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  1. Beau Hollis is referring to mouse-clicking while in full stereo mode, which is difficult to do because each screen is offset from the other. To achieve accurate clicks I disable stereo mode and I can interact with most cockpit objects including using the mouse wheel. Disabling stereo mode does not lose any VR immersion and vastly improves FPS and smoothness.
  2. Whatever you buy now stays in your OrbxDirect account and can be installed any time down the track.
  3. We are in the final stages of finishing the coding of the OrbxDirect store to allow customers to convert their DVD copies to digital licenses held in OrbxDirect. Yes, it has been a longer process to do this than we planned, but I have been demonstrated the functionality and we're almost ready to run with that. So rest assured that shelf of DVDs is not a lost investment, they can all be converted to licenses which will work with FTX Central V3 and ultimately P3Dv4. It may not be ready for you on day one of P3Dv4's release but it won't be that long after ok?
  4. No it's not GeoConvert, never heard of that until you mentioned it. From the look of it, GeoConvert is a Google/Bing maps scraper which you can only use at home privately since it's violating the EULAs of those services to share any files. Photoreal is an expensive business, and Orbx only uses licensed source imagery.
  5. June 15th 1964 fellas, sorry. Some of the large area regional projects we are working on for AeroflyFS2 are going to blow your minds and elevate the sim to a new level. We have new tech incoming which will massively streamline production of vast photoreal areas so there's going to be a whole new 200fps world to discover. 2017 is going to be epic!
  6. Glad you like guys like it. We have lots of exciting plans for AFS2 in the coming year.
  7. Nothing's changed since v3 here, HDR is still disabled in VR mode. I got around that limitation in V3 by using PTA 2.x instead of HDR, so let's hope there will be an update to PTA for v4.
  8. You won't have to pay to move from FSX to P3Dv4. You *will* need to re-download everything again since the products are built differently for P3D.
  9. It has been asked numerous time before and answered just as many times. Please read some of my recent posts. In a nutshell, yes you can copy all your P3Dv3 Orbx products to P3Dv4 using FTX Central. You must wait for us to upgrade FTX Central to allow this to work.
  10. Scott is still working on it as a background project and I've been encouraging him to see it to completion. Fingers crossed we can get there soon.
  11. VR runs smooth as a whistle in V4, much better than V3 - so much so that I don't need to revert to disabling Stereo mode in Oculus. You can almost run it with ASW enabled as well, meaning it's close to getting 45fps per side in the Rift. In any case, just press Control+NumLock1 to disable ASW if you get flickering. My PC specs for those shots are: Intel Core i7 6800K Water Cooled OC'd to 4.1Ghz / nVidia Titan-X GPU 12GB DDR / 2TB Samsung M.2 EVO 960 PRO SSD / 16GB Kingston DDR4 Memory / Windows 10 Creators Edition / 32" Acer Predator G-SYNC 4K monitor / 4TB Seagate ST4000DX SSHD
  12. Your mileage may vary, I am just reporting on my experience with the beta builds and what other testers have been reporting about more efficient traffic.
  13. I'm very sorry to hear about that, best of luck starting over.
  14. I was referring to airports that rely on objectflow.dll to conditionally display buildings and objects. I have edited my post to clarify this.
  15. No you won't have to purchase them again, just run FTX Central once the V4 patch is out and download Orbx products which will work from the OrbxDirect servers Buildngs HD is currently on hold since Scott Armstrong does not have time to complete it due to his real job as a pilot. That ability is completely up to the aircraft developer, it has nothing to do with the sim. I am sure all the A2A aircraft will support cold and dark. Perhaps LM have many plans for P3D we don't know about yet? Too many X-Plane defenders popping up on every forum these days, please just go and enjoy it if it's your sim of choice. I will publish a list in the coming days of what works, but it can be summarised as follows: Every Orbx product will rely on a new version of FTX Central to be released. When it is, FTX Global, openLC, TreesHD and all FTX regions will work out of the box. All older airports which don't use ObjectFlow will also work (i.e KORS, Darrington, Concrete, YSTW, etc). FTX Global Vector won't work yet, we have 64-bit app dependencies in the AEC tool None of our three aircraft will work, nor are likely to indefinitely; we may retire them to freeware land later this year All the remaining airports will work, but some main buildings and objects won't display until ObjectFlow.dll has been converted to 64-bit, which is something that our third party developer is working on right now, but not timeframe on when that's ready.