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  1. So, have a good time in Vancouver!
  2. Pago Pago is an amazing scenery, with so many great details. You remind me that I need to fly there again soon...
  3. Thank you, and this was just a short story told! Thank you Adam. Always great to use these big birds according to the procedures on such short flights. Thanks, Iain! Lots of good scenery around there. And Germany South yet to come... Thank you Jury. And the flight was also great FUN! Thank you, Grandpa. Sunshine was sufficient on that day. The smokers keep me out of that bar, too. I once took a collegue over there who does smoke. For him this place was paradise in an airport. Indeed a cold tour, as you have seen on #6 the RL flight (and sim timing) was (set) on January 26. I enjoy the simulated vacations in our sims. But real ones are not bad either. You are not coming over to Europe in July, are you?
  4. Nice shots, and at least it seems you have found settings not to go over the VAS border. Which I did when landing the PMDG 777 in KLAX with my usual AI traffic settings...
  5. Fantastic weather, Dolf, a showcase for whatever weather program you use (REX essential?).
  6. Great to read the memories that simming brought back to you, Steve. And both surprising and impressing to see you got the new plane landed in the first instance!
  7. Great shots with good ingredients, Kasi!
  8. Hmmm, such a good looking place in Zurich airport... (in fact is it the smokers lounge, so no place for me - except for taking a picture). OK, let´s go, once again with a well suited bird for this one-hour flight. Bye, bye, mountains! Getting back to Germany (Fulda beyond)... ... and into Germany North. To the left we should see Rinteln and Porta Westfalica, and clearly the Weser river approaching the Porta between the mountain ridges. Some manouvres, see the approach procedure on the ND. And this is the time & place to turn into final towards the 09L. An uneventful landing and the short way to grab a taxi make this trip complete. But I´ve been here too often to make pictures... getting back overseas soon!
  9. Oh so sorry, John. I was "standing on the line" as the german saying goes.
  10. A nice winter tour, Karsten, and even if the climb rate was not too high you could avoid to destroy the details of the Spokane scenery. Agreed!
  11. Thank you, @adambar and @dolf8857 ! John, you need to click on the (upmost) link to my previous post, Martyn has commented his expectation there
  12. You can see how these mountains erode over the years. In the virtual world...
  13. Whatever I do I confuse you. Maybe I have to resign and quit trying these posts ! In the moment I read your words about expecting me to fly a swiss plane in Tasmania, it was clear to me I had to combine these 2 destinations. And I meant not Grindelwald in Berne or Interlaken in the same Kanton . I wonder if there are more "swiss" places in Tassie? Unfortunately my hangar does not give me a CL215 or other fire fighting equipment. I need the help of other simmers to keep the Island safe, see the GPS coordinates above!
  14. Thank you, @dolf8857 and @Flying_Grandpa !
  15. Thanks for your nice comments, @Flying_Grandpa, @jury42 and @Iain Emms ! I am not sure if these details were added by Orbx or by OZx (I have the full package installed), but I am sure the fire is just slightly west of S41.43° E146.57° I think there is an 70-year-old owner of a construction- and lawsuit company who says that. Always difficult to follow complicated relations when you are used to solve problems by putting stone on stone. You seem to know how I sweated when trying to navigate or land this plane .