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  1. Hey Iain, this is summer. Don't spoil it. You live in the same climate zone as many of us do. Don't frighten us. Summer is already short enough
  2. Your last screenies, where you were still trying to find the right colour balance, looked a little bit too blueish to me on my screen. These ones are perfect, Ken
  3. +1
  4. Great screenie, Gianni
  5. Perfect shots, Adam. I assume you use your tried and tested PTA set-up
  6. Beautiful flight again, Jack Do they let you do this, without the plane screaming at you?
  7. Many thanks to both of you Mark and Ruud
  8. Thanks a lot, Adam Kob kun krub, Martyn
  9. Thanks a lot, Erik Many thanks, Iain I'm happy that you liked them, Jack
  10. Great shots and great repaint, Eberhard
  11. Global, Vector , OLC Europe and a decent mesh. You don’t need that much more Cleared for take off We head south towards the German Alps. It’s not the most direct route, but the most scenic one In the Karwendel Park. I used to hike here many moons ago Past Oberstdorf and the Allgäuer High-Alps We have crossed the most western part of the Austrian airspace and are now already deep into Swiss airspace. Above the western tip of Lake Lucerne Finally we get close to Gstaad and Saanen Drop everything Don't touch anything Thanks for viewing
  12. Excellent shots and good to know that Larry's scenery works already in v4
  13. Beautiful shots, buddy. #3 is my favorite John, how does a happy clam look like. Never seen one, I guess
  14. Great screenies, Erik