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  1. Thanks Paul, just flying a couple more new ones now. Should go to bed as it is late but I am totally engrossed.
  2. Thanks Erik. Thank you Adam, the freeware stuff mostly has "ordinary" cockpits but I think this is the only chance a lot of these planes will be seen in FS. Saying that Jankees mentioned that AH have a Commando in the pipeline which is interesting news. Cheers Jack. It was an exciting flight especially the drop into Haines through 8/8 clouds. I will post the entire flight in the future, hands free that is Thanks Gents for your messages, greatly appreciated they are.
  3. Flying hands free. A novel feature from a freeware plane. 24. Count them, one, two, three!
  4. Beautiful forests and fields here, such vibrant colours.
  5. I expected the unexpected view, wonderful shot.
  6. Beautiful views and a great old plane. Welcome news about the AH Commando too.
  7. Glorious shot from the cockpit.
  8. Who would want to land with such beautiful scenery to look at?
  9. Fantastic flight Sammy and some glorious caps from your escapade.
  10. Excellent views of a very suave plane. Goes with the plane really well.
  11. Beautiful shots running into the rain. Wonderful clouds over the mountains, don't go running into them though
  12. Very impressive series of shots from your flight Sammy. Beautiful take off shot with all the city lit up behind the jet.
  13. Thanks Adam, glad you are enjoying the C-46 and some wonderful views of it in action. Thank you John, hope to see you flying one soon!
  14. Wonderful set of caps Adam. Some beautiful views looking down.
  15. Gold Medal set of shots. Wonderful scenery and plane.