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  1. In this time there was also some part of cleverness. The boat design was as great as the weather information gathering. Not only the Kiwis follow their country. And in this occasion not only the Kiwis followed the Kiwis. A big CONGRATS! That sounds like some local advantage in a very adequate way.
  2. .... I´ll be right back.
  3. Maybe you also try this freeware: I´ll join the Japan-liker fraction.
  4. Correct, these textures can be widely used... Sorry for calculating your time zone wrong. That would have been your chance! Definetively not las Islas Baleares here...
  5. Oh... this light!
  6. You got it all so right, Catalina Island. Too easy? No, I´d say the canary islands, greece, or the coastal pyrenees look the same, at least in real life. Thank you all for guessing!
  7. There are some places on earth that look like this area... maybe you guess?
  8. Fantastic forest, my friend!
  9. This is shusta nice level of ground detail, Jack.
  10. In our times the company controllers would allow, say, 15 minutes for customs. The rest goes off your lifetime. Finance management rules the world.
  11. That sounds like real pleasure, as we have the pleasure to follow your posts, Stewart.
  12. Another fantastic post, Stewart, both shots, flight & story. Quite some life experience in here... PS: In 2 years from now you can have the customs experience on every trip you make to Europe. Turn the clock back.
  13. Fantastic bird, and good to see you & your rig were able to successfully land her.
  14. Good to see this masterpiece works in v4, thanks Patrick!
  15. Fantastic v4 teasers, Adam. Great level of detail.