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  1. Just brilliant, Matteo
  2. +1
  3. That's utterly superb, Jack. I think I have to get it too. In case the missus complains I'll put all the blame on you, buddy. I know, you can handle it
  4. These are some fantastic shots, Jack
  5. "Just a Sabre" Yeah, sure
  6. Great shot, Julio +1
  7. Great shots, Martyn, the "Mignet" is the smallest plane I have seen for quite some time. The name is similar to a car of equally small size: the Triumph Midget. A friend of mine owned one. It was the only car I never drove myself, as at 6'3" I was not able to get into it
  8. Now that's a real beauty
  9. Thanks a lot gents for your kind comments
  10. No, if possible open the 1990 vintage bottle
  11. Superb screenies, Jack as always and also very entertaining to see the ship activities
  12. Can you imagine Jack that people are willing to pay tens of millions of bucks for an out of space flight in a tiny, uncomfortable capsule and here you are, offering something similarly spectacular with the added comfort only a big Boeing can provide. Hey, where's my glass of Dom Perignon??
  13. I took this flight early January and in case you wonder, which one of the three is my flight for today, I am the little guy in the middle Berlin and its many beautiful lakes We cross the hilly area near the city of Goslar Over the airport of Hannover After a couple of cups of Earl Grey, we pass the airport of Cologne with the river Rhine in the background Further east we see less and less snow on the ground Finally Charles de Gaulle comes into sight Thanks for viewing
  14. Wow Julio, you really got some heavy metal in your collection