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  1. I would think that at some point you installed FSX to the C drive and then moved it to the F drive. Most likely the registry entry for FSX is still pointing to the C drive. You can use the FSX Registry Utility from this page. to correct this.
  2. Hello, Do you mean that FTX Central is using the C drive to download and install, or do you mean that FTX Central is installing to a non existent FSX on your C drive?
  3. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is a different problem and can be solved by moving your windows temp folders to another drive. How to do this is here:
  4. Hello, welcome to the forums. You can install the products in any order you wish. You can install them to your one PC as many times as you wish to, so unless you have another reason to back them up, such as a very slow internet connection, there is no need to make back ups. None of them will work correctly until the Orbx libraries have been installed. You have nothing more to pay.
  5. Some time ago.
  6. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is a question that has been asked many times and the answer is yes. However, there must be an ORBX folder in the simulator root folder. This can be achieved by moving the ORBX folder to another drive and then linking it back to the simulator root folder using a symbolic link.
  7. Hello Greg, The troubleshooter is for products that require migration. Both EU Germany North and Open LC South America are new and do not require migration.
  8. Absolutely. The simulators are so successful because they can cater for all tastes. Perhaps when the land has been redeveloped, you can post your request again. For me, the superb airport created by Tore Stranden will always be enough. For you, clearly not but vive la différence.
  9. Hello, It's a flight simulator. For this reason there are airports that no longer exist or that do but have been closed for years that can still be visited. There are developers who devote their time to replicating airports and airfields as they were in years long past. Perhaps, while you wait for the land to be developed, you could acquire the skills to make the flight simulator match what is finally there.
  10. Hello, there is no separate scenery library entry Look in your ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_SA1\Scenery folder for files with mesh in the file name. If you want to disable them, create a new folder inside the scenery folder and put them in there.
  11. Interesting, let's see what happens. For a long time, ownership of only one would give you the whole product at the FSS.
  12. Hello, Please read this topic. Thanks
  13. Once you have corrected the registry entries, then you should return to FTX Central v3. You only need FTX Central v2 to make the registry editor work.
  14. You will find the link on the Orbx Direct support page.
  15. You would need to submit a support ticket for a request like that.