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  1. Great trip Andy. Maybe we will get it, once they build a race track, where they allow JV to do a couple of fast laps
  2. Great shots, Andy. Everytime I fly in this region in P3D and see one of the lakes below me, I can't help it, but I always feel this sudden urge to drop everything and just go there
  3. Perfect shot, TTM
  4. Excellent screenies, Paul and nice choice of aircrafts
  5. I fully agree with you, Richard. Maybe one day we can even experience here your Aurora Borealis Thanks TTM, you will not be disappointed Same here, Jack, same here Thanks a lot, Adam I am happy that you like them, John But I think, Gerold does a much better job with his comparison shots Thank you very much, Paul
  6. Wow, Andy, this is brilliant. I need to explore that too. Right now I cruise around Nanaimo with the Nordhavn. Just incredible and as you said, with the engines humming fairly quietly below you, it is just so peaceful
  7. Fantastic shots as always, Dolf. I have to test this bird too
  8. Thanks Iain Thanks Andy, you will love flying there. promised Thanks Eberhard. The Do 27 and the Piper Cheyenne are my most favorite aircrafts. Both are from Digital Aviation and I have them still my FS9 days, although they are now the FSX version. And both fly in P3D 3.4. I got rid of the opaque rear window with the free Aerosoft D-ENTE livery. In it there was a fix for it. I just applied it for all my other Do 27 liveries and it worked great
  9. Don't confuse this with the Vargas Girl, Jack, published in the 1980s in a certain men's magazine
  10. Excellent screenies, TTM
  11. A couple of days ago I watched a Lofoten Islands documentary and thought to myself, gosh I would like to visit that place in real life. And then I remembered that Norway and the Lofoten Islands have been ORBXed, so why not try it first in your P3D. We take off from the southern most airport, called ROST (ENRS) and head south first to circle the last large rock formation Luckily it has received the usual fine ORBX treatment, otherwise there would be nothing here. ROST is a terribly busy airport, last year it had seen a total of 9,200 visitors After having circled it we fly up north Another great little detail The journey continues One thing you can never be sure of here is the weather What an amazing scenery. Without that documentary on TV, I would have never flown here Oh, oh And this last picture, taken in real life in the area I have just flown in, is just a small reminder/teaser for Richard, should he see this post Thanks for viewing
  12. Good luck to everyone. This is my entry for April. Over the west coast of Norway
  13. Nice capture
  14. Great shots, Paul. And the Spitti is always a fabulous plane to see. Re migrating to P3D, the issue will be more prominent, once 64x will become available. I'm afraid that many of my freeware planes will then be unusable. Quite a lot of them are of FS9 origin. They all work fine in P3D 3.4, but they won't work in 64x, that's for sure. That is why I am going to stay with P3D 3.4 for the foreeseable future