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  1. Hello, for Nightapproach: have the houses in the city of Innsbruck also the Strobes on the Top, wich are real flashing when bad visibility?
  2. Thank you for the new installer !
  3. Hello, i would like to se how Orbx perform the Border between Haiti and Domenican Rep. I cant find an airport there, but its interresting Landclass to see Jungle in Dom. Rep, and nearly Treelost desert in Haiti. (Sorry bad englisch)
  4. Thank you!
  5. Hello Orbx, i will thank you, that you make all sceneries compatible to V3! but i would get my lancair plane also to get into V3. is also planned to get this plane to V3? Compatibility is only for V1.
  6. oh - thank you, there is a great excange calc today between EUR and AUD its byed, and socal also!
  7. 23 Euros? for ESSA ? Where ?
  8. Really good shots, but can Orbx make the peoples on airports a litte bit more to the reality? So in the shots from winter the girls standing on airport in summer-outfit? there should be winter textures for peoples also...
  9. im using max lower 25 and max upper 150.
  10. Why shadows on the markers only ??
  11. great!
  12. beatiful shots, hope you get not lost with that plane!
  13. wow, wide view.
  14. fine pics
  15. nice