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  1. We need SRM region - I want the entire grand canyon and the nearby states. We have NRM, CRM, but where is SRM. This would even align with Pilotedge new expanded area. I so badly have been requesting SRM for few years now. Technically whole of US/Canada/Mexico should be full FTX region
  2. There is no Orbx openLC for China (would be openLC asia) at the moment. That is using default sim lc
  3. Hey Orbx Team, Did you guys hear about the new sim announcement by Flyinside Guys Pics are here Apparently it will take FSX addons - I assume p3d addons could come into it. We all know by end of the year. Man, this sure is exciting time. Before that, I will try IPACS/Orbx partner sim Aerofly FS2 in few days. Excited about the new upcoming release. 64Bit comes and everyone is making sims now. This is nuts and awesome.
  4. I believe Orbx should make Isle of Man. Now with P3Dv4 is totally new sim...if old players are not going to make then new players should make something better. I am just surprised how Earth Simulations did not sell their products to Orbx or do some deal. It is like leaving money on the table and they could have just collected some royalities without providing any support etc. I know my comments go on the deep end and I won't discuss it further. Some Orbx developer should do this project. Can even do a freeware. I haven't seen a new freeware in a while :-)
  5. Amazing shots...Lol now we will soon see threads on users running out of RAM and VRAM. The thirst for memory continues even in 64bit. In about 1.5 years time (or less - say 6-7 months) - 32GB Ram kits will be cheap and successor video cards of 1080 will be out and then these settings will be very useful. Glad the software can scale to near future hardware.
  6. Wow - and I can finally have tons of road and AI traffic. Mostly road traffic. This is amazing...I knew this day would come. Looking forward to 64 bit and finally whack 32bit sim out of my computer for good.
  7. Please redo Orbx Migration from the FTX Central and clean your shaders directory (let it rebuild). I had this problem too and re-running Orbx Migration fixed it
  8. This is awesome scenery but who can one fly with a PMDG over FTX region with KSAN addon? wouldn't the VAS usage be extremely high?
  9. Rest in Peace, Vlad And very grateful for your work (art) that you left for us. Orbx Team - Can you do a showcase of his sceneries that he has created for few weeks on here. I am sure his family will like that too
  10. Sascha, yep you gotta do these tracks as your own CEO wants to see it done
  11. JV - Looking forward on seeing some videos/pics of the Orbx Race Car at Nurburgring. What race/event you are racing at? Having these racetracks modelled in FTX regions will be amazing to see (especially in VR - flying low and seeing tons of cars racing on it)
  12. All the Porsche Factories and the new Nurburgring race track including the new track where all the car manufacturers can test. Fast cars moving on these race tracks will be awesome. Similar to this was done in W16 Airport Addon by you guysürburgring Doesn't JV have a Porsche - I am sure he would love to see all these awesome race tracks with cars in the sim. Throw in some Orbx Porsches parked near these tracks. Please model all the race tracks in Germany
  13. This will be epic in VR. No doubt Sweet shots. Is this the texan or Ant's new airplane
  14. Where are the Porsche factories ? Awesome shots
  15. Y'all need to Jarrad's work in VR. It is Holy #%@#%@%@%$ awesome. Screenshots and 2D monitors do not do justice. I can't wait to see this in VR. This will be epic just like his other epic work. You all need VR (trust me)