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  1. I grew up along that route. Nice.
  2. Looking good!!
  3. I suspect v4 isn't fully baked yet, and there will be a patch/update forthcoming before too long... just a thought, based on nothing.
  4. Thanks guys -- Greg, I'll reach out to you later and start getting some files to send over. There are only a few for those two aircraft in particular.
  5. I have been quietly hammering out basic repaints of a half dozen or so different GA aircraft -- mostly Carenado and Alabeo. Some of these aircraft are pretty old now, in terms of being not new releases. Not sure if any of these paints are worth a damn in terms of quality work, but I thought I might release them in packs and let people make that determination for themselves. What I lack, however (other than talent), is the time and patience to make those little thumbnail .jpg files. I know how to do them, and I don't mind doing the cropping and resizing, but I just cannot be bothered with the screenshots. Any helpful souls out there that would care to take this on? Here are the aircraft types, for which I need screenshot/thumbnail artistic help: Alabeo Sport Cruiser Carenado B200 King Air Carenado PA28 RT-201 Arrow Carenado Hawker 850 XP Carenado C208 Grand Caravan Carenado Pilatus PC-12 Let me know if there are any takers.
  6. It was FSX SE, this one. I normally use P3D v3 for fun (academic fun, obviously), but I was testing some stuff in FSX. Lately I have been moving my older Carenado planes over to FSX and leaving them out of P3D, so this was part of that exercise.
  7. Never been much of a screenshot artist, but this one I thought worth sharing ... the first view I got when starting a flight at Saanen. Thanks for this one, guys. Enjoying it.
  8. I'd love to have FTX Southern Rockies. Not a new topic, I realize. But there is a developer with plans to do Santa Fe, which is at least nearby -- I won't advertise him here, but he just released Bellingham a few weeks ago. You'll find him. I do notice that we have a growing number of freeware sceneries in NM, including KSKX Taos Regional.
  9. "vesna" = spring. I wonder if your guy Gennady created presets for other seasons as well? I might have to looked into this whole PTA thing. I keep hearing good things.
  10. I'll be next -- best wishes JV. Health and wealth and all the rest. Have a great day!
  11. I do this quite a bit, but I've never shared any of them.
  12. Well, that is one theory, I suppose...
  13. +1 here. This one is crying out for its native son, the master Jarrad.
  14. Mr Emms, you should have posted your specs here in one of the posts -- maybe in another ten years we'll all look back again on this thread and laugh at TODAY'S hardware specs!
  15. Maurizio I also started with this. Remember the tape drive? It would take like 15 - 20 minutes to load a game...