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  1. Happy 9th Birthday Iain. I must say you look a bit older in your avatar
  2. Beautiful Benny @Tim Harris, what can i say? That was a truly stunning video. Glad you are on the Orbx team and can transfer your photographic skills. Where is Garden of Stones and it is represented in FTX AU?
  3. Nice shots Stewart. Now you've only got a 4 hour wait at passport control !!!!
  4. Not a candidate for screenshot of the day I admit, but just thought it would be good to show the extent to which the Orbx devs have gone to in providing such detail.
  5. Just wanted to show the efforts to detail in OLC SA. I flew out of SADF San Fernando in Argentina and came across this theme park with a rollercoaster and Wheel.
  6. Cathy. Don't give up. Hate to say it but it may be "user error" that is causing you problems with elevations. Most of us here have AU and NZ working just fine and are more than happy to help you sort out your issues. For your info i am running v4 with AU, NZ Vector and Ultimate NG mesh. I don't have issues, so it only means you need a bit of help and you wil be in the same good state that my sim is in. Give us more details. As GregJ says for example, have you ticked the I have FTX AU installed in the Vector control panel. Vector is not required to be enabled in those 2 addons at all because all the necessary data is included in those "full fat" regions. Help is here, show us ypur problems with an example or 2 and you will be enjoying v4 like the rest of us pretty damn quickly.
  7. Lovely shots Iain. They really show off the "unmentionable" mesh in some of those pics
  8. End of statement !!!
  9. Be careful guys you are talking about another developers mesh product here even if it is a freeware.
  10. Many thanks Iain. Your settings are exactly as mine are. Max details throughout. Do get the AFM as you will need it occasionally,
  11. Congrats Iain on your new purchase. I have had Ultimate NG since it came out and it certainly enhances the visuals doesn't it? I would be very interested to see how you handle the various anomalies of troughs and plateaux that will occur. I assume you also download and installed the special AFM2 flattening programme? As you know the AFM is designed to be used where Vector AEC doesn't have the ICAO of the airport you may have an elevation problem with. However I find it is better in many circumstances than the AEC, so sometimes it best to remove the AEC ICAO from Vector and install the ICAO flattening from AFM. What metre resolution are you using in your sim? Are you sticking with the 5m recommendation? Also are you still having it enabled when you fly in a FTX Region with it's own mesh. I do, and see no adverse affect 99% of the time. So now we will see many of your superb pics and preview shots in greater detail especially of course in the mountainous areas. I would ask if you would be good enough to answer my questions above as I look to you as somewhat of an expert and may learn from you regarding mesh settings etc since we are now operating the same mesh.
  12. I have been following the Tour de France on TV and decided a couple of weeks ago to find all the airfields nearest to the daily routes. It is fascinating to find them and then fly around what must be one of the most beautiful (geographically and topographically) countries in the world. The Pyrenees and Alps sections are stunning. Any way I found a site that shows all the airfields of France http://www.arthurandarthur.co.uk/AA/index.php/french-airfields-map.html and use it to find all the locations. Yesterday I did a short flight from LFMR to LFNC Barcelenette to St Crepin and it was beautiful albeit short. IFor long haul flight I tend to follow the Formula 1 schedule. Just thought I would introduce the concept
  13. Jack, the problems you had before could well have been related to Track IR. It can be fickle.
  14. Hi Jack. I was looking into the error messages you got and since you and Jetline are sure it is not a PC hardware fault i suggest maybe you check any USB linked things you have. There are a lot of posts regarding this fault and a sample of which is in the link: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2342759/fix-clock-watchdog-timeout-error.html
  15. Congrats. I can just see our mate Jack Sawyer looking at that T-shirt and being green with envy. Someone has stolen his mantle