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  1. Hi, I think in light of the map provided, the question has been answered.
  2. Hi Jack, I always run Vector Config after installs, Open Lc has no relevance really, its just good practice, if you have a Mesh, the Sim will derive the highest LOD from memory, as to floating buildings, that is just a flaw in code, a reboot of the sim should fix that up.
  3. I like the little details.
  4. Hi Pramod, Sorry, but that is not possible, it would not be fair to others. This discount has been available since the 14/02/17 from memory in OrbxDirect.
  5. Great set there mate, and Wow on the Posts, a milestone for sure.
  6. Hi, That is a nice offer by you, unfortunately, we do not have a gifting system in place, basically, the Seniors Discount was enabled on the 14th of February 2017, this post has not been hidden or removed, I am sorry but it is not possible.
  7. I have hidden the links to 3rd party entities in a post, please be aware this is a Preview of Orbx products.
  8. Hi Col, We can not refund for the past purchases sorry, although you are most Welcome to apply for a Seniors Discount for any future purchases via the Ticket System. Please view the link below for information and what I need to approve the Discount.
  9. Happy Birthday to my good friend and valuable contributor John "aka" BradB, have a good day mate.
  10. Very nice screens
  11. Nice jjaycee, even at that time there are waaaaaaay more cars
  12. Nice
  13. Hi HeH, I have taken a look at the Post, as Richard stated, it needs to be addressed at the LM Forum.
  14. Wow