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  1. You get a long weekend free camping near the cliff edge of your choice complete with a free vegetarian Bar-B-Q.
  2. Ocean of Storms or in Latin, Oceanus Procellarum, on the moon. In daylight of course No idea, I will back my mate Jack and say Catalina, the one on Earth in California, USA.
  3. It works fine in v4 (the landclass) as do many of the airports. Anything that is just bgl based appears to work OK in my experience so far.
  4. There is the Haruo Japan Lanclass package which enhances the default Japan, plus there are many freeware airports if you look in somewhere like Freewarescenery plus some airports and a good cityscape of Tokio. http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/japan.html Landclass link http://gex.flight1.net/forumimages/jpx_beta070.zip
  5. Jack, many REX items will be updated by the end of the month. Check the REX forum. First to be done will be quote : PREPAR3D V4 – REX PRODUCTS STATUS UPDATE: LAST UPDATE: 6/13/2017 Thank you everyone for your patience. Though we still have some testing to do with some products we can now give a firm update on our progress for upgrading REX products for Prepar3D. The following is a list of products that will be receiving a hotfix to support Prepar3Dv4: Estimated release June 2017 · REX Worldwide Airports HD · REX 4 Texture Direct · REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds · REX Soft Clouds End of June is only 6 days away.
  6. Nick, since when have you been giving "bald" statements?? As a follicly challenged member of this forum I could possibly object
  7. Great shots. Only comment I have is that the weather is not real ! +30c for about a week with clear skies. Only joking, but have got to mention such a rare occurrence in the UK
  8. Thanks guys. I really like the atmosphere that pre-dusk and dusk bring to the scenery. With the right settings the colour tones really stand out. Not all of them may be truly realistic but different parts of the world have different dawn & dusk lighting as my experience of having lived in 23 countries around the world have shown me. A good example is comparing a sunset on the mainland versus a sunset on an ocean liner in the Caribbean or Pacific or Med. Stunning vistas are experienced right across the whole of the horizon in vivid colours.
  9. Came across this fix for the large mouse pointer problem you get when you use DSR, especially DSR x4. Go to your Mouse properties, click on Pointer Options, Display pointer trails. Tick to enable but then move the slider to the far left.
  10. You must be the most dedicated, enthusiastic simmer I have ever come across tennyson. Kudos to you mate
  11. Gliding over LA FTX SCA. P3dv4, Night Environment California, Ultimate NG, Glider from:http://www.ukvga.org/aircraft.php
  12. Nice shots Jack with your customary upside down view! Do you have a sick bag in the cockpit? Where did you get Iain's settings from, as i would like to try them?
  13. Flying out of Krabi Thailand late afternoon: Global Base, Ultimate NG. P3Dv4.
  14. No upside down flying under Tower Bridge Jack?? What's up mate....having a bad day? I also note that Heathrow was empty... I expect it was one of those damn 24 hour strikes. Nice shots