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  1. Very nice screens
  2. Nice jjaycee, even at that time there are waaaaaaay more cars
  3. Nice
  4. Hi HeH, I have taken a look at the Post, as Richard stated, it needs to be addressed at the LM Forum.
  5. Wow
  6. Hi, You know what they say about assumptions
  7. I have been flying around in the Aerofly World the last few days, very very impressive, not a bad spot around San Martina, I think I might buy some goggles and up the experience. I have never had a flight as smooth.
  8. Smashing it again Dolf, nice mate!
  9. Nice shots, odd-looking aircraft. eh!
  10. Hi, We're still working on getting a system in place to upgrade old DVDs to OrbxDirect. This will be a fee-based transfer to cover admin cost, as previously offered via the FlightSimStore. We should have this up and running very soon. Cheers, Richard
  11. Hi, Orbx is currently working on implementing FTXCV3 for P3DV4, that is about the most I can divulge.
  12. Hi Paul, While I understand this is frustrating, it is a very complex system to implement, the Team is doing their best to get this out.Thanks for you patience
  13. Good move Nick
  14. Hi, Please read the attached Link.