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  1. Stay safe mate.
  2. Nice screens there Julio, love the colours and detail
  3. Hello Andreas, I received the Ticket 2353 Monday 9.20am, due to the nature of your request I sent it on for a second opinion. I will reply to the ticket when I know more. Thank You for your patience.
  4. Hello Gauthier, Please do not use colourful metaphors here in the Ftx Orbx Forum, I have edited out the profanity, please take the time to read the Forum Rules found here.
  5. Hello Thorsten, The best to you Sir, your health and Family. 2017 will be a good year for you.
  6. Hello Flight Sim Fanatics, Just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy New Year; exciting times are ahead for our hobby, please stay safe during the holiday period and thereafter. Blue skies above and Green below is the way! Cheers Richard Lincoln
  7. Nice shots Julio.
  8. Very Nice Indeed Filou
  9. The detail and extras keep going and going.
  10. Nice shots there Adam.
  11. Great Adam, I have been enjoying your pre sets mate.
  12. Gday mate, Yes many good wishes to you John, you have been a good mate for a while now. Don't you dare change that! hahaha. Seriously all the best.
  13. Great spot for some circuits.
  14. That was fun.
  15. Nice shots, YWOL is a great little airport