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  1. Sad to hear bad news. Stay safe Lain
  2. A good person, a real artist. RIP Vlad.
  3. Even the Olympic committee couldn't resist and left Rio to discover FTX Germany All shots in FSX straight from the V key. Spring, summer and winter textures and of course with our new weather theme. You will also notice the new night lightning technique even for smaller towns.
  4. The name of the theme is Orbx Weather 7. It will be available through the default FSX/P3D weather menu.
  5. It's been a while since ORBX produced it's last weather theme. I live in Belgium, not so far from Germany and I tried to reproduce the kind of weather we have generally here in Europe. General conditions are excellent for low and slow flight. Visibility is maximum so you can fully enjoy your scenery. Winds are calm with cloud deck of average 4.000 feet. At the cloud limit, you will get slightly more turbulence. But bad weather is never that far in Europe. Fly North-West for about 30 minutes and you will face a heavy storm. According to the team's reactions I think it's not that bad. All shots below are P3D default weather engine with REX Soft Clouds textures. Enjoy
  6. Hi Neil, Continuing my test flight along the chaplet of islands. Here's one for you: Cocoa Point (COCO) partially in water
  7. I have two more. That's all for today, getting late here. J.F. Mitchell (TVSB) in water E T Joshua (TVSV) partially in water Well done Neil. I guess those islands belong to some millionaires. There is just room for the airport and their luxurious villa.
  8. Thanks Neil, Looking great, especially the airport backgrounds fit much better the new OLC. Great to add a few houses. I'm checking the Bahamas right now. The area is full of those very small settlements not big enough to call them villages so a few houses at least around the airports is a real plus.
  9. Pittstown Point (MYX1) in water Colonel Hill (MYCI) in water
  10. Found another one : Castaway Cay (MYXB) is 500 meters offset and partially in water
  11. Hi Neil, Deep Water Cay (MYXZ) seems to have a predestined name: it is completely offset and sits in the ocean with Vector enabled.
  12. Thanks Alex, This is FS Global Ultimate mesh.
  13. I made it with a Diamond DA40. I don't even think the real plane would make it. Above 15.000 ft it becomes very hard to climb. From the manufacturer's website it shouldn't fly above 16.400 ft.
  14. We have added 6 photo-real volcanoes. Three are in Mexico and three in Nicaragua. - Popocat├ępetl: the highest one, I had to climb above 18.200 feet to fly above the crater. Took me more than one hour to reach it - Iztaccihauatl - Colima - San Cristobal-Casita - Telica - Momotombo Some beta shots for your eyes only.
  15. Thank you all for your kind words. FSX remains my preferred platform as well.