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  1. The nighttime shot is next level.
  2. Brilliant work on the city!
  3. That is terrific news!
  4. The crispness is astounding. Can not wait to get it.
  5. The richness is astounding.
  6. Pumped for the release!
  7. Inbetween university study and work, and the fact we've been spending a lot of course time in Prepar3d; frankly I haven't really had the motivation for FSX for a while. But after having bought a few addons thanks to sales lately, I broke it out today for a cliche east coast run.
  8. Terrific shots, same standards as usual Ian!
  9. Love the East Coast expansion! that is beautiful
  10. There's a real richness in these textures; outstanding!
  11. That is stunning, can not wait to buy!
  12. Lovely ambient lighting and atmosphere!
  13. I see I'm not the only one who explores the FS world with other vehicles!