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  1. Mmmmh, I will have a look. At least I already have an account there. I will do, mates. But with a good & careful preparation - my speed to change is a bit slower than yours... !
  2. Thanks for your input Michael, that will make me move faster... Same as above, thanks for your informations and the suggestion Michael. I am now already checking the graphic card market... Thanks for your evaluation, I think you hit an important point, Bernd. Thanks for your informations & opinion, Jack. After all, my plan would be the total move: Give up & delete FSX totally, and go for P3Dv4 only. But I do not want to jump into that water without preparation, even not in an estimated state of emergency (issues with FSX setup). I am currently checking all my add-ons, if (and at which cost) the can be transferred, or if I can accept to loose some of them (my home airport Hannover seems not to be v4 ready, which would be a showstopper for me). That takes time - time I can use to let graphic card prices get out of the mining trouble. So you´ll see some FSX screenies from me in the coming months, still. But I get more and more prepared...
  3. Good to see FedEx service is reliable in South America, now that they have hired qualified pilots.
  4. ... and doubtless your shots look great!
  5. You know I currently do not just follow good screenshots, but also advise like this... !
  6. An amazing level of detail in the first shot. I was always disappointed with this in FTX ENG, but maybe this changes now...?
  7. Fantastic shots, Iain, teasers as usual. +1!
  8. Nice list of purchases, again, Jack... And a nice copter you are flying. The proof that Milviz MD530 is already working in P3D, at least in v 3.4.
  9. Only if it hits from the inside. But your shot is done from the outside. You better stay with real football. I mean Aussie rules.
  10. After struggling for nearly 2 months with my FSX appearance I am now resigning and ready for a complete reinstall. Which brings me to the question of this post title. But you may be influencing me in this decision: Do you think my hardware (described in the spoiler below) is already sufficient or would I need to upgrade a bit? Is the beloved OZx scenery working in P3d, would it need a trick to get it running? The same question for RTMM freeware, is it working? I think Henrik Nielsens famous ships will work. What about WorldOfAI-plane traffic? I fear I would have to re-purchase some of my planes (like PMDG), I am sure I can check this in some other forums. But I trust you most regarding the first 3 questions above. Do not hesitate to comment!
  11. That would be a charming way to travel. Not too eco-friendly, but at least you have some space to relax.
  12. Besides the nice flight action I enjoy the discussion which lead to a solution. We all need this from time to time, unfortunately.
  13. Thanks for lovely reminding me I need to convince wifey for more shopping. The new internet connection might help...
  14. Oh yes, such an update would be fantastic. Good suggestions, my friend !
  15. That´s correct, Martyn. The concept is not photoreal, but the impression and the POIs are great. I also trust that all POIs of Mooropna are depicted well, aren´t they?