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  1. Grand shots these. cheers Iain
  2. Fantastic set again. cheers Iain
  3. Splendid shots indeed John. cheers Iain
  4. Thank you. cheers Iain
  5. Its a great area to explore Jack. cheers Iain
  6. Fine shot. cheers Iain
  7. Emmsie will be getting a new 1080Ti card in two weeks, Moving up from my GTX970 so I should see a vast improvement this is not only because of P3DV4 but I fancy moving up to 4K with a new monitor in a few months time. Yes I agree its quite a lot of money to spend but the way I look at it this is my hobby and it gives me great satisfaction so to me its well worth the outlay for all the enjoyment I get. cheers Iain
  8. Fine set Jack. cheers Iain
  9. Very nice Jack. cheers Iain
  10. Fine shots. cheers Iain
  11. Fine set these. cheers Iain
  12. Thank you chaps. cheers Iain
  13. Thank you. cheers Iain