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  1. Nice shots, but this weather can´t be current, can it?
  2. Great to learn a strategy has been found to get some realistic air life into the airport, too. This will strongly enhance the pleasure!
  3. Great shots, Martyn, it seems that you have just installed OZx at the right point of time to test some new (and - in the case of Devonport at least - long-time-missed) airstrips. I have to second that. Surprising that the REX guys not managed to preserve the airports upgraded by Orbx, be it global freeware or upgraded in the region packs.
  4. Classical sceneries and a classical plane. Always nice to remember!
  5. ... but the Antonov should not have problems with such weather?!
  6. Fantastic wideys here. Which suits well to the Fjordland!
  7. I can understand your philosophy re buying new planes currently. I can also enjoy your magnificent pictures.
  8. Lots of noise above the charming city. Hope they do not ban us simmers...!
  9. Confusing mixture of seasons, but great plane & scenery details up there!
  10. Nature´s beauties in the wilderness state, always good to see. Thanks, TeeCee. Have you been strong enough to watch these posts also?
  11. Seems they are released - thank you for the hands up, TeeCee!
  12. A quick tour around the continent, with quite varying destinations. Do you remember your first encounter with the Orbx and OZx airfields? Now, get us more of these pictures and make more memories! Wynyard has been done by @Ken Hall, Gumby, and it is in some of the OZx packs 1-3. Be careful to have all libraries installed, and perhaps you need (like I did) also a kh_markings.ddl, to be found in the OZx forum. Devonport indeed is still "Desertport", no additions yet. But perhaps you can go up, meet Ken and invite him for a cold one there, while you are taking RL pictures?
  13. Great shots Steve, even before and after your addition. ... and this is exactly what I also am constantly looking for, in whatever region I fly: Local repaints.
  14. A pajnfully good shot. And I just thought how the little bus would have to be stretched if the airline name was longer?
  15. Paxes would be crying with your flying style. But the people of Cairns are happy, as you gain height really quick!