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  1. Good to see we cover a broad variety of ages. But, like with all statistics: What do you count? - visits in the forum (probably not...) - starts of FTXC? - starts of the flight sim (including crashes)? - number of flights (including short set-up trials)? - hours of flights (incl. pauses)? - or a multiple of starts * hours flown? All makes some sense, but all gives different options to explain.
  2. Some nice perspectives and comparisons here, Bernd. Good to see what EU NOR can do - and where the limits are. And... it is much better to fly there in the sim than just reading a book.
  3. Great shots of an area that is so beautiful - even in the sim. It would be so great to have more details & precision in the alps, maybe even with George&AmalClooneyFlow!
  4. Great weather & ground detail, and what a fantastic livery on the Q400 this is. I fear this is NOT the Majestic version, is it?
  5. Great updates, and great captures, Adam! I am sure the Stuka is not easy to fly...
  6. Nice ground details shown in this little low&slow flight, thanks Francois!
  7. Good catch, the Skycatcher. And the screenies are also caught well.
  8. Don´t worry, Jack, Innsbruck has relatively normal cost levels, and the supermarkets get you supplied like anywhere else around. But all these noisy warbirds around make you crazy, recently even an old F-4 was heard in the valley!
  9. I wonder how you could even pass the outside inspection before the flight.
  10. Great shots & mood, Erik. Though I thought with this post title, youo would be flying over Montreux...
  11. Fantastic details here, ground details in your shots, sound details in the classical...
  12. Doesn´t look like a pain here, Paul. I am totally with you, btw...!
  13. Namaste, Martyn, have a good time and always full batteries (and empty storage cards) in your camera.
  14. I can only start the weekend now, John, after seeing where you will be the next days. Enjoy the fjords!
  15. Have - a good time on holiday and enjoy travels - a window seat on your flights to prepare some RL/sim comparisons - a good mobile interent connection to enjyo us with your sense of humour while travelling And wife understanding that you need to be on the web when she heads off for the beach.