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  1. Thanks Guys! TFDi 717, FSX boxed, DX10 with Steve. ASN and Shade! Cheers
  2. One

    Thanks Guys! FSX Boxed, DX10.
  3. +1 here!
  4. Jeez! Impressive.
  5. Mighty fine settings. Great caps here! 3's my favourite! Cheers!
  6. One

    Thanks Graeme!. Only got the model today then a quick repaint for Tassie with a bit to go.{Only done one side} But its paintable without medication. Love the VC and the 'IPAD' . You can put stuff in it. The model inside and out is high quality. Not cheap but could be my go-to tubeliner.. Frames are a bit like PMDG/Ifly stuff or a bit better. Watch this space. Cheers! Mitch
  7. One

    TFDi 717 leaving Hobart. Cheers!
  8. Thanks guys! An oldie but goodie!
  9. I do like the Mustang! And Tassie. Cheers all!
  10. Steves DX10 fixer now has a cheap payware addon for cloud shadows. A game changer for fsx I reckon. Thanks Terry. Been off work, in and out of surgery for a couple of months. On the mend though. Cheers
  11. A trip from Hobart to Lake Pedder Tasmania. FSX and R/L. Cheers