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  1. It should be fine Derek.
  2. Derek, it's a download link, not a link to another web page. Whatever you do when you download files, do it to that link and save the file to your PC.
  3. Hello Derek, DO NOT TOUCH the Windows files, you will just open up a new bag of worms. The file I attached should download via your browser and should be put ONLY into your FSX folder. If you still can't download it, look in your FSX-SE folder, there is one there already.
  4. Here you are Derek. UIAutomationCore.dll
  5. Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. There is a reason why it is released as a beta version, if you mean that it is still inoperative?
  6. As a matter of interest, there is a brand new update for the excellent C 47 being uploaded to the SOH library as we write. It is also likely to appear in the FlightSim and Avsim libraries directly. For what it's worth, it is in my view, the best quality freeware aircraft to be made yet, by anyone.
  7. I have removed your comments. Please don't make this topic degenerate into idle speculation. Five people have perished.
  8. I think you would be much better deciding what aircraft model you would like and then asking the question again. All you will get this way is a growing list of people's favourites with so many on it that your choice will be as large as it is now. Unless you would all like to prove me wrong.......
  9. Hello, since you asked, I have the Coolsky version and regard it as one of my best aircraft models. Here are a few images. I was lucky enough to catch it in a seasonal sale in 2015 at the FlightStore uk on DVD for £12.50 delivered. The default VC textures One of the (pricey) VC replacement textures. A replica of your second VC shot. The VC
  10. There is a topic entitled 64-bit expectations and it has been removed.
  11. Which thread would that be, or is it a guessing game?
  12. The debate was prompted by a remark in the opening post. I think the topic has run its course in any case.
  13. Of course everyone has their own reasons and preferences. Perhaps if I knew what a Surface Pro 4 tablet, an Asus Transformer and a Note 2 were, I would also have a different view. I would be interested, as an obviously naive user of Windows 10, in the "implications" referred to.
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums. Each of those products does a different thing, the main product is FTX Global Base, the other two are accessories to it. Each one has a different purpose. FTX Global Base is replacement textures for the whole world. Open LC Europe arranges the textures in a way that best reflects the real world, obviously only in Europe. FTX Vector globally corrects coastlines and shorelines. It places roads, rivers, power lines and so on to best reflect the real world. If you decide to buy regional scenery such as the UK, Norway or Germany, all of the components of the Global products are included in these products, so within their boundaries, you do not need them.
  15. I am sure you have your own reasons for not wanting Windows 10 but I am not sure of the validity of what you may have read to bring you to this conclusion. In my experience so far, it is stable and trouble free. If it is the allegedly intrusive new licence agreement, that has been applied across the board and applies to all current Microsoft operating systems. Otherwise, to me it seems rather short sighted to install an OS with a limited update life to a system that already could be more up to date with Windows 10 and will definitely leave you struggling if you wish to upgrade your hardware again in a few years' time.