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  1. There is a photo real (freeware) package for the Canary Islands. It doesn't include Madeira unfortunately, but it DOES look very nice (especially with a LOD of 8.5)! I use the freeware Sim Giants Gran Canaria airport which works well with it, so yeah, a useful addition for any European tube liner jockey wanting to do the 'fun in the sun' routes. The entire Balearics (as well as Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and even two small Cape Verde Islands) are available as freeware too, whilst you are waiting for Orbx to depict them in 'experience packs' that is .
  2. Ah, Cambridge..I'd forgotten about that one. What a versatile airport that would have been! Everything from Tiger Moths doing lazy circuits on a Summers day, to Military iron thumping down for a serious modification or two. Christ I was looking forwards to getting Cambridge (and Old Buckenham, which was also on the roadmap)! I seem to remember seeing a 747 on the Cambridge approach when I was driving past the drome (a few years ago), and EGSC formed a part of our PPL Navigational Triangle from Norwich (with the long since defunct Nacton forming the other bit), so from a personal perspective, Cambridge would have been a very welcome addition. At least Gary Summons is in the process of making EGSH Norwich! Man, I seriously can't WAIT for that one!! I hope he models our old clubhouse, because that would be bloody nostalgia overload! Anyway, its great that Jimbo is enjoying Goodwood and Southampton. Get the atmospheric haze/visibility down to 20 nm Jim to appreciate them properly!
  3. Yes, the concentration of airfields restricted to the South of England was commented on when the UK airfield development was still on-going. Welshpool is the exception of course, and was picked up from being a previously unfinished project. Maybe the longer term plan was to gradually expand North in incremental hops, but whatever the vision, they just weren't selling and the proverbial plug was pulled. Its a shame, because most of the FTX airfields developed for FTX England have such a unique atmosphere, and I can't really think of one I don't like! IF (and I'm not saying you do) want an airfield in central England or Scotland, then you could take a look at some of the UK2000 'Extreme' offerings. They aren't as 'arty' as the OrbX ones, but they are accurate, and all the later ones have blends for FTX or Photoreal. Prestwick and Humberside are my latest acquisitions, but I haven't really tested them in FTX yet.
  4. Goodwood is a very nice add-on airfield. I like warbirds. Specifically the A2A warbirds! Goodwood is home to the Boultbee Flight Academy which has a collection of Spitfires, a couple of P:51 Mustangs as well as a Havard, so together with KPSP Palm Springs its a brilliant place to loop, roll or just tour the countryside in a WW2 Fighter! If GA aircraft are more your thing then Goodwood is perfect too, but as VH said above, you really should think about adding Compton Abbas to your collection, because its a cracker! Oh, and Compton Abbas has a Harvard too! (Not that I'm biased towards Warbirds ).
  5. I remember the Air Anglia F:27s well. In fact, I remember being VERY disappointed when our Air Anglia ride from Schiphol to Norwich turned out to be an F:27, and NOT a DC3 Dakota! We'd always previously flown on the Yellow, White and Black liveried Dakotas, so what on earth was this shrill sounding uncharismatic 'THING' doing on the apron?!! I was only a kid, but even though I wasn't (then) fully clued up as to the history and the significance of the Dak, I just knew I loved everything about it! I loved the climb up through the fuselage to get to the seats, I loved the rattles and vibrations when the engines started, and I particularly loved the fact the captains would always allow me and my brothers into the cockpit for the trip across the North Sea. The F:27s quickly became the only option, but I kinda got to like the big windows, and watching the wheels come down . Then they all got painted Blue,White and Red and that was the end of yet another era! .
  6. Being from within England, I wont give it away! However, our local regional airline (Air UK) operated the type out of EGSH (Norwich) for a while. I remember going from Jersey to Norwich on one, thinking it was a strange looking F:27 .
  7. This shot won't tell you much either , but, as I was flitting around Shoreham in an Alabeo biplane, it struck me that I've really been neglecting 'slow n low' flying for far too long! So, bearing in mind your 'Fall' textures question, I decided to have a bit of a sight-seeing session along the seafront. When the lights pinged on (a few minutes after the shot was taken) you could almost smell the fish & chips wafting into the cockpit! The textures are muted, subdued and moody, and even if they are a little off the mark in terms of sheer horticultural accuracy, they kind of evoke that foggy, damp Autumnal chill feeling quite well. At an emotional level at least, I find it quite convincing. Right, I'm off to the chippy!
  8. Right, this is how I'm seeing things from the cockpit of the A2A P:51, buzzing around Shoreham with the sim set at the 14th December, at 15:00 hrs local time. I don't know if that tells you anything, but by way of comparison?
  9. I keep interpreting his question in different ways. I initially thought he may have been concerned he'd got a flawed install, and wanted to know if his screenshot was a proper representation of EU 'OrbX' England, (hence my remarking that Sniper's screenshot was a fair representation of an "FSX" Autumn). Looking at it again, it seems more likely that Geezer wanted to know if England (as in yer bona fide Blighty) looked like his screenshot at this time of the year, and of course in THAT context you are correct. My journey from work a few moments ago (from an RAF WW2 former bomber base) was very colourful against the low sun. The trees were almost glowing red, and the stubble left over from the harvest had the most vibrant golden hue. I didn't see a single blade of grass in twelve miles, but had I done, I'm sure it would have been very green!
  10. And indeed what it SHOULD look like. Our Autumn/Fall deciduous trees have been displaying various shades of copper brown for several weeks now, and the intensity of those tones varies by 'pre-fall' temperatures. Right now in the UK it is very mild. Not by Hawaiian standards, but certainly unseasonal! Obviously the FTX HD trees don't account for temperature variation, but Sniper's screenshots are a fair representation of an FSX 'Fall'. Caaront's shot displays two different seasons. Spring on the right, and Summer on the left. The yellow fields represent a crop called Oilseed Rape, and its a common sight here throughout the Spring months (specifically April), and a bitch if you suffer from hay fever! The left and right hemispheres in geezer's shot look different too? I'm not sure if he has Summer trees overlying Autumn textures, whether its an abrupt land class change or just down to the lighting, but it doesn't look quite right, even if only for the fact most trees will be brown or leafless by now.
  11. Its a lovely offer Euan. Sadly, with erratic working hours, as well as currently engaged in 'shopping duties' for a terminally ill relative, I couldn't commit to it. And with ZERO experience in online flying, the learning curve might be a little steep, given my limited sim time. Maybe once things have calmed down on the home front, I'll give you a 'Tally Ho and chocks away' if the offer still stands . Two years until a PC upgrade, and VR reaching maturity sounds pretty okay to me. I'm reluctant to part with my current PC, (as antiquated as it is) because it runs FSX really well, but its time will come. Maybe when the A2A Constellation gets released, simming will take on a whole new dimension for me. because that cockpit does look kinda gorgeous, and itsa big world out there! However, I'll always remain faithful to the A2A warbirds, so I may yet see you in the virtual skies above Duxford!
  12. No worries Euan. I was just a little concerned that you may not have known about the ACGs version, but clearly you have. As a regular attendee of the Duxford airshows and an ardent fan of the A2A warbirds, I find the Duxford addon pretty indispensable! I tend to use FS Recorder so I can do formation routines with 'myself' (if you know what I mean?), but what you are doing sounds like fun too! I wonder what flying the A2A Spitfire over and around Duxford would look like using virtual reality! . Maybe that is something I'll get to try one day . I did get to try out the P:51 cockpit and multi monitor setup at this years Duxford Autumn Airshow, and my office chair and single monitor has felt comparatively bland since then (I wish I'd not bothered now) I need Exeter, Humberside and Southend in the UK2000 sale, so now the wife has popped out for a couple of hours I'm gonna get busy .
  13. SimStarterNG will save you endless frustrations! As was pointed out on another post, there ARE freeware alternatives, BUT, SimStarter is pretty cheap, and carries a lot of clout under the hood! You'll have the ability to deselect DLLs not relevant to a particular flight profile, the ability to delete aircraft liveries at the touch of a button, the ability to add or delete scenery, and the list goes on......and on! I cured a rather annoying and consistently repeatable 'freeze' on leaving the FTX addon of Stapleford simply by deselecting FTX Vector. Folk might assert that FTX Vector has no influence within a 'full-fat' region, and I don't pretend to understand the underlying mechanics, but it worked. In fact when I experienced that same 'freeze' on a recent flight, I instantly knew I'd inadvertently loaded a profile with FTX Vectors still active. If I don't want the twenty second lock-ups when approaching Clacton Vor 114.55 using just FTX Global and OpenLC, then I select the profile that uses UTX instead of Vector. Problem circumvented! The Duxford profile is probably my most used! Duxford 'Flying Legends' using either the A2A P:51 or Spitfire! After a hard days toil on the scaffolding, shooting a routine over Duxford in an angry Stang is a great stress buster! I would advise deactivating the UK2000 VFR Fowlmere though, as on my system it smoothed things out just a little bit more, and the UK2000 Cambridge could impact slightly if you are using a LOD above and beyond the default. Out of personal interest though, can I ask? Why are you using the UK2000 VFR Duxford as opposed to the ACGs Freeware? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the UK2000 stuff (sale started today), but the ACG version was a focused labour of love, and fits into the OrbX lands just fine.
  14. The new Land class areas don't supersede the region packs you have, and they are indeed designed to be used in conjunction with each other.
  15. It looks like there are several 'FTX' and 'ORBX' files in the main FSX Texture folder too. Would it be safer to just back up the entire FSX folder instead? I'll make individual folders such as 'texture' 'sound' 'scenery/world/scenery' etc and then just place copies of the respective FTX files in them, rather than backing up the entire contents. As long as we all know that the main OrbX folder will be recognised and accepted by Central 3, the miscellaneous files shouldn't be too hard to track down and save. It was the more complex stuff such as the autogen descriptions, dll files and xml things I was concerned about, but needlessly so (apparently).