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  1. Conjecture is well and good, but we will have more Project A screenshots next month. We have continued development activity on Project A since February and you will see the fruits of this early R&D soon enough. However, any major project covering a region sized area is still over a year away due to the radically different approach that is needed and new tools to be learnt and properly internally documented and staff hired to use.
  2. And as I have previously posted, I was mistaken about the state of readiness of LOWI when I promised an imminent release, and have reset expectations since then. I am actually not involved in the product release process these days, and have not been for some years. It's all controlled and managed by the developers, testers and Ed/Ben on the delivery side. We allow all our developers to choose when their products are ready for release. I don't go around waving a big stick at anyone, nor are there delivery deadlines in their developer contracts, Orbx does not work that way, and it is the reason why our products are consistently some of the highest quality in the industry. In this instance, Jarrad is determined to get LOWI as good as he can get it for a solid, bug free, and customer-happy release, and we all respect his stance on that.
  3. AirDailyX will be attending the event and they post multiple video updates during both days from almost every booth at the conference.
  4. There are currently 4 products in beta and 15 in alpha. As Alex said, there will be a spate of releases in Spring/Summer and soon you will be asking us to slow down to give your wallets a rest! We will have plenty to show off at the upcoming FlightSimCon 2017 in Connecticut.
  5. FLIGHTSIMCON 2017 BUILDS MOMENTUM WITH NEWEST EXHIBITORS AND SPONSORS A growing list of sponsors and exhibitors helps build excitement for the 5th edition of the Connecticut-based flight simulation conference. WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn – March 13, 2017 – FlightSimCon 2017, North America’s largest annual aviation and flight simulation conference, is pleased to announce several updates to its growing list of sponsors and exhibitors. The fifth edition of the conference takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 10 & 11, at the Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley International Airport, just outside of Hartford, Connecticut. New to the list of sponsors is Aer Lingus, which now offers non-stop flights between Dublin, Ireland and the conference location—Hartford, Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport. With dozens of connections available from around Europe, attendees from across the pond will now have a convenient and affordable way to get to FlightSimCon 2017. “The Aer Lingus flight will make it even easier for our European-based attendees and partners to make it to the conference in 2017,” said event manager Nicole Glander. Another new addition to FlightSimCon this year is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Embry-Riddle, the world's largest, fully accredited university specializing in aviation and aerospace, will be exhibiting at FlightSimCon 2017. Embry-Riddle joins Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, which will also be exhibiting at the event. “One of the biggest challenges for student pilots is determining a career path from Cessna to Boeing,” said event team member Evan Reiter. “The addition of both Embry-Riddle and Vaughn to the conference will aid in showing our many high school and college-aged attendees how to turn aviation into a career.” In addition to these additions, the conference is pleased to announce the following new exhibitors: PilotEdge, Dovetail Games (developer of Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition), Laminar Research (developer of X-Plane), FlyInside, FSFX Packages, Noble Flight Simulation, Sim Innovations, TFDi Design, VATSTAR and VolairSim. This brings the current number of exhibitors to 25—with more expected to come onboard before June. Exhibitors will have a variety of hands-on demonstrations for attendees to try and will be showing off a large selection of hardware and software products. The conference will also be featuring over a dozen engaging speakers and seminars on topics ranging from how to make your own DIY home cockpit to turning aviation from a hobby into a career. Speakers include current and former airline pilots, military personnel, flight simulation developers, and people from across the aviation and flight simulation world. The conference will also feature a complimentary social event on Saturday night, sponsored by Private Jet Class Sponsor Orbx Simulation Systems. To see the full list of sponsors, exhibitors and speakers—and to register for the conference—head to Registering online in advance of the event is strongly encouraged, and offers substantial discounts from on-site registrations. About FlightSimCon: FlightSimCon is North America’s largest annual flight simulation and aviation conference. The event was created in 2013 to bring flight simulation enthusiasts and real world aviators together. Each year, the conference offers attendees from many different backgrounds—aviation enthusiasts, aviation professionals, students looking to a pursue careers in aviation, and current and retired members of the military—the opportunity to connect in an interactive, social setting. In 2016, the event welcomed over 520 attendees from over 40 U.S. States, across Europe, and many other countries including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and more, alongside 50 sponsors and exhibitors. To learn more about and register for FlightSimCon 2017,
  6. Orbx as a rule does not publish aircraft. The ones we do offer we developed by guys who no longer work with Orbx and are no longer doing any FS development work. The rest of the team are scenery and airport designers so the chances of us publishing another aircraft is fairly slim.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I have brought this to Jarrad's attention.
  8. Rumours are always fun aren't they? I am just as anxious as you all are to see LOWI released and I honestly thought it was going to be ready last weekend. But as it transpired Jarrad needed about 100+ more hours of work to get it finished to his satisfaction, but unfortunately previously booked travel to Europe for another few projects he is working on got in the way. He has been getting up at 5am daily and cramming in more development work in his hotel room so he's making good progress. We hope to give the beta testers a release candidate very soon. I am meeting Jarrad for lunch tomorrow here in Hampshire so I'm sure he will give me the big picture then.
  9. I would get the Samsung M.2 EVO 960 2TB SSD and put Windows and P3Dv4 on that. Read speed is 3600MB/sec which eats through terrain mesh and HD textures. I have that on my desktop PC and I'd never go back to a slower read speed.
  10. All the best mate, hope things go well for you.
  11. Anything is possible
  12. Not going to be this weekend guys, sorry. There are still some things Jarrad has to finish so you'll have to wait just a bit longer.
  13. Not going to be this weekend, sorry guys. Jarrad is on a plane to Europe as we speak but he still has some last-minute stuff to fix before we can release it.
  14. Yes that is the plan.