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  1. I love you guys ! Thanks for making this available as a open Beta ! Best, Carsten
  2. GEN

    honestly i thought the same. nearly 70 Euro for GEN and GES is quite expensive. But on the other hand i think it will be worth it. At least i am happy ORBX did germany after all this DEX (or what was the name) desaster in the past
  3. Sensationell Shot !
  4. GEN

  5. Happy days when orbx launches their direct store. I am getting sick while waiting for GEN uploaded on FSS since Iain's final shots....
  6. hopefully your backup works for 100% Wolter ! Glad to see you back. take care, Carsten
  7. Thanks John,missed your post in the other thread. At least i can now do something else then hitting F5 the whole day
  8. I wonder if Adrians Internet conenction is broken....
  9. FINAL Shots :-) Yeahh Baby !
  10. great ! Thanks for sharing !
  11. Beautiful shots, Iain
  12. All those GEN shots posted the last days look so so great. I really wonder how performance and vas usage will be. this looks so amazing , really canĀ“t wait to buy and download it Best, Carsten
  13. and one last for you Iain. Thanks for your kind words and i hope we will soon see your final shots for GEN :-) Beste wishes, Carsten
  14. one more . Night lights came up too late ...
  15. as said. Only one.Using AS16 and ASCE along with ORBX OpenLC Europe. Really wonder how this will look with ORBY Germany South ...