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  1. Thanks Guys, Well its not my fault there is cloud cover over OLC Europe
  2. Years since I posted Screenshots here but thought I would show the FSL A320 over the med flying into a setting sun. Enjoy!
  3. Auto Land is only used in very rare conditions, As a general rule 1000 ft = no autopilot = no auto thrust. Your pane you are in command.
  4. Hi, Is that the PMDG 747 v2 you have? Learning to fly a A320/737/747 is a huge learning curve and clearly it looks like you're just starting out. You dont GPS your way there, you should not have got GS at 1.500ft and lets not talk about you doing 93Kts at the end of a very long runway. Learning is a huge undertaking and very rewarding one. So I would suggest a few things to help you on your way. Stick to the 747 as boeing's are easier to learn than Airbus's and they don't mix well. Youtube is your friend here, do a search for tutorials on the FMC/FMS, learn about SID's and STAR's, there how to start a route and end it. You need to learn how to use Simbrief or buy PFPX for your flight planning. Chaseplane for your camera's A subscription to navigraph for you charts and your monthly updates. Here is a chart for 18R (below), if you look at it, you can see the GS interception height is 2000ft not 1500ft . That's after you have flown the right STAR to get you there from SUGOL. That's a different chart. You will see on the chart were it says SUGOL it says IAF that stands for initial approach fix, that's where you start slowing down and follow the STAR. The chart at bottom. Your STAR would be SUGOL3B. See! its easy really, well once you know. Good luck and enjoy the learning, like I said it is very rewarding to start a UPS 747 up from cold and dark and Park it up after your flight. Your default Schiphol looks nothing like the FT version. Highly recommended imo about the best airport addon out there at this time. Good luck and Enjoy! The screen shot of the 747 is very nice the one of 18R is painful on the eyes but if you buy FT EHAM you will see why
  5. Looks amazing, FPS look amazing, I will pop back in 2 years time and see if there is a anything like a studly level airliner for it. Until then enjoy the eye candy in the aircraft that comes with it. Huge potential.
  6. So is there any chance or news of an ETA? This weekend ? Next months ? Or are we back to it will be ready when its ready replies
  7. Thanks John, it's always good to know what's happening.
  8. If that roof held up the release.............
  9. Your almost apologizing for asking the question? It was coming out last weekend and JV said on Friday some small work needed doing. Its was good to get the HU. So asking if it will happen this weekend is a perfectly good question regardless of the answer.
  10. OK, Thanks for the HU.
  11. Yer if that little golden roof is not there for me to see when flying in on flight BAW684 flight then its a show stopper!!!! Really!!! I hope them tables and chairs are modeled as I need a coffee/tea before the return flight. No coffee/tea no flight!!! I hope your have modeled the view looking at Bill's mothers?
  12. Time to know what's to come, LOWI is not a normal airport. So for the people here that like there simming to be on the heavy side....FSL A320 This guy is great a IRL pilot. You can skip this to 24:10
  13. Stop reading the forums Jarrad and get the job done . Looking forward to this one. I've already printed out all the Charts.
  14. There is a very good Salzburg out. Thanks for the water reply's guys and a photo to boot wow!, Hope to see the "green river" when flying in.