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  1. Beautiful pics!
  2. You Sir are very talented.
  3. Thank you for reminding me about this gem. There's a well written article at AVSIM does does a great job explaining how to properly install in P3d v4. That article & the plane fixes make this an excellent place to visit in v4. I took some pics. You want to see?
  4. Nice! Jose
  5. Always a favorite of mine: FPS now tamed by P3d v4.
  6. WOW! I can not believe they are still holding on to your money. Anyway, with the easy access to credit cards now days there's no excuse not to get one. You can even use most debit cards as VISA. Thanks for the sales and updates.
  7. It's fun for me. I love testing. I hope JV is reading this.
  8. What does Nike say?
  9. This is insane! P3D v4 has changed my life.
  10. The airports will work once you successfully update to OF v2. Read some of the challenges in the Beta forum and decide if you want to jump on board.
  11. This will motivate more v4 users to opt into beta.
  12. PTA.
  13. With love from Sedona. Jose
  14. KPSP v4