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  1. Thanks Ruud Thnaks taph
  2. Hello Wellcome to my citie PMI at San Juan Patrick
  3. Nice preset in your simu rendering .. Patrick
  4. thanks VH-KDK Hi Jack May be night come an optic effect thank Mark Abdey Thanks BradB Thanks Adambar Patrick
  5. I like the first shoot ! but there is no view by the drop the plane back no déformation throw water drop ... Patrick
  6. Nice shoot Magic Go Good Goose . Patrick
  7. Yep amazing screen with your dart Patrick
  8. Nice pics and AI SHIP Henrike Patrick
  9. Nice LOD Mesh Lain Patrick
  10. At Dusk Patrick P3DV4
  11. Yep at dusk terrain is obscur a big contrast thanks Jack Patrick
  12. RED LIGHTs on take off Bowerman Patrick
  13. what a scottish dish ?, ?? never try JACK .
  14. hi Jack it's OK Some caviar local , there are sturgeon pisicole farms Patrick
  15. Hi at Dusk PTA +REX SOFT CLOUDS + URP à Juneau Patrick