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  1. Well, your GPU alone will consume 300 Watt at max power. That's why your 750 Watt PU is too weak for OC. Spirit
  2. As a pensioner too I understand your problem very well but I guess this 750 Watt has one or more voltage not stable enough for your OC. I still say it didn't help you to buy a cheaper PU. I guess you can run P3D very well with not OC. Spirit
  3. Why did you buy a 750 Watt PU and not a 950 Watt or higher? I think it's a funny idea to go lower with the PU. You may have saved money at the wrong end. Spirit
  4. Don't save money at the wrong end. The best is only good enough.
  5. You forgot Helicopter.
  6. Many happy returns. Spirit
  7. Stay safe. Spirit
  8. Do you know this NI guide? http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=403676 Spirit
  9. The article behind the link explains everything very well. Spirit
  10. Hi Howard, it's always a pleasure to watch your video work. You're always able to put any landscape into the main spotlight in a very special fashion. Wish you all the best. Spirit
  11. Hi, ok, here you go. Spirit
  12. Hi, funny you say this and then you tell us all the things you changed or installed. Fishing for compliments? Anyway, enjoy your sim. Spirit
  13. announcement

    Hi, somewhere in this thread it was written that one can download single zip-files too! So one should be able to still save ORBX-Data wherever one would like to. Spirit
  14. announcement

    No, for sure not, That was only a curious question. Why so unfriendly Monsieur? Spirit
  15. announcement

    Hi, do you need this so often or frequently? Spirit