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  1. Magical set Paul, it is fun flying around the balloons. You will find more at Cessnock and Lilydale in Australia.
  2. Wonderful shots.
  3. Excellent down under set Iain.
  4. Beautiful shots Iain.
  5. Highly enjoyable trip, a whole plethora of amazing scenic shots.
  6. Beautiful set of caps.
  7. That is a glorious shot, what a way to start the day.
  8. A might fine looking Beaver and some glorious shots of your flight.
  9. Wonderful set Jack, hope you are enjoying the most picturesque part of The Land Down Under.
  10. So happy to see that the fix worked for you Jack. Now you can enjoy flying in this glorious part of Oz.
  11. Glorious set Jack with some very familiar and scenic countryside.
  12. Excellent takes here.