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  1. Very very nice
  2. Wow. Is this the departure airport? Freeware anywhere? EDIT: I searched and it appears to be modeled in a premium payware package that will remain nameless. I will say that the reviews are good.
  3. Wow I finally understand the scope of this project. Beautiful.
  4. Great shots! Love it. Love it. A little heavy on the AO compared to other Orbx offerings but... I love it!
  5. Lovely. Day-1 purchase for me. Looking forward to it. Are there any smaller airports included in this package?
  6. I love seeing kids light up when they see airplanes! My 3 year old daughter loves flying in the sim as well. She's expressed much interest in flying since I took her to eat breakfast at Annia's Kitchen at KEMT a couple of years ago. We've been going regularly since. The planes park only a few yards from the restaurant patio. The last time we were there, a flying club asked if I would come down and take a group photo in front of their planes, and they were subsequently kind enough to let my (then 2 year old) sit in the pilot's seat of a Cherokee. She was so excited. Then she got to see the same plane start up, taxi, and take off about 100 yards away. Now she stops and points at every plane in the sky, and often says she wants to "go way up high in the sky." She also loves dinosaurs.
  7. I've been toying with new builds on, but came across this today... The board is not great, but I had no clue it was getting this cheap. Makes that 2TB SSD almost affordable.
  8. Sounds attractive to me, but that bit of info makes me run for the hills. I can't imagine tweaking traffic the way I tweak graphics. At that point, I would simply own a very expensive Tweaking Simulator. Cheers.
  9. Beautiful shots. Bleeding edge of scenery design right there.
  10. I bet we start seeing Google Earth stereophotogrammetry streaming in our sims by 2030. Will still require cleanup and detailed man-made airports, but everything in between will be created LIKE THIS. Just my speculation. By 2100 - real-time streaming of the entire Earth in 3d. Cars, people, planes, clouds, everything - streaming and rendered. NUTS.
  11. Now that's just ridiculous. Stop it already, Jarrad.
  12. Wow that C-47 is incredible. I don't fly anything bigger than the Twotter, but I will certainly give this a try. Thanks for the heads-up everyone. Glad I participated in the thread.
  13. Tim Conrads's PC-6 was one of my favorites. I really don't fly freeware anymore, but this one stood out for me. Watch it here Get it here Good luck!
  14. Holy cow! Thank you, sir. Never have I doubted your dedication to the customer.
  15. Having grown up in NY/GA/TN, and now being a 12 year resident of SoCal, I agree with you completely. The west coast is stunning and offers vast diversity. But I would argue that, while completely flat, the Florida Keys by Orbx would be a very popular scenery.