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  1. No spoilers? ha nice video, certainly looks like fun.
  2. Great set there Julio
  3. Hi Derek, This system is being worked on presently for implementation of Dvd's to digital format, yes a small fee will be required to cover costs, FSS also offered a similar service previously. Thank you for your enquiry, as soon as the service is ready, an announcement will be made.
  4. That's a few pounds mate, must kick butt.
  5. Wow, only one needed.
  6. Oh I agree with you totally, I'm in for the challenge!
  7. I'm sure I have seen this on FSDeveloper, regardless, you made the rotation. Is this with Mesh at 5M?
  8. Hi, Think what you want, these are the Forum Rules. And I have edited your answer, repeating what I have already edited is just an ego trip. Do it again and I will issue you a Ban. Thanks
  9. Hello VOZ102, A great set of screens there, thanks for sharing. However, I have edited the Political aspects that were written with this post. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Forum Rules. Particularly The Community Forum Rules Sub-Section two (2)
  10. Hello, We are still working on the implementation of Dvd's to be transferred to Digital Format, this will incur a small fee-based transfer. When this is ready it will be announced via the Release Announcement section of this Forum. Thank you for your enquiry.
  11. Great set there Iain, particularly the first, though I am biased.
  12. Hi, Personally, I would put the Os on the HDD in this case, and have SSD drive just for FS, normally it is the other way around, usually the Os would go in a small SSD drive like 120 or 250G. Also whatever you decide, my biggest suggestion is to keep FS out of Program Files. For example, C/P3D or D/P3D or something like that.
  13. Hello, As far as I am aware, no we will not be bringing back PayPal. Please understand this is an Internal Company decision, however, many of our customers are enjoying Stripe as a payment option, please take the time to read the post below.
  14. Nice Capture
  15. Great set of shots there mate, good to hear you are making progress.