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  1. All the best Fellas' and a happy new year. Cheers!
  2. Superb set Dolf!
  3. Thanks Guys! Gumby, I'm off to Huonville in a moment......That will be interesting.
  4. Like a mozzie caught in a bug zapper. Like 'em! Cheers
  5. Yeah! Good set.
  6. Haaaaaaaaaa! Anyhow, Like it Adam
  7. Damn fine set there!
  8. Nostalgia followed by suspense! Well?
  9. Another wet, cold and crappy day down here! Cheers all
  10. Great! Well done. Number 1 does it for me.
  11. You 'are the man. You always know how to showcase models and scenery! Good'O!
  12. Nice cap! Well done on what is a problematic paint job too!