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  1. Correct! It is simply a AI's plane intercption.
  2. on course to Anchorage. BugDani.
  3. BugDani.
  4. Speedy and touchy but not easy.... BugDani.
  5. Thanks Alex! I do appreciate the improvemnt of one of my favourite airport in P3d. This is the top place to perform my "touch and go training" with both of my Milviz T38 and F4: Very smooth with great FPS and so scenic landscapes: CONGRAT !!! Please, let other great places like that coming in with these two main qualities.... BugDani.
  6. Thanks !!!
  7. Photografic !
  8. Not so easy, isn't it?
  9. No, nothing special, just flying by side with a AI plane.
  10. BugDani.