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  1. What VH-KDK said -- same here. But I do like the PR idea. There are some good payware airports and a few good freeware renditions out there already, but there are probably still a handful that deserve the ORBX treatment. A better choice might be the Bahamas, but I'd be on board with PR. Actually, the BEST idea might even be the US Virgin Islands. Nothing good out there right now for those 3 islands. Who would not shell out some hard currency for St. Thomas, St Johns or St Croix (or all three) in full ORBX glory? You could throw in BVI as well, since it is all right there together.
  2. Richard, I really do owe you a pint of your favorite English beer. The detail in these preview shots is incredible. All your contributions here are very much appreciated, sir.
  3. These guys reproduced Portland pretty faithfully, I will say that.
  4. Every June they have the Rose Festival in Portland, and all the Navy ships make their way up the Columbia to dock right there at the pier -- which you have captured in a couple of your shots. I think it is called Tom McCall park, not sure though. In my younger years as a kid, before moving to SW Washington, I grew up in Oregon on the river downriver about an hour (due north of Vernonia, OR in fact), and I remember seeing those ships going by upriver (we lived up on a hill). Great memories here, Jack, from my childhood, so for that, I cannot thank you enough.
  5. Wow, great choice for a project, guys! Looks like another winner here.
  6. I am very interested. In fact I would like to learn to adapt this scenario and replicate it for other locations.
  7. Beautiful. Richard I hope one day you will be applying your considerable skills to FTX France. Maybe someday.
  8. Hmmm I have a GTX 970 also, didn't know about any of this. That's OK, in another year it will be time to go upgrade again anyway.
  9. I would like to second these comments. Merci Richard.
  10. Bought and installed. Firing up P3D right now... thanks guys!
  11. Imagine all the simmers....
  12. John, The little detail of you owning and developing the Vector product outright is a pretty big news item, in my humble estimation. Really cool goings on here. Perhaps worthy of a new thread, or if nothing else, an anchor tenant in a new 'roadmap 2017' thread?
  13. The Ring of Fire! Loving it -- keep them coming guys!
  14. I expect Jack will be along shortly to approve this message..
  15. Looking good, and I am looking forward to it! Thanks guys!