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  1. Can't Remember Shite. Many of us old guys suffer from the disease.....especially if we're married.
  2. CRS is a terrible disease..........
  3. No need to worry about what's in P3D. The latest NavAid data is available here ( ) and it's a really simple process to update either FSX or P3Dv3. The whole thing, including the download takes less that 5 minutes. You can update only certain regions or the whole world. Doug
  4. No need to run FSX after each install. You can install everything one-after-the-other. The airport configuration can be run at any time - either after each airport install or after they are all installed. Some other products can also be configured (Regions, LC, etc.) and also have individual control panels. Doug
  5. No guessing game Nick. The thread was titled "64 bit P3D". Sorry I didn't include that the first time..........Doug
  6. The thread appears to have been deleted. Is that correct and, if so, why?
  7. Welcome to the forum(s). You only need to reinstall the base pack. No need to reinstall the others.....Doug
  8. A quick Google on "Windows 10 privacy issues" will give you more information than you ever wanted, or need. One of the more rational explanations I've seen is here: . While most of the KNOWN privacy issues can be overcome, there are still telemetry issues that cannot be negated. Even more troubling, to me, is Microsoft's ongoing ability to push down to a W10 PC anything THEY feel is relevant regardless of the wishes of the user. This is especially troubling as there is no known way, as of now, to completely stop all telemetry without crippling the OS functionality. Everyone needs to make their own choice. It's just too bad that Microsoft took away that fundamental right when they automatically upgraded millions of boxes. Did you ever wonder why Microsoft provided a free Windows 10 upgrade for over a year? Unless Microsoft gets their act together , a not likely occurrence, there is no Windows 10 in my future. Doug
  9. To Nick & Paul "To address your specific comments, Nick. I have Win10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and I am totally "pissed" off with the intrusive nature of the updates at random times and the overall philosophy behind this approach. I went through this same scenario with my Asus Transformer and Note 2 with auto updates always updating programs and drivers until my poor tablet just wasn't quick enough any more and became a sluggish dog. I had to blow away virtually all my apps and reduce them to a minimalist set but even that wasn't enough. Eventually did a factory reset and loaded a minimal setup and gave it to my grandson. My Note 2 OS updated on me and totally screwed the way the pen worked. Went from doing stroke recognition to whole word recognition and turned my "experience" into a total nightmare. I don't do typing with finger tips and use the pen for all my activity from taking notes to texting. With the stroke recognition algorithms I can take notes and text faster than most finger typists. I had to do a complete SW downgrade on the Note 2 to the earlier OS. Now I've locked out OS updates and I am happy as. So I would like greater control of my operating system and any updates that "I" choose to install. Also not keen on losing my peripherals just because Microsoft decide to do a driver update at some random time. So I will be going for Win 7. As long as MS are doing security updates it will be a very viable OS. Paul. Yes I read that but it still comes down to limited funds and best value for my dollars. In NZ this points to the Skylake processors as they are somewhat cheaper now and again its value for money. Other answers allude to Prepar3d. I have sort of looked at this but at the moment I will install FSX Acc on my new machine for a start and then maybe look at Prepar3d. Maybe at a later date. Thanks everyone." +1...I would encourage everyone to do a little homework in an effort to fully understand the implications of W10...especially the Home edition (which most folks have)...
  10. My wife and I had dinner last night with an old friend friend we've known since the 1960's. I always enjoy seeing him as he's flown a wide variety of aircraft - everything from a C-152 to a 737-900. I asked him this same question "1,2,3, or 4 engines". He never hesitated, single engine.....just like the A4 that he flew off the Kitty Hawk, Now THAT'S single engine..........Doug
  11. Singles..........
  12. Welcome to the forum(s)..........Doug
  13. I too agree,as Sniper 31 points out, on the full-sized case simply for the ease of installation and maintenance. No argument that a mini can usually be adequately cooled but the ease of the initial build and maintenance is SO much easier with a large case. And I just looked at the specs for the 6800K and the question is why put a 3.6Ghz CPU in a flightsim box? Maybe I'm missing something here.....
  14. Another thing to look for is Package Cache. This folder could be many GB big. When I first looked at mine it was 76GB. Search the web for this item and you'll see what's going on. I've deleted this folder long ago and haven't had any problems with uninstalling/repairing anything.....YMMV..........Doug