East conflict area, and I can attest to what Rodger said above. I spent about 6 months with them, and let's just say I have some fond memories of that experience that will last a lifetime. I have always enjoyed working with Aussie troops. On a side note, for several of our missions on that deployment, the Aussies inserted and extracted us on their CH-47 Chinook's and were extremely professional. I always enjoyed flying with them, and that unit always kept great care of their aircraft. In contrast, the Brits also flew us on several missions and I always walked out the back of their Chinooks with oil or hydraulic fluid on myself or my equipment. The crews were good chaps though, and when asked about the oil and fluid they would jokingly say that they were busy having a few pints instead of doing their maintenance the night prior. That said, when it was game time, they were all business.
  4. Richard, earlier in my military career, I was in Alaska for several months for northern warfare arctic training. There were two nights where we were sitting out in the middle of nowhere in the Alaskan wilds, and across the night sky it looked like someone started running a yellowish green paintbrush across the sky. It was very surreal, as we were surrounded by the silence of snow covered wintry woodlands, but it was a crystal clear night. To be honest, the first thought I had back then was that it looked like it was the invisible hand of some higher being (deity even?) running a paintbrush back and forth across the night sky. The 'paint' would disappear a few seconds after the 'brush' passed, and then more would appear. This sequence lasted for a few hours that night, and then the next night we saw a similar effect. The peacefulness of the whole episode has always stuck with me, and is a constant reminder of one of the many majestic, beautiful feats of nature that exist on our great Earth.
  5. Those screenies look pretty amazing Richard. This will really help to add to the feeling of the northern areas.
  6. Dale, I have turned off my FPS indicator over a year ago, and have since never turned it back on. More important to me than FPS is smoothness....that is, how smooth is my flight experience. Rather than looking at an FPS counter number, as long as my flight is smooth, I am happy. Of course, I get the occasional pauses when large scenery areas load, but that is no big deal. With P3D and all my scenery on SSD's those pauses are very short. I think I have my FPS locked at 43, but why I arrived at that number is simply because that seems to be the sweet spot on my system. But, I tend to agree with Stewart in that I don't believe the Mark I Eyeball can really discern much difference, if any, after 30 FPS (so long as it's a smooth 30, and not stuttery). Part of the reason I have mine locked at 43 is so that when I fly over an area with more dense or complex scenery, that I have some headroom to 'soak in' those extra graphic demands on my system. This may all sound like some computer voodoo or such, but I can tell you that I have some wonderfully, enjoyable flights with 95% of my graphics sliders ALL the way to the right in P3D 3.4 (there are a few cloud sliders I may have a notch or two less than all the way to the right). Also, my AI traffic sliders are set very conservatively. But, my terrain, cities, airports and weather all look gorgeous and I fly A2A Accusim aircraft almost exclusively. So, to sum it all up, EXTREMELY liberal settings in P3D, demanding aircraft and scenery, FPS locked at 43 and the FPS counter TURNED OFF, and that is how I enjoy smooth flying in P3D.
  7. That is ONE beautiful piece of aviation history. I just love old warplanes...I can just hear the stories from the flight crews. Thank you for taking these pictures and posting them!
  8. I am running on a 43" 4k LG TV at 3840-2160 resolution with a GTX 1080 video card. I have only been flying with P3D 3.xx for the past year, and it runs very well on this 4k TV and GPU combo. My flights are very smooth with few stutters. The textures are nice and crisp on the display, and the cockpits are especially nice, as they are more crisp AND the since it's a large screen, they are much more readable. It should be noted that I have my CPU overclocked to 4.8 Ghz, so I am sure that has some effect as well on how well my setup runs on the 4k TV.
  9. Oh so very cool Alex! Those look like some great updates to an Alaskan airport that already has so much character. Looking forward to installing this update when it's ready
  10. That is just gorgeous!
  11. Now those are some blasts from the past lixfeldt....very nice!
  12. Happy to hear you all are safely relocated back at your home Iain. Good to hear that Mr. Rollo took it so well too.
  13. I am very familiar with this story. Much of my military career has had me operating on small teams, so that story is one we have used over and over for lessons learned, things that they did good that we could learn from, etc. I would very much enjoy sitting down with you over a pint (or ten) and sharing stories. It seems likely that we may have chewed up some of the same ground.
  14. Whoa! SO glad to hear you, Ayiesha and Mr. Rolo are all safe. I hope the fire gets taken care of with the least amount of damage to the neighborhood as possible. Again though, most happy to hear that you are all safe.
  15. Jim, this forum is a wonderful place for many reasons, and yours is just another shining example. Great stuff to hear you got it sorted. Vexxing computer problems that could be software OR hardware related can be a real test of patience. Go have fun flying now!