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  1. Wonderful!!
  2. Jack, I completetely agree with you, and I think that along with the captainSim 737-200 are on top of a list of the best payware planes ever.
  3. I think one out of a maximum of five, actually.
  4. Just left the Montenegro/Albania border, heading North to Trieste (my hometown). CS 727, USAF AFRES Along the Dalmatian mountains Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with its famous XVI century Bridge over the Neretva River. So many sufferings, there, during the Yugoslavian war. Just beyond the ridge, the Adriatic Sea. Approaching the Istria peninsula Fiume (Rijeka), Croatia. Trieste Final at Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari (LIPQ). Its name is after the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio that from this place flew to Fiume (Rijeka) along with his legionnaires, to annex it to Italy, in 1919. Landed! The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.18
  5. So we'll fly over the fabolous Ludwig II Neuschwanstein castle, along the "Romantische Straße". The castle celebrated by Luchino Visconti in its wonderful "Ludwig" film and - not to be forgotten -, the location for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". Plenty of Wagnerian music, in Bavaria.
  6. CS B-727 USAF A(ir)F(orce)RES(erve) ready for take-off from Tirana-"Nënë Tereza" (LATI). This airport takes its name after the Albanian missionary nun Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It's incredible to think that only some decade ago, Albania was the impenetrable, most hard-Communist and atheist Country of all Europe. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Albania/Montenegro border The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.18
  7. Thanks to all of you, guys. I always liked to know ev'rything about the places I was visiting.
  8. Please, in Pula, read "close to the cockpit", not "closed to the cokpit". Sorry for the mistake.
  9. Hi Jack, yes, it's all Orbx Global. Actually, I purchased the entire Orbx catalogue of regions, except North Germany, because - with all the due respect to our German friends -, it was hard to find a more boring - morphologically speaking - area than that . Try to imagine a Open_LC with the Apline regions (Italy, Austria, Switzerland!); or Spain/Portugal...
  10. Aerosoft F-14B VF-31 "Tomcatters" taking off from Ragusa (LDDU) - now Dubrovnik -. *** Turning to North The wonderful walled , Venetian Ragusa - "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea". Along Dalmatia, a detached provence of Illiria. The old Syracusan and - after - Roman Spalatum (Split). Birthplace to Roman emperor Diocletian. Pola (Pula), with its most famous Roman Arena (just closed to the cockpit). Venice; its Republic settled and colonized the entire Dalmatia; you can recognize this looking at the bell towers of big and small towns, in the shape of Campanile di San Marco. In the right foreground, the island of San Michele with its cemetery - where among the others were buried Stravinskij, Djagilev, Pound -. End of tour. The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.18