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  1. Ohh, I can see the place I jetskied last August Lovely shots!
  2. I'll be finishing Half Moon Bay off after Santa Barbara is done Misha
  3. Brilliant shots, thanks for showing it off like this
  4. And Rasha* Awesome shots!
  5. Awesome video, thanks!
  6. Blue skies Vlad, was always great to have you around My condolences to his family
  7. Brilliant shots, thanks for purchasing
  8. Not my video, I unfortunately kind of agree the music choice was..not the best
  9. Working on it this very moment
  10. Lovely shots!!
  11. The LDDU addon has completely its own reworked mesh, vector and landclass, so whatever problems you gave now should not be present if you get the addon Cheers
  12. Please create a support topic in the support forum with your order number posted. Cheers
  13. Hello, Please check out my post here and let me know if you have any further questions: Cheers
  14. We are entering final testing now
  15. Hi guys, Thanks again for the kind words, and noted on the colour of the walls Misha