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  1. Great shots Gerold. And thanks for the route map, I always wondered how that worked.
  2. Gerold, you trips are the best, man. Thanks for being awesome!
  3. Larry has a wordpress site, I think -- find one of his posts and it will have it there in his signature.
  4. Adam, who did that version of NZWP? Is it the VLC pack or another one?
  5. Yep, I think of Texas as being so flat, but there is the Hill Country that is nice, and West Texas is right at the edge of the Rockies so you get some nice terrain out there.
  6. Hey Rodger, I hear you. * Appalachians is a good area - a large area -- that is quite scenic. Fun getting in and of GA airports from Northern AL all the way up to WV & PA. * New England is also nice because you have (what they call) mountainous terrain, certainly not what you are used to, and a lot of coastline and lakes. * As a third option, I like the coastal areas along the mid-Atlantic states: VA Capes & Chesapeake Bay are fun, and also NC has some pretty areas - Pamlico Sound and Albemarle Sound which are just inside the Outer Banks and Hatteras areas. If get tired of that, go on down to the great state of Louisiana, way on down to the Cajun part of it in the south. You can fly crews out to oil rigs offshore, if you are into that, or maybe you prefer seaplane adventures. I also like the Florida Keys from time to time, and the Bahamas when I am feeling like I need some virtual fun in the sun.
  7. Saluti -- now please put a shirt on! I would also like to see what the coverage are will be -- you are showing a few shots of the downtown area and the harbor, so I wonder how much of that is SCA and how much is this airport. EDIT: Looks great by the way!
  8. Great idea, Richard! Well done sir.
  9. I have pretty much all of the major UK2000 "extreme" airports and they are outstanding. No issues with any of them and they are made to blend nicely with ORBX.
  10. Great to see you back posting shots. Take it slow and easy, and keep checking in with us when you can!
  11. Oh man that is spectacular! Liked the helipad, that should be fun. Now we have another sunny vacation destination for our virtual Swedish passengers at Arlanda!
  12. Fighter pilots make movies, bomber pilots make history. Great screenshots, thanks for sharing.
  13. I think I can help with you those missing objects at LZKZ. Send me a PM.
  14. That is a nice shot -- thanks for sharing.
  15. Really cool - thanks for sharing