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  1. Indeed, Nick is a valued member of staff and we do appreciate his steady hand in the forums. He's far more politically correct than I could ever be That said - we also have Richard Lincoln manning the ticket help desk (a thankless task because it's invisible to the forums) and also Dough Sawatzsky helping on the forums. These three gents along with Matt Webb on forum/coding support make up our support team.
  2. We have not started on AFS2 PNW yet, we're still finishing Germany South.
  3. Hobart is on the agenda
  4. OK we now have Matteo on board, just checking with our imagery supplier for the airport surrounds. He's good to start on this within a few weeks after his current (unannounced) airport project is released. Remember, any airside photos (or any photos in the airport area) will help Matteo enormously. Given Matteo's development speed track record this could well be an xmas present for you Aussies
  5. If we can get ground photography then I can commit to making this a product. We'll also release a companion payware Cityscape addon (like we did for Canberra) for all of the Gold Coast region from Chinderah up to Sanctuary Cove, inland up to the M1.
  6. YPPH would be a Jarrad Marshall project since he lives there and I think his focus is on Europe right now.
  7. By the way, if anyone can get us access to airside for photos at Cooly that would go a long way to getting it done.
  8. Pat, please refrain from beating this drum of yours. Perhaps a change of attitude may actually find more sympathy rather than holding up the "it's all about money" card repeatedly. As it happens we have already begun substantial work on FTX Australia V2 and there are also some major projects in the works in Oz. However, if you feel we're doing it just for the money then maybe we shouldn't bother? We were going to do YBCG at one stage but then Robin Corn in NZ said he was working on it so I dropped plans. That was quite a few years ago so perhaps we will revisit this and assign it to one of our developers, maybe Matteo - he likes airports of that size. We have access to amazing 10cm imagery for the area.
  9. Every is available for V4, just opt into the Fastlane and install the open beta of ObjectFlow2, simple:
  10. All the above work now if you opt into the Fastlane open beta.
  11. We have some airports and Germany South coming in August/September, plenty to look forward to.
  12. I'll have Ben and Ed investigate this.
  13. We have not offered PayPal for nine months now, and it's unlikely to be reinstated since they are still holding a large amount of Orbx's cash.
  14. My goodness that is sad news indeed. Our thoughts go out to his family and thanks for letting our community know Tim.
  15. We are releasing an open beta of ObjectFlow2 hopefully this weekend. Just tidying up some file management code that FTX Central has to do.