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  1. MilViz F-4E, 57th Wing from Nellis AFB Looking for a seat *** *** *** *** *** *** *** The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Day, PTA. P3D v3.4.22 Never tired of this Innsbruck beauty
  2. Maurizio, simply fantastic. Unbelievable.
  3. Thanks, but the next time I'll find a proper parking for these kind of visitors
  4. No, no, Jack, I'm stuck on 1024. Waiting for the new MSI GTX 1060 6 gb... and the new v4
  5. MilViz F-100D 20th TFW "Triple Zilch" landed in Innsbruck (LOWI) *** *** *** *** *** *** The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.22 Hope in a correct grammatical title
  6. Now, P3D v4 or Aerofly? I personally like to fly all over the world in actual season.
  7. Usual beauty...
  8. Wow, I can even hear the Trapp Family singing that famous tune!
  9. Can't wait for this new jewel.
  10. Translation: A Golden Dragon in the Celestial Empire (aka China) VRS F-18E VFA-192 "Golden Dragons" heading to Beijing (ZBNY) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 北京 The FTX Full Monty, ASN/REX actual Weather/Time, PTA. P3D v3.4.22
  11. I read this topic in the Captain Sim 707 Forum; there's a simmer (Mustang) that gave a similar advice for the B-52, whose terrain radar send P3D to CTD. In that case the gauge to be deactivated is located in [VCockpit02] > ";gauge48=Captain_Sim.b520.terrain!main, 0,550,1024,730" I'm happy too if it worked fine, Bernd. BTW, it's a real pity that CS doesn't update their beautiful products; these tweacks are tweaks - no more -. I miss a loto the 757, 767 and B-52. Fulvio
  12. Bernd, follow this procedure: Go to Panel > Panel.cfg (open with text) > VCockpit10 > put a semi-colon before "gauge27=Captain_Sim.x707.dns!main, 1,1" like this: ";gauge27=Captain_Sim.x707.dns!main, 1,1" (to disable it). FPS goe back to standard values. Please, let me know if it works; remember, if you fly even the extension E-3 AWACS, to do the same action in its Panel.cfg. Fulvio