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  1. I thought the LM "fix" was to correct whatever they broke on the initial release of v3.4. That aside, I don't think there is a "fix" for the 32-bit VAS problem. We'll only see it solved with the release of a 64-bit program. IMNSHO, if there were truly a "fix" for the VAS issue we would have seen it long ago..........Doug
  2. As above, not all products have a control panel for configuration. You can see the control panel, if one is available, by selecting the product in FTXCv3 and then left-click on the picture. If a control panel is there it will show as one of the blue boxes on the right and the line preceediing the box will say "Configure this product....". If this line and blue box are not there then you'll know the product can't be configured. Doug
  3. A big part of the problem are the sales. Who can resist 30-40% off? JD has to stop this nonsense. I don't think he realizes what a sale does to we-the-addicted. Or.........maybe he does and that's why they have the sales. Sigh.....Is there some sort of 12-Step program for ORBX users?
  4. Please, yes, lead me to the clinic also. Several years back I'd never even heard of FTX/ORBX much less bought anything. Then my son (and I may never forgive him.....this is all his fault) gave me a disc as a birthday present. Some sort of flight-simulator scenery call Pacific Northwest or something like that. And now I own them all.....every scenery product FTX has made. Have I used them all? No. Will I buy the next release? Yes. Will I use the next release? Probably not. Am I addicted? No.....i'm an art collector .
  5. Interesting indeed. Why would they be there if they had nothing to say? And remember, they don't support an entertainment product ..........Doug
  6. Most of us here are not real-world pilots David. Some of us old farts, like me, do have some RW experience but, in my case at least, a combination of medical issues and costs have nailed us to the flight-simming chair. Enjoy your time here. There are a great bunch of folks in this forum and they are ready to help in any possible way. And you'll find no better vendor support than from the folks at ORBX......Doug
  7. Welcome to the forum(s) David...............Doug
  8. Here's another one that you need to read:
  9. And foolish, foolish, foolish........................
  10. Nick - Why was my last post to this thread removed?
  11. You already have the answer...I just want to say welcome to the forum(s).
  12. I fully understand. My question was not meant to be critical. I just thought the reason might be that you had found a specific problem with the update. I don't update drivers and seldom update Windows for the same reason. The philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" goes a long ways with computers..........Doug
  13. Just curious, since you are already running ObjectFlow why would you not want the update? Maybe others could benefit.....Doug
  14. Welcome to the forum(s). As JV said, there is no negative impact on performance. Global Base Pack only replaces the ground textures. In fact, but I have no idea why, my FPS actually went up a bit after installing Global Base Pack (but don't count on it ). No need to hold back - buy it now and enjoy how much better everything looks. Your brother's computer is about the best there is for flight simming. If I were to build a new one today I'd use those same components. The performance will be very good indeed..........Doug
  15. We wish you luck too.....just don't mistakenly uninstall the P3D version of the I did.....