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  1. FTX England has it's own set of customized airports.
  2. Great set Adam. How does the VC look?
  3. Great work Maurizio! I guess the Justsim Cote d'Azur is still fully compatible with the scenery?
  4. Great! I LOVE Switzerland! I've been there at Meiringen and Alpnach just three weeks ago. Looking forward to it Sylvain, thank you!
  5. Sorry Stewart. It wasn't meant to be. I typed it with a smile but forgot to put smileys with it.
  6. Helloooooo, do we read? No? Read again: True, but one can do a lot more than another with the same amount of polygons. It's just which polygons are drawn in what way so they can be reduced to the max and keep the same amount of detail with more FPS.
  7. Norway is very dense in some areas. Maybe the comparison between Norway and Global Denmark is not a good one. Let's say Norway and PNW. The latter is more FPS and VAS friendly in dense areas than Norway. The UK also is quiet heavy, even in not so dense areas and NCA is great in terms of FPS and VAS. So, yes, there is a difference in performance between regions. It's the same with airports: Why the heck is Squamish such a framerate hog (even with FLOW functions completely ticked off) and is Sonoma smooth full monty? Depends on the knowledge of optimization of a developer I guess and so it is with regions, again, I guess.
  8. Nr. 1 for me + helicopters and occasionally military jets and trainers.
  9. Solving VAS problems in 32-bit sims is possible but not with the current sims. At least, LM and DTG will not invest in a module to prevent the sim from crashing due to a fully used VAS, I think. What needs to be done is simply load the immediate surrounding of the plane, say 40 miles, and leave the rest out of the precious memory. As said, that will be an investment of developing a memory management module with "garbage collection", a technique which throws away what is no longer needed. Besides that, the module can monitor the amount of VAS used and pauses the sim to get rid of unused bits instead of simply crashing. After the clean-up, the simmer can go on flying. It will be a matter of a few seconds pause or less. So it wil require some additional programming of which I don't know if it's possible with the current 32-bit engines but then again, many add-on produces use separate DLL's to go around engine shortcomings, so why not a VAS management DLL? Yes, we have the external bells and whistles but if you ignore them the sim will crash. A dedicated DLL from the developer who have licensed the MS engine can make it possible. MS should have built that in the engine in the first place.
  10. I thought we (at least, I) only did these challenging take-offs in sim.
  11. Always a great mix of RL and caps Gerold!
  12. I hope to be in the Alps next Wednesday to photograph some Swiss Hornets and Tigers. And I also hope the weather is as good as in your fabulous screenshots!
  13. I have the Wales scenery for quiet some time already but I never managed to fly to all the places you did in one flight! Great set of a very nice part of the UK Jack.
  14. Oh man, those clouds look good!
  15. The PC-12 is one of my favorite planes too, although I don't fly it that much. Amazing VC Carenado has made!