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  1. WOW ! Very beautiful shots, I will like to fly over these cities to enjoy the scenery.
  2. Hi Jack It says for FSX and P3D V3 or your may try to install it in P3D V4. Visit this site and download TAIPEI CITY X V3.0 at the bottom of the last photo. After seeing all the photos you can't believe such a freeware has this excellent standard. It also includes the airport Songshan Airport RCSS. If already installed PIS RCTP, remember at RCTP Scenery folder to remove RCSS_ADEX_GM.bgl, otherwise overlapped buildings will be seen.
  3. Hi Senchay May be you want to get this freeware for RCTP and Taiwan city scenery
  4. Hi Please read these web sites
  5. WOW, beautiful shots .
  6. Beautiful shots. Is it means updated patch for Vector P3DV4 is coming soon ?
  7. Please see the web site below :
  8. That is a great news for the simmers. Many thanks to the Orbx Team.
  9. Fantastic shots. Must buy when out. Thanks Lain
  10. For your information I have just received the Senior Discount acceptance from Orbx. Just follow the procedures, then you will get the discount for ever.
  11. There is a scenery namely " Japan Wow vol 1 Sapporo & Hakodate for FSX & P3D" which is P3D V4 compatible.
  12. Me too. Cannot connect OrbxDirect
  13. Hi Jack Holgemesh is now available for P3D V4, you can check this from OrbxDirect Freeware site. Cheers
  14. Many thanks for the excellent series of shots.
  15. Jack, thank you for your excellent series of shots.