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  1. announcement

    mixed emotions when reading stuff like this exciting , yes perhaps, confusing - definitely, and no doubt costly oh well lets see
  2. im just trying to figure out where to park the Singapore airlines 772 AI aircraft
  3. just curious where does it say they are doing Adelaide?
  4. aah yes brings back memories think fs4 was the 1st sim I bought . loved making the short trip from meigs to ohare
  5. isn't it just some of the 772 and 767 that are still in old colours.
  6. great set . thx iain waiting impatiently
  7. nice indeed that is one long jetway in the 2nd shot
  8. announcement

    ymml already? i thought it maybe a whille yet awesome John just on the side . any update re NZAA . is it still in the pipeline?
  9. ahh bankstown
  10. hmm wonder which one?
  11. looking forward to this
  12. well some relieving news . I replaced the ATC folder with one that was still there in my old defunct FS PC (same date, as I use editvoicepack on that machine and transfer it over ) and atc is back . not sure what had happened with the one I had in the new PC . so phew im spared from any reinstall etc for now , I hope, fingers,toes all crossed) but big thanks to everyone who posted and assisted . certainly some useful info amongst it for future reference
  13. thx jsapair. much appreciated yeah am searching around desperately. a full reinstall is the last thing I want too
  14. which disk John? you mean the original fsx disk?. would it be worth a shot? im so confused and baffled atm. it was working ok a few days ago. am trying to think what has happened since to suddenly cause this now also one of the files in my gauge folder for the Virtualcol ATR aircraft is also causing fsx to crash when I select an atr aircraft and lately fsx crashes right as the flight loads in the beginning pointing to this module MSVCR80.dll this is getting so messy . im not very good with all this. have never had to uninstall and reinstall so very apprehensive about that too incase I mess up and not uninstall fully but not sure what options I have left
  15. thx guys doug . thx for that link so I don't need to go into fsx and untick and delete from scenery library or anything like that ?