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  1. Try - YPPH - Perth International Airport - Western Australia for P3D at avsim: - Downlaod:
  2. Thanks for info. well, winter time is more seaonable for northern lights, looking forward ...
  3. Are there any progressing news for this project?
  4. Try here:
  5. This could be Dewey More Airstrip/I99D in Idaho (?)
  6. This looks like Hahnweide/EDST - Germany
  7. Thanks for this most interesting eye-opener!
  8. @Alex I know about this but may I add: Many people in Germany don't have a credit card (Kreditkarte) you mentioned above. (and most of them they don't need it) Predominatly in use is a so called "Bankkarte" (bank card or service card) which the bank offers to his customers having an account. Aside from cash this card is the daily use for getting money from the cash terminal or is in use as debit- or credit card (a national German debit card system "Electronic cash") to pay for you purchases in stores.
  9. Very disappointing! This decision makes a bad day especially for German customers. In Germany credits cards are not in common use in comparison to North America. This could result in a loss of customers.
  10. IcelandDemo and openLC Europe are the same in regard to their contents of Olc_eu8 and Olc_eu9.
  11. Unlike other areas Germany has nearly no areas without anything like trees or grassland we are used from USA like prairies, deserts or huge large forest areas. In most areas of Germany there are villages, towns, cities, industry and so on. So occasionally there may be some stuttering when sceneries are refreshed or if sceneries are too "heavy", fully amimated like Berlin or other big cities. Basically it depends on the hardware, of course.
  12. No doubt, Cushman Meadows is an excellent, outstanding scenery however, the former Emma Field X radiated a special winning charm which was exceptional!
  13. Look here: \Orbx\Troubleshooter\MigrationTroubleshooter.exe
  14. Try VfrFlight (2.1)
  15. Yes, all of them, step by step.