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  1. That screenshot was taken from the the window in the airport bar upstairs that overlooks the parking garage, after a few cocktails...
  2. Where are the 'hard winter' screenshots showing the snow and ice? Seriously... Very excited about this impending release!
  3. This is GREAT! :-) I have dear friends that live a few hours west of Bilbao, in Oviedo. Instant buy!
  4. Absolutely! I was thinking the same thing. Other than the incredible land variations, the other thing that I found striking are the indigenous buildings and building tops, as compared to the generic ones shown in openLC. These GIF comparisons should be a mainstay of product previews. Awesome job, ORBX!
  5. Still got some serious tile lag goin' on, though. I imagine that it'll all be worked out eventually by ORBX, so I'm not worried. This shot is of the plane directly over San Francisco International airport:
  6. I ran the FTX Central migration tool again, and that seemed to clear things up. No more "SPRING" tiles. I *did* notice some blurries during my flight... but maybe I'm just paranoid at this point. At least my situation is a lot better at this point. I'll still experiment and see if there appears to be anything out of the ordinary. Thanks again, guys. -Paul
  7. Hi, Yes, successful migration completed about a week ago, I'd say. Just for the heck of it, I started a new flight out of Sonoma, and with a different aircraft... and happened upon more "SPRING"-labeled tiles. I paused the flight and switched to the Winter season. The green "SPRING" labels turned to red "WINTER" labels. Yep, I sure got texture issues... Thanks for the responses, guys.
  8. Flying east out of Sonoma... LAT: N38° 14.28' LON: W120° 22.00' Mag: 67 Alt: 3935' This was weird to see...
  9. Fantastic shots, Iain! Thanks! -Paul
  10. I backed up the shaders, yes. Even tried the "restore" feature. Yeah, I'd guess that it's almost impossible to know what exactly caused P3D to go (and stay) 99.9% black. Even the System Restore (dated to April 27th) didn't resolve the problem. I know that no one else has experienced this particular issue. No worries, though. I'm reinstalling P3D at the moment.
  11. Just wanted to let ya know that I downloaded and installed the software as directed. When I started up P3Dv3.2, the default flight was totally in the dark. I changed the seasons and times of day, but nothing worked. The screen, except for a few red runway lights, was completely black. I changed airports, too... Still no joy. Restarted P3D... still bad. Rebooted computer... still bad. Unistalled software... still bad. Repair of P3D unsuccessful. Will have to reinstall P3D. This may not be your experience, but I just want to alert others that the software may adversely affect the performance of your flight sim. -Paul
  12. Hopefully the natives have some spare JATO rocket modules...
  13. Holy crop! Nice set!
  14. I'll drink to this one! Nice shot!