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  1. The trick is picking out the ones that will perform in FSX/P3D. My thoughts exactly.
  2. Derek, free time is also a limited resource for most of us. So for me, having to pay for P3D was less of a 'cost' when I thought about free time as a 'costly resource' that I have been wasting. So glad I did.
  3. Agree completely. Looks just like H-town, and I live here.
  4. Get freeware packs from George Keogh. Better than some payware I own.
  5. Yeah me too. I don't like 'zero detail' but I don't need a working everything simulated right down to the coffee pot in galley. Something with a decent FMC, but also comething that can get in and out of 'heavy VAS' airports more often than not. Sometimes less is more. I am looking through some of these, Iain, and it appears some of these have a VC and some do not. Those that you have there, are they without VC?
  6. Let me know if anybody wants the paint kit for GIMP. Select your own color and slap on your own logo design. I'll whip some instructions, if anybody is interested.
  7. Nah I just swapped out a texture file (backed up the old one of course).
  8. Now that's funny... and I thought you were going to say "Toga" (my fashion preference)!
  9. Very nice view there!
  10. Loved it, but I would point out that your Texan was in the great state of Virginia. F.U.M.A. appears to be the Fork Union Military Academy. So your Texan probably felt right at home there, Andy.
  11. Jarrad, thanks for the comments. It is always nice to get a peek under the hood. Nobody has earned more leeway than you, sir, considering the pace at which you continually crank out master craftsmanship work. Release this thing in 6 months if you need to. We'll be here. A couple new screenies wouldn't suck, though. : )
  12. OLC and Vector are great products when considered what it is that they do -- we just get so accustomed to flying around full fat regions where everything is already hand-placed and color-matched and aligned beautifully. I own all the UTX products and I was also very disappointed in them, but ultimately I came to the realization that I just needed to manage my own expectations. As for Vector in particular, I will tell you one thing for certain -- they have nailed it on shorelines. You can place some AI ship traffic in the sim using the AIBTC and Google Earth, and run that thing right up to the pier is in GE, and it will be there, lined right up with your shoreline in the sim, at least 95% of the time. Probably our friend Henrik could comment on this a bit more but I have not been disappointed at all with it in this regards. Roads, yeah the secondary roads and the such don't really add up with the LC patterns of buildings in the urban/suburban areas. Having secondary/tertiary roads activated means more roads, which in turn means more disconnect with said buildings. So the more roads you have, the more bungled up it looks in town. But again, I don't think that is really a hit on Vector or OLC or even Global textures themselves. It's just the random nature of landclass-based systems, a limitation that we have to accept to some degree.
  13. One slice just leaves me hungry for more, Filou!