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  1. Excellent screenies, Scott. I like the interior shot
  2. Eventually it will even grow on us, Adam Great screenies It's the new Just Flight Curtiss Commando C-46
  3. Gerold, in general I concur with what has been said already. I'm not yet fully converted to P3D v4, as my set-up with v3.4 works flawlessly. The other reason for me not jumping ship now is the fact that many of my freeware and some of my payware planes (Captain Sim) do not (yet?) work in v4. As Michael already said, in your situation I would make the move too. Good luck !
  4. +1, same GTX 970
  5. Thank you all very much, gents. The plane is really fun to fly. Ideal to explore the "Ice Pilots" territory
  6. I love it, Jack. Superbly done again
  7. I just bought the new Just Flight Curtiss C-46. I haven’t checked her systems yet, this is just a short flight to get a feeling for this baby. From my first impressions I have to say that she flies great. This is over part of Colombia I find the cockpit a bit too dark. But maybe this is due to my set-up
  8. I know, paypal is big, but wouldn't it make sense to hire an experienced lawyer to speed things up in your favour. But maybe you have done so already. It's almost impossible to believe that they take that long to verify your account movements.
  9. We are truly blessed with so many freeware airports, Jack. So much to explore, yet so little time...
  10. Most impressive. Did you use any scenery on top of ORBX?
  11. Lovely screenies, Jack, I like that yellow color
  12. We are of the same age then, Stewart :-)
  13. Fantastic screenies, Stewart
  14. Thank you all very much for your kind comments. I found this Tata story only by accident and as I already had the Puss Moth, I only had to do some more research, put the correct registration on the plane and bingo
  15. Excellent paint jobs, Jack. The second one is almost unreal, must have been very hard to accomplish. Did you do them?