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  1. Agreed! Nice image, Teecee.
  2. Beautiful work but it seems like there should be Southwest 737s at Terminal 1. Am I missing something?
  3. Wow! Nice to see Balboa Park and the Aerospace museum, too!
  4. Beautiful! Hope it's FR friendly.
  5. Be safe and be well.
  6. Did you walk away?
  7. It's Chinese for "Hairy Ankle-biter."
  8. Dupe
  9. KSBA will be nice. I do hope KHAF is still in the queue. Been waiting for it for years. Just sayin'...
  10. looks great!
  11. Same here. Maybe I'll try to download in the wee hours of the morning... Tuesday morning! He-he!
  12. + 1
  13. Thanks for waiting to get it right instead of using your customer base as uncompensated beta testers like some other developers who shall go unnamed. Appreciate the updates, also.
  14. People, people, people, it was never intended to be a full-function flightsim, nor was it promoted as such. Issues with scenery, sky color, AA are pretty small potatoes when you look at the POTENTIAL, feel the smoothness and the frame rates even with sliders maxed. Some must have expected a P-51 Mustang and are disappointed with the Wright Flyer they received.. Be patient, folks, my guess is the Mustang is on the drawing board. Until then, have fun with your $15 Wright.