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  1. I learned it during my working years; you know, in Trieste we have lots of religious confessions; among them there's a big Serbian-Orthodox community and another one Greek-Orthodox. So I used to translate and understand cyrillic alphabet. BTW, the title is literally: "Aeroport Elizovo". So, look at the single letters and you'll learn some cyrillic word; it's a beginning (and good luck for tomorrow, of course).
  2. A2A USN Arctic "Connie" in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Yelizovo-Petropavlovsk (UHPP) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** The FTX Full Monty, REX TD/SC Enhanced, PTA. P3D v4.
  3. Don't worry, guys, Venetian people is well trained with the thousands and thousands noisy tourists.
  5. Jack, believe me; I delayed it for years for sheer laziness. As usual, once you understand 3/4 simple moves, it's done. And you can make use of all the several choices FSUIPC gives you. beginning from the controls personalized between propellers and jets, for instance.
  6. Now I can fully manage this beauty; I'm so glad, Jack!
  7. Left Milan-Malpensa(LIMC) on a A2A L-049 Constellation, USAF MATS *** *** *** Guess where... ... LOWILOWILOWILOWILOWILOWI... Entering in the Salzkammergut Approaching the wonderful Salzburg, where "Là ci darem la mano.." Can't get tired of the stunning A2A lights! The FTX Full Monty, REX TD/SC actual hour, PTA. Eventually installed FS Global 2018 (but after the purchase of WinRar; quite unfair to force people to buy a payware software, since I used to unzip ev'rything successfully so far with the free 7-Zip). BTW, P3D v4.
  8. MilViz T-38A 8th Wing (Beale AFB) over Olbia-Costa Smeralda, Sardinia The FTX Full Monty, REX SC/TD, actual hour, PTA. P3D v4. For the very first time all controls of my hangar has been "personalized" in FSUIPC. Great!
  9. Hi Torchy, can't read properly the last word
  10. Yes, LOWI, you got it!!! Never too tired to get there!
  11. A real jewel in the Alps, actually.
  12. Prepar3D 2017-08-12 19-42-35-61 CS B-737 200 NASA approaching Innsbruck (LOWI) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** The FTX Full Monty, REX SC/TD actual hour, FreeMeshX (instead of FS Global), PTA. P3D v4