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  1. Hello Jon, It has always been like that. I don't have fibre but at a 4.5 mbps download speed, I can see speeds vary hugely. I just downloaded a file from the Flightsim library at 55kbps. The Avsim library does 4.5mbps, as does FTX Central. Basically, like a water pipe, the flow will only be as fast as the slowest section.
  2. Hello, This was suggested and considered when Earth Simulation ceased developing. Regrettably, the answer was no.
  3. Another alternative is this also free and effective.
  4. The shaders folders are to be found at C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX Shaders and Shaders 10, you can delete them, they will be rebuilt when FSX starts. The Shaders folder is for Direct X 9 and the Shaders 10 folder for Direct X 10. Don't worry if there is only one folder.
  5. No, there is no sarcasm. Nothing has changed in FTX Central v3 in respect of objectflow updates, which as explained by Alex are checked whether FTX Central is open or not. FTX Central itself is still under development but the majority of users do not appear to have problems except with downloads for some but not others. Whether this is FTX Central itself or the variables in ISP factors is still not clear. If you install it, it will indeed check for product updates, this is one of its main purposes.
  6. Hello, You appeared to have asked this before?
  7. You must be delighted. I was a couple of years ago when BT Infinity arrived to boost my connection from 1mbps to 37 mbps. That seems to be about a tenth of your new speed but still 4.5 mbps download is much better than the 50 odd kbps that took me about 168 hours to download NL 2000 Mind you, they have boosted the cost by about the same
  8. Hello Graeme, At the moment, no there isn't. As I mentioned above, we are assured that there will be a new way to transfer DVD licences to Orbx Direct but not yet.
  9. Hello Pete, welcome to the forums. All of the FTX regions are stand-alone, meaning that they don't need any other products, except the free libraries, to work properly. You will however see a very marked difference in the appearance of the textures as you fly out of a region and into default scenery.
  10. No there would be only a default scenery.cfg file. However, every time that FTX Central is run, it adds all of the installed products' scenery library entries to the scenery library, so once it has been run once, all the FTX scenery library entries will be restored. Naturally, anyone else's addons would need to be added back in by either their installer or manually. The guide is really intended for the re-installation of FTX products, rather than the whole of someone's simulator.
  11. If your download speeds are poor, perhaps this topic might be of some use.
  12. The discussion of other addon scenery for Switzerland has been moved to here. Please do not post references or recommendations for other developers' scenery into this topic. Thanks.
  13. Hello, There is no means at the moment to transfer DVD licences to an Orbx Direct account. There will be but it is not yet in place. You will not be able to install those products into P3D v3 until they can be added t to your account. Sorry.
  14. You can download a zip file at your Orbx Direct product page, using the manual download tab. You will still need to use FTX Central v3 to install it and which simulator version you select from the FTX Central start menu will determine which simulator version your download is installed to.
  15. If you have both simulators installed correctly, FTX Central should detect this and offer a start menu with a choice of simulator. Have a look here Also you should probably read this topic