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  1. Hi nick, If you open Steam application on your PC and go to Aerofly in your library it will tell you what if installed.
  2. I always dreamed of flying over my own house. Innsbruck is still a little too far from Belgium but I'm sure one day my dream will come true thanks to Aerofly FS. And all this is sooo smooooth. Something I have never experienced before. Enjoy these shots around the LOWI region and imagine your home town in ORBX quality photoreal !
  3. Hi Dolf, I love your shots. Especially your sky colors.
  4. Thank you very much for sharing this excellent video. I love it.
  5. Thanks.
  6. By the way, nice repaint of the Cub. Where did you grab it?
  7. A quick google search : I hope this helps. Personnally I could not land much more than a piper cub or a C172.
  8. Excellent shots. Challenging approach isn't it?
  9. Brillant ! And I like the scenario. Thank you françois.
  10. Thank you Scott for those nice shots and for your kind words.
  11. Great shots Mark. Thank you.
  12. Very nice shots. Thank you both.
  13. Are we back in the sixties? Great shot Bug.
  14. Hi Mark, Glad you like my scenery.
  15. Thank you Dolf for your kind words and for those awesome shots.