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  1. ATC

    I'm just using default ATC, but it does an OK job. It passes you along to the next controller and calls out traffic, which is a large part of real life VFR communications. It does an OK job with airport comms too. Don't be afraid of real life ATC, they are not "out to get you". VFR flight following is great! You have someone looking out for you, not to the extent of IFR, but they will still call out traffic, warn you of airspace or terrain, keep your altimeter setting current, and provide assistance quicker if you have an emergency. ATC is much more likely to keep you out of trouble than to get you into trouble.
  2. Good info ShawnG! I completely agree that higher resolution isn't always an improvement and your river example is spot on. I laughed out loud at your rivet comment too. You are right!
  3. Just FYI, Orbx generally doesn't talk about what they are working on, or comment on when something is going to be released. Edit: The 2017 roadmap sheds some light on some of the things in the pipeline. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/127182-orbx-2017-roadmap/
  4. I'm not sure if that is necessarily the case. If the mesh is accurate (mesh elevation at point "A" = earth elevation at point "A"), it should have the same elevation value at each point as any other accurate mesh, correct? Though, differences in mesh resolution between products may yield some differences in the sim. I completely agree that add-on mesh can improve the sim over the default mesh. Before you spend your money, I'd get a decent free mesh so you can enjoy the benefit of something "better than default", while you explore your payware options. Compare what you can get for free (I'm using FreeMeshX) with the various payware mesh products, to see which best meets your resolution, file size, and cost desires. Generally, as the mesh resolution gets finer and finer, the cost goes up, the file size goes way up, and the improvements get harder to notice. At some point the scenery looks pretty darn good and additional resolution is just costing you $ and taking up lots of HD space. Personally, I didn't find enough benefit over the mesh I got for free to warrant buying a payware product. I've been happy to spend those saved $ on more Orbx airports and regions. Just my humble opinion. Note that the Orbx "regions" (like NZNI, Norway, N. Germany..) already contain good mesh.
  5. Nice video shipdriver! Do you happen to know if the IRIS T-6B will work in P3Dv3 (which I currently have) or v4 (which I'll eventually migrate to)?
  6. Dean, Shawn is correct. Orbx's "Global" line of products (Base, Vector, OpenLC) do NOT improve your Orbx South Alaska Region. He is also correct that the Global products will greatly improve everything outside the SAK Region's coverage area. Just FYI, here is a comparison of the "Global" products vs the "Regions". Global Vector - Vector data (roads/rivers/power lines/shorelines) Global Base - Texture data (the actual textures that you see) Global OpenLC - Land Class data (determines which textures are places at each spot) FS GLobal 2010 - Terrain mesh (a grid of terrain elevation data) As you can see, if you have all the Global products, you have replaced all the default "layers" that make up FSX/P3D scenery. If you buy a Region, you are also getting all new layers, but they are even more accurate. For instance, there are some additional region specific textures (say to represent a unique local vegetation type) and the location of vector data and land class are even more accurately placed. Additionally, you get extras like custom 3D landmarks, photoreal areas, and updated airports for the entire Region. I own the Global products (except FS Global 2010, I use FreeMeshX instead) and all but two of the Regions. IMHO, the Global products are worth buying because they make the world look so much better than default. The Regions are also worth buying for anywhere you want to fly regularly. Especially if you like VFR. Here is a link to download the old FTX Product Guide .pdf file. It has some additional explanation of the differences between Global and Regions and a comparison screen shot on page 25. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=34397
  7. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I agree! Iain, you do great screenshots which really show off how detailed Orbx scenery is. Please regard my comments as constructive, and completely subjective, to anyone compiling a product page. Many Orbx airport's pages already have multiple elements of my suggestions below. For me, starting off with an establishing shot of the entire airport (plus a bit of the surrounding area) provides a base for building my mental image of an airport. Next, some shots from the landing pattern perspective, since it is where I probably spend the most time. Then showcase close-up details of the terminal, hangars, buildings, vehicles, working down to the people and small details at the airport. Seasonal comparison shots where appropriate. If the product has them, show off surrounding area details or points of interest. A "coverage area" image can really highlight how much extra surrounding scenery is sometimes included with a product. Perhaps a couple comparison shots or video of default vs Orbx? Not sure how hard it is to do, but I always thought the Vector comparison video was a very powerful illustrations of how much better Orbx can make the sim look. When I look at an image on a product page, I'll typically think "nice scenery". However, if I am comparing an image of Orbx vs default, my reaction is more likely to be "WOW! What a difference!" Just my subjective opinion.
  8. Yes, the sim will use the highest quality mesh installed for the area that it is displaying. BrettT is correct in his OP. Regarding the OP question, in general I think an improved mesh is a good thing to have. Especially if you want to fly outside the US, Canada, and Europe. IMHO the negative aspects of an improved (meaning better resolution than the default) mesh are: - Cost. Some are expensive and may not offer much noticeable improvement over the default or available freeware mesh. - Amount of storage space required. The finer the resolution, the larger the files get. - Plateaus and trenches at airports. Caused by incorrect elevation data for some default airports, since they were designed to lay flat on inaccurate default mesh. Any accurate (free/pay) mesh will have this issue. Vector includes corrected elevation data for many of these airports, so they will lay flat on accurate mesh, but you will still find some that are not automatically fixed. They can be manually flattened. At some point the noticeable visual benefits of increasingly higher resolution mesh will start to plateau, while the cost and storage size continue to climb. That point is variable depending on the user and where they like to fly. Flat terrain looks flat with 76m mesh and still looks flat at 38m or 10m. Terrain with a bunch of 40m tall rolling hills can go from flat to bumpy, once the mesh resolution is finer than the hill height, but it may not change much beyond that resolution. Mountains may go from tall, but rounded, to tall and jagged. You will find a point where the mesh looks pretty darn good and any increased resolution just doesn't produce enough (or any) noticeable improvement to outweigh the cost and additional storage required.
  9. Short answer is yes. The ObjectFlow DLL that the Orbx airports use is being modified to work with P3Dv4. When it is finished the airports will be released for v4. This thread has the long answer :
  10. active

    That's a really good question! The EAC did originally come with Vector. I still have P3Dv3. Perhaps someone with P3Dv4 could chime in on if they have the AEC available under the tools section in FTX Central? South America was the first place I checked out when I got FreeMeshX. Before I installed it I took some screen shots around Mexico City, in El Salvador, Patagonia, and in southern Chile and Argentina (around Ushuia). I then went back and took screen shots after I installed the mesh. There were some huge improvements! I'm looking forward to openLC South America, so we'll have improved land class too. The default mesh and default land class aren't too bad in the USA and parts of Europe, but much of South America, Africa, and Asia are pretty weak.
  11. active

    Yes, it is compatible with Orbx. Yes, the ORBX regions have mesh included (except Australia, which is why there is freeware Holgermesh for Australia). OpenLC does not contain mesh, it is just land class. Add-on mesh is not required, but it can really improve the terrain in many places. FreeMeshX won't break your simulator. It is easy to install and you can install as many areas as you want. If you don't like it, you can just remove it. It is also easy to temporarily disable it, by simply un-checking it in the P3D scenery library. Any third party add-on mesh (FreeMeshX, FS Global, ...) will cause some airports to be in trenches or on plateaus. This is because some of the default FSX/P3D elevations are wrong, but the add-on mesh is accurate. Orbx's Airport Elevation Correction (AEC) tool will fix many of them and you can manually fix them too. In my opinion, a good add-on mesh makes the sim look better and is worth the inconvenience of needing to correct a few airports.
  12. active

    I use FreeMeshX and would recommend it. Especially since it is free. FreeMeshX improves the "mesh" resolution, compared to the default mesh. FreeMeshX is 38m (LOD 9) for everywhere except 78m (LOD 10) Antarctica, Greenland, and Russia (north of 60 degrees). US mesh is not included in the current release because the default is already 38m. Default FSX/P3D mesh is 38m for the US, 76m for Canada, Europe, Japan, & Australia. The rest of the world varies, but can be pretty poor. The better 38m resolution will give you some improvement over the default 76m areas and will be a huge improvement over other areas, like South America or Africa, where the default mesh resolution is much worse. Edit: You won't see any change to your Orbx Norway or Germany North because they include even better mesh, 10m and 20m respectively.
  13. Interesting, not sure if they were improved or not. I suppose I should clarify my above post to say that I have P3Dv3 and the Orbx Australia region installed. Both YBHM and YBRK are in my list of airports in P3D. Not sure it they are just default or if they are modified by Orbx, but both have runways, tower, hangars, and static aircraft. I also had an AI aircraft taxiing at YBRK. (I have Orbx AI aircraft for AU & NZ installed as well.) YBRK YBHM
  14. YWVA is one of the Orbx payware airports. You can find it under the Products/Oceania section. I'm not at my P3D pc right now, but I can check in a bit to see if the other airports on your list are there in Orbx AU. Edit: YBHM and YBRK are both there in Orbx Australia, P3Dv3. YAVN, YGKL, YWVA are not listed in my P3D airport menu and I did not see any airports when I flew over the lat/long of where they should be. You might check out the freeware OZx airports pack and see if they are included. I don't have it installed. Sorry, I'm not sure where to find a list (if one exists) of what airports are included in Orbx Australia.