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  1. Hi Holger Will there be any changes required for Tongass Fjords to work in the new 64 bit version ?
  2. Well said, I think most of us here are a fan base
  3. I threw mine in a draw when I retired, I thought it could do with the rest. My wife has a 12 year old one that we carry for emergencies, and she has never wanted a picture of her ear, or to connect to the internet, so we are both happy
  4. Good luck, sorry to hear about your misfortune, and glad no-one was injured
  5. Have swapped compo (composite rations) for MRE's just for a change, when serving used to prefer Gurkha ration to British ration, but you can not beat fresh rations when available, took the choice once of asking for fresh instead and was handed a live chicken in cardboard box. It was a pain to carry and seemed to know, whenever I was trying to balance on a log or clamber over something and would flap about and throw me off balance. It did not survive till we hit the night stop, but it did taste good
  6. Welcome to the forum Alex
  7. Nice finds thanks for posting
  8. Great shots thanks for posting
  9. I don't think you will be disappointed but watch out it is addictive
  10. enjoy Taph
  11. Cracking set, they definitely kept me awake