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  1. Thank you Nick, I was not aware. Good to know. Maybe Gary at UK2000 will come along and fill the gap at some point...
  2. Yes I was looking at that one myself -- or maybe the F27. Right now I'm trying to limit the spending, so only things that are on sale right now for me (except ORBX).
  3. FTX EU can only continue to expand until it rules the world!!!!
  4. Ah Garland, you say that, but then they roll out something else you'd never considered... This is an addiction, but one that is probably hard to really abuse -- there are only so many products you can buy, and so yeah, you can go nuts for a while, but eventually you get them all. As for me, I started just with one region. Then another. Then all the rest of them (this was right about the time they were working on FTX England and NZ north and south had not been out long). So then I held off with the little airports. Didn't understand why I'd want them, at least not at first. Then I tried one, and off we went. Now I am just another crackhead.
  5. Mike I am the exact opposite, but I appreciate your position. There is no wrong answer, it is horses or courses. As a developer, I think you basically have to choose one or the other and go with that. You cannot really do both -- except this cityscape work does come pretty close. ORBX is decidedly in the landclass-based scenery camp.
  6. Who does this guy look like? Is it me, or does this guy look like Will Ferrell? Out for a spin in Ants excellent T-28C.
  7. Together they will rule the universe. Hmmm, I think I was in that same space/time continuum, Jack. But whatever, it's always a happy feeling to see that thread titled "My Final Shots".
  8. Jack I love Boston. I plan to visit again one of these summers, and take my kid. Loved the shots!
  9. There is a guy out there doing this work already. I think Art P has sanctioned his work, in fact. I believe he is on these forums somewhere, maybe he will chime in.
  10. Well, I suspect that actually a big reason why they chose to do this -- because the performance in that area is already known to be 'challenging' and this is a way to optimize and improve it. Some effort now could potentially save a lot of support effort later.
  11. Last of the big fighters. Awesome.
  12. Jack, should have done it a couple days ago when it was on sale for 50%. Better to stick to your original budget - be strong, man!
  13. Right on. Friday night, boys --- let's heat up some servers!!
  14. Wait, what? I grew up in PNW and I didn't know that! So Paine Field in Everett was originally an Air Force Base? Then Boeing took over after it was closed or something?