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  1. I think that Jordan did a fair comparison. This is a solid scenery and it performs well on my system. I just completed a flight from KSFO to KSAN in the PMDG 737 and had over 600k VAS remaining at the gate. I don't watch FPS but my approach to 27 was very smooth; and I have to tell you: it is so nice to fly past the city and over that last hill and not see floating buildings. Airport modelling is definitely superior in the Orbx version and the overall surroundings are much more immersive. I will tip the scale slightly to LVFR for the photoreal - their imagery is surprisingly a lot sharper. Orbx, however, better captured the overall color matching and SoCal feel. For those flying the heavy metal, the lack of sharpness is really not that noticeable. One option I would like to have in the control panel is the option to disable airport vehicles and even some of the clutter at the gates for those of us who like to use GSX. For you helicopter nuts, KSAN is helipad Nirvana. This was definitely a strong start out of the gate for Matteo.
  2. Great shots as always, Ian! Matteo, all I can say is "you are the man!" There is noticeable improvement in your texture work since the first beta shots appeared. And I mean night and day noticeable! A great developer takes to heart criticism from the customer as well as the beta team. And from the looks of it, you are a great developer. Well done, man. Well done!
  3. That is a great video. Sadly, Harrison Ford just got busted by the FAA for just missing a 737 holding short for takeoff at KSNA and landing on a taxiway. Not an error you would expect from a seasoned aviator.
  4. Are you headed to Ft Carson? I lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years and have lots of great memories there. One of my favorite places.
  5. The good: San Diego cityscape looks really nice, which will make approaches into KSAN much more enjoyable. Very nice job, there! The bad: this criticism is meant to be respectful and constructive, so please don't read anything negative into what I am about to say.... The airport itself needs some work. The modeling looks fine, but I think the actual textures need some work. Also, the airport photoreal background and ground poly textures look rather plain/clean. They are too faded and bland. The green taxiway edges also need to be intensified. I think this scenery has a lot of potential, and I look forward to watching the progress. Regards, Todd
  6. Never heard of Stripe but here's a nice article if anyone interested. Since none of us have a financial stake in Orbx, I think we should give JV and team the benefit of the doubt and just step back and reserve judgement. PayPal may be a household name but they aren't the only player in town.
  7. Good grief, where are you guys getting this photo real imagery. The detail is crazy!
  8. Karl, let's keep this respectable. No need to attack Orbx. It isn't an oversight. It's a choice, so it is very acceptable. Tapini is a whole different animal altogether - a vast majority of those grass/dirt strips literally sit on a sloped hill. It's bush flying at its most challenging. Plus, there are no AI traffic to deal with. I can assure you Tim and Ken know what they are doing. Many more customers will prefer to have AI traffic than a sloped runway, so the decision to not include a sloped runway option is one of practicality and economy. I understand you may want a sloped runway, but there is no need to get personal because you don't get what you want.
  9. Tim, you and Ken are just dudes when it comes to experience packages.
  10. I love it, sloped runway and all. Norway has quickly become my favorite place to fly outside the US, especially being a fan of the Q400. Orbx has put together quite a talented group for Norway, that is for certain!
  11. Awesome
  12. Sad news. Prayers go out to Vlad's loved ones. JV, your gesture was very kind and selfless.
  13. Pilotedge is top shelf. Very professional and by the book.