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  1. Hello Derek, this is probably the fix you need.
  2. No, you will have done that. You can choose either "Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation" for your "beautiful" 3D trees, or un-tick the box to see regular autogen vegetation.
  3. Hello, no, they are two separate products. You do not get HD trees with FTX Global Base and you do not get FTX Global Base with HD Trees.
  4. Thanks. It looks like when you are asked if you want to remove P3D, you should say No, if only updating the client bit. I did this and I expect ShawnG did too and it just carried on working.
  5. Thanks. In the light of ShawnG's post, you probably only needed to run FTX Central once. Either way, it's fixed and we have both learned something new, I had never updated the client, or any other part of P3D before. Luckily, it went without an apparent hitch, though I see the waves are still breaking backwards.
  6. If that is the case, simply running FTX Central once should do it. No tricks required. I have just applied the update and it looks like this
  7. Read this please. Not too hard to find.
  8. 114 frames a second in the first shot Jack. The terrain.cfg fix can be found here. and it might help to run "Force Migration" on the FTX Central settings page.
  9. No, Nothing to do with Orbx.
  10. Yes. Everyone can choose for themselves whether they wish to or have the disk space to keep other installations.
  11. Hello, It is a separate product that you can find here.
  12. Hello, It does look a bit like the terrain.cfg file is not as it should be. Does your scenery look like that everywhere in the world? and did you yet ask at the P3D forum?
  13. ...and on the other side, I have never struggled with Windows 10 and find it to be stable, efficient and noticeably faster in all its tasks than previous windows versions. Now that we have the two opposing views, let's have no more "I love/hate Windows 7/8/10" and instead see if we can between us give Derek enough useful advice to get him going again. Thanks.
  14. Hello Derek, As far as I am aware, Windows 10 takes a "snapshot" of your PC when it is first installed. If you didn't have your graphics card installed when you installed Windows, it may be loading drivers for the onboard one, probably Intel? Either way, you should be able to manually install a driver from Nvidia, or is it that which is giving you the message?
  15. Thanks to you all for the advice. I have followed it all. All my Steam DLC is now showing as installed and I now have 126 GB of Aerofly. I much appreciate your help.