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  1. Hi, Looks like the Orbx addition from the very start. Even maybe in VOZ
  2. Hi, The smaller the airport the better, my first was Bedford DownsNT Australia
  3. Hi, Honestly, the best advice I can give personally is to read, read and keep reading. There is a plethora of information out there, you just need to commit to assigning time to do this, the best avenue is to become a regular and avid reader over at FS Developer and to read and understand the simulators SDK. Also YouTube is a good resource at times if you get stuck with something. The best of luck. PS. Alex and Misha from Orbx conducted a great seminar at last years FlightSimCon 2016
  4. Hello, We do not give information out as to when Orbx has a sale, when and or if a sale commences, a banner and or announcement will be made.
  5. Seems Shellharbour is having issues at the moment with Telstra (main carrier) May not be FSS completely.
  6. Nice mate, I like the shots and the video. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hello, Welcome to the Forums, please read the attached link, describes the product coverage. Also those add-ons above are not necessarily going to blend perfectly, it depends on what textures the developer has chosen to blend with there products, plenty of examples online.
  8. Nice topic Ken, I fly GA all the way mate. I like looking at the scenery
  9. Great shots, I like the angles with the chooks
  10. Great set.
  11. Hello, Please read the link below carefully, it clearly states the Rules of FTX Orbx EULA, in particular, "Software Product License" section. In short, the answer is no sorry.
  12. No spoilers? ha nice video, certainly looks like fun.
  13. Great set there Julio
  14. Hi Derek, This system is being worked on presently for implementation of Dvd's to digital format, yes a small fee will be required to cover costs, FSS also offered a similar service previously. Thank you for your enquiry, as soon as the service is ready, an announcement will be made.