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  1. JV and your Vigilant(e) Mods: Vector is very very slow, and that contractor should have a fire, rocket, bomb or whatever pleases you set off beneath him. Also it is hard, in Australia, to survive without YMML and YBBN. Make the objects flow as quickly as possible. If you can, eternal thanks, if you can't I will still remain loyal.
  2. Quite unofficially could anyone advise if there is any other Orbx scenery, airports of course, that will work in P3Dv4, Mods I know that no responsibility lies with Orbx whatsoever, but we geeks like an occasional risk.
  3. JV: you did us proud to get the first tranche of your scenery into v4. However there has been a big gap since...Is Vector any the closer, as I would love to get shorelines back into shape. Is it correct that you need a first update from LM before airports can be published? If so that confines you to someone else's timeline.
  4. On Jetstar, the Qantas cheap fare airline. Jetstar flies Airbus, Qantas the Boeing 787, curiously the A330 the A380, for a very long time the B747 and soon to come the 787,
  5. Great pics, but doesn't it give you the sh1ts when Object Flow, usually on payware airports happily drives vehicles through your taxiing aircraft. Makes my heart stop when it is a tanker, in the RW we would all be incinerated. Here at least it is just bullsh1t.
  6. ASIG RW, fr 4 monitor
  7. Sorry mate, I really put my foot in it. I am not a softie, these jobs are essential, the tasks heroic, and essential in our modern form of warfare that is without 'fronts'. I referred to the film, which I found compelling, but as I have said I found the beginning very challenging. Because of that, I felt driven to make my comment, but I shall never refer to it again..but to avoid my being at fault in this, you did choose to identify yourself in this way. Nuff said.
  8. Sniper 31, the start to that film was horrifying, too terrible for me to use as a handle. However, I agree with your viewpoint, why else is the community drooling over Innsbruck, and we all think ESSA is outstanding by all measures. However, I have checked, and the FlyTampa version is for P3D. By the way, we love Honolulu and have been to the Arizona twice.
  9. And not a bad commercial Munich is available. Jarad, what on earth more can you add to this, release, release...
  10. JV: I started all this, and I am content with your very helpful replies. Putting aside the usual simmers impatience for NOW, I am happy to wait for SP5 and a paid upgrade is reasonable. But like TC and some others I am approaching 80, so I am running out of years, so 2018 is still a risk. Don't be late. I'm with KDK, I would like to see Wellcamp in there, a great exercise in free enterprise and risk-taking. Your Melbourne and Brisbane are great for their years, but in spite of the fact there are commercial competitors, could you commission someone to do Sydney - YSSY?
  11. ps Spud, my shot was taken just NW of Cunnamulla in western Queensland, on a Sydney-Hong Kong flight.
  12. I do have the SP4, but as I like to do transcontinental flights, then these changes seem quite abrupt still. I could replicate the shot above, but it is worth pointing out that the vegetation on the watercourses is very repetitive and in make up a pattern that is more than a little stilted. However, I am only asking for an LC update for Australia, and will continue to start long-haul flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane nevertheless.
  13. Teecee, look at this. Abrupt boundaries that do not exist in reality, repetitive tiles on watercourse, rectangular and square water bodies in places. This is a boundary between two of the four original regions produced by Orbx, and to me it just looks 'stitched' together.
  14. Teecee, but some of the boundaries between the first four "zones" look like they were sewn together with a wool bag needle nd twine. hwh86, I agree. We are using a good but amateur YPAD, and if Orbx could commission a single developer to create a quality payware airport our money would be there. Yet ESSA among others shows us Orbx can commission and insist on quality.
  15. Teecee, I am glad to hear this. Does your source have any hint of the time-scale? I suspect Orbx Europe for v4 is the priority.